ABS light started coming on a couple weeks ago intermittently but brakes where fine. Light was on yesterday and all was fine until I made a sharp turn and the light went off. After the light went off the brakes had terrible pulsating grind feel/noise. Dry conditions slow stops. When the light comes back on they are fine.

I am thinking that something has gone up with the ABS and when the light is on and not trying to use ABS its okay and when the car tries to use ABS its a problem. Is this right? If so would this be ABS pump/module or what?

2 codes come up mechanic says could be vaccum leak

I did have the front passenger tire replaced. It had an inspection sticker put on just a few months ago also. They raised the Jeep up and checked the ball joints then. It passed.

when light came on next thing it killed the battery what do you think it could be sensors or what. thanks

Deployed need replacement instructions

Had clutch replaced 30 days ago and driving home hard to get car to go in gear. Stuck in neutral, rocked to get in 1st gear to get home and now it will not do anything. When in neutral it acts like it is in a gear. When I go get it in a gear the car will not move.

when getting my tires rotated, i was told the front drivers side was going. But have had the car 9 years and don't remember ever changing them.

i can't run my car, it prolem

I have changed the fuel filter, fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator and bought a new battery. When ever I try to start the car it just will not turn over what else could be the problem?

after resetting the computer how many miles must you drive before it can pass emissions

This problem has been going on about a year. Even if it's daytime they come on when I start up the car. I took it to one shop and they told me the car was made in Canada and that it is normal for the car to do that. Is this the truth. I don't see other 300"s riding with their lights on all the time.

125,400 miles. Belt replaced at 90000 3 yrs ago. New job and I need to drive longer than before. Do I need to replace the belt? I asked them to wait on it and save 300 dollars.

it may start then it want some day's i will crank others it want

car idles up to 20 mph when at a light but only with the a/c on. It runs just fine without the a/c on

I wonder want should do?