I have had this car for about 2 months bought it with a TCC solenoid error code. I replaced the solenoid but now the transmission is not shifting at all and I now have a Control Malfunction error. I am told that I need a new TCM. First is this true and second I keep reading about nightmares with having to Flash or program a Brand new unit. I am unsure how to continue I am willing to purchase the unit but don't want to pay a dealer to program it. Is it really necessary?

Feels like it catches reverse gear but then it no longer moves the car. All foward gears seem to be fine. Only problem is reverse.

i show a code that says #2 cylinder misfire

my truck has a chain for timing if thats any help. the manual suggest changing water pump when timing belt is repaced.should i wait longer since i have a timing chain to replace water pump?miles?

Will a new gas cap turn off service engine light soon off if a new gas cap is the solution?

put key in ingition turn to start and no crank no noise no nothing lights bright good power, and stereo wont power on

replacing rear brake cylinder on Chevy cav, the part wont rotate into the slot for brake line

The SRS light is Solid On.. Dont know what could be the reason..and how much it is going to cost..

I know there is more testing but forgoing that and just replacing the sensor does this make sense?

serpentine came off pulleys no reason
its a new belt not broken and all pulleys move
havent a clue no matter how easy its supposed to be
spent 6 hours for something that i know is a five min job so pls advise

is it a hard repair to do. Its just broke and now stays on the floor

On that side you can hear a grinding noise, it started to pull heavy to that side, i stopped the car, turned it off started it again engaged it into drive and heard more grinding, tried to accelerate slowly the speedometer jumped to 160kms and the car did not move... my father thinks its may be the trans-axle. does anyone have any idea what it may be? i knew the wheel bearing was going to at some point. please help.

the engine was worse then before i did the change i pulled them back out and their was oil and water on a couple of the plugs so i dryed out the plugs, and plug holes the best i could then it still ran terrible. now it wont even start right before it wouldn't start. It would idle but when i put it in gear it would die any suggestions

rough idling and sometimes wont pull. lacks power

orignally had sloshing noise from fan blower when on & turning left. Now blower dsnt work. very low air coming out of vents