What would cause the AC/heater blower, convertible top motor and the turn signals to quit working at the same time? No fuses under dash appear to be blown. Are there other fuses, fusible links? Where are they?

I got the "Stop Car Safely" message Monday afternoon on the way home from work. Because it was late afternoon and I was a female alone in a questionable part of town, I had the car towed to the Chevy dealership where I bought it used. They looked at it Tuesday & said they couldn't repair it because the problem was in the hybrid system. So they towed it to a Ford dealership Wednesday morning.

It's now Thursday night, and the Ford dealership hasn't touched it. They said the only thing they can do is download information from the computers and send it to Ford engineers who can analyze the data and figure out the problem. So it looks like I'll be renting a car for the weekend, and maybe next week, because Ford isn't responding.

Here are my questions:

1) How did all of you get your error/repair codes? My dealer says they can't do this.

2) Is it really true that Ford dealers can't repair a hybrid without help from Ford engineers?

3) If that's true, then why does it take so long for Ford to respond? Why can't they turn this around more quickly?

Between the towing charges and the rental fees, I'm going to be out $500 before the repairs even begin! Can anyone explain this?

No hints at any problems. No check engine light, just died while in traffic. Turns over but the gauges do nothing.

My car will be working fine and then all of a sudden it seems like it "slips" out of gear and will start deccelerating even though my foot is on the gas. Then it will seem to catch and jerk as its catching. Sometimes it will happen while switching gears, sometimes it will happen while I'm in gear. It's very random. It will do it at high speeds, low speeds, average speeds, warmed up or cold, in Economic or Normal gas input. We have put in new transmission fluid, new oil, changed the fuel filter, changed the one of the fuel caps, had the transmission checked, and some other stuff I can't remember. None of it fixed the problem

I have a 2000 Subaru outback with a little over 170,000 miles on it. Three days ago it turned off while driving down the road and now wont start up again. It turns over and acts like it really wants to, but nothing more happens. We had a mechanic out and he said there was no pressure from the fuel pump. We also found a ruptured fuel line. We replaced the fuel line, fuel filter, and fuel pump and are still getting the same response. Thoughts or ideas as to what could be causing this?

The seat heaters do not come on when it is cold like they are suppose when you start the car. I was told that both blower motors were blown. How can i test this to be sure? Can I change them on my own or do I really have to go to a dealer to have this done.

car not shifting properly

radio will not work

I have been told the entire brake line needs to be replaced from front to back. How much should this cost (I need a good estimate please).

you have to keep pulling the gas nozzle back every little bit to get the gas into the tank.

The car will not pass smog. There are 167k miles on the car, and i do not believe the timing belt has been replaced with the possibility the belt has stretched and advanced the timing. Any suggestions?

Doesnt stall when engine is cold. Doesnt stall when accelerating. Sputters before stall. Instrument panel is still lit, radio still on when it stalls (still getting spark).

It's like something is draining the battery every night. Always has to have a jump in order to crank up. When I try to crank it up, it click clacks for a while and then it dies the more I try.

tried taking battery cable off it ran but if left overnight then it need a jump start,the guage reads 13.6 this on a 98 eldorado

Brake light fuse blows immediately. Not sure where a short could be. Thx