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we have changed everything in the truck but it is still running hot what do u recommend us to check.could the timing belt have something to do with it still running hot
i know the code is generator field control circuit but how do we fix it and what parts do i need. does this have anything to do with all of the dash and headlights always flickering. please help
Lens is broken, need to replace it. Are there pictures available that show the steps to removing and replacing?
no engine light on cleaned egr and iac checked intake for leaks when car is warm it runs good. but when cold it will not idle and sometimes dies at idle it surges up and down
I didn't realize there was a class action settlement regarding paint problems on Galants. Now that the settlement is over, who can I contact to get my horrible looking Galant repainted? Thank you!!
My AC comesw on for about 5 minutes blows cold then goes hot. I replaced the compressor, expansion valve , drier reciever, leak checked, and serviced the system and the problem is still there.
If you save an estimate - How do your retrieve it?
Need to find the location of canister so I can replace it myself
what makes this problem most fusterating is that it is random. weather humidity nothing seems to make it happen it just does it randomly when i turn the ign, key the fuel pump realy will sometimes chatter and cause a ...
Car runs great but can't get light off. Did the mechanic do something wrong?
just occured for the first time 3 days ago
the car drives smoothly but just wont go into reverse... the car was driving fine all day no problems at all but when i tried to back up it just would'nt go in reverse
Recently a loud rapid clicking noise coming from trans. The noise sounds like an injector but louder. Ck. fluid level good and color good. Took car to Trans. franchise and there were no fault codes. The noise would no...
My radio is shorting out. How much would this cost to have looked at and possibly repaired?
Everytime I brake, I hear this grinding noise and then when I release the brake slowly, I hear it again. Now my question is should I get my brakes checked out as soon as possible or is it just fine for now? Because it...