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My car seems to be missing while i'm driving it or sitting idle. My dad is attempting to check spark plugs however he seems to be having a hard time. Also the check engine light is on while it's sitting idle & while ...
Where is the oil plug to change the oil?
they are flashing very quickly on one side of the car
where can I get an oil change for my land rover in beaumont texas
Hello, I have a 2004 ford taurus. This is the second time in two years that I have to replace the fuel rail sensor...they don't ever have them, and say they cannot get them at the regular auto parts stores. I have to ...
Driving at a steady 40mph. Engine rpm suddenly goes from 2000 to 3000 rpm. Car jerks. Can be repeated at 30 mph. No engine fail codes. Any ideas -- which sensor is likely culprit?
as soon as i start to drive or turn the wheel i hear loud grinding noise coming from the wheel on driver side gets worse when i pick up speed i hope you can help thank you
what is cost to replace engine
I was driving home from work yesterday on freeway when a driver pulled up beside me and told me my back brake lights were not working. When I got home I checked them but neither bulb was blown. My park lights work and...
the heat works for 30 min ,then the interior temp gets cooler i then have to raise up the dial, someone told me there is a interior temp control sensor, please help
Fuel guage wont work. I pulled sender unit & checked it. ohm start @ 45 to 259 when i plug it in & operate it by hand the guage still won't work. How can i check the guage in the cluster?
battery died security system has locked out the latch for the hood. how do i get it open ?
the car looses all of the coolant. it is hard to tell where from.
what specific tools are needed to replace brake pads on this vehicle?
my truck started missing while driving and the truck started shaking. After checking I pulled the oil fill cap and have a rocker arm that has come off. Will I be ok with pulling valve cover and putting it back on if i...