check engine light is on computer cant fix the problem

My timing belt broke while driving and I put a new one on but still there is no compression but I was told that the engine was free wheeling which means forgiving then $1500 later I was told the engine is interference

it's not a problem, it's just a question

Our belt broke. If not under coverage what would be repair costs?

What's the maintenance price to program bcm and put into car

can a faulty sensor be detected

I emptied the system tried to re fill it but it showed full after half a 12 oz can its still blowing hot air. what could it be. Last week it worked great please help....

what will it cost and what other damage is posssible. Truck stalled do to over heating 3.0 v6

My 2005 bmw 325ci has a 100K miles on it. i didn't get a 90K service. I want to have as much info as possible when i talk to the mechanics to make sure they are not trying to overcharge me. thanks for your assistance! :)

Is it time to sell? Or should I spend $ 1200 on these repairs?

to emissions test...the tempreture was never under 90 degrees all last nite or this am.....could this have been the
reason for emissios failure ??????????

It doesn't rev all the time just in spurts when I push on gas to move. The temp gauge I have noticed heats up when this happens or when just at idle.

i have replaced the compressor of my a.c. the return pressure shows 400 do i have a blockage in the evaporator or is it something ealse?

can anyone give me a link to where i can learn how to repair a outer tie rod

Owner's manual says to replace it at 60,000 miles if vehicle is operated under extensive idling or low-speed driving for long distances as in heavy commercial use. It does not mention when to replace it if vehicle is operated for personal use under normal conditions, which it is. Never having checked it, I had it replaced at 96,000 miles (Sept 2004)& it cost over $400. The old belt & pulleys still looked like new. Since it is expensive just to have it checked, is there any telltale engine noise that may warn you of a worn timing belt? I now have 200,000 miles & have not checked it since last replaced. Engine runs smooth & quiet as a mouse.