will restart after coasting to stop, not while coasting in neutral. no engine codes. A while back (1-2 months),it gave code for "multiple cylinder misfire" but was running fine. starts and runs great otherwise. good fuel economy (28-30 hwy).

brake lights will not go out even when i turn it off and remove the key

Gage is reading 3/4 but the engine is not running hot. Have replaced radiator, water pump, belt, and thermostat, flushed system and new coolant. Gage has always read half or below even on hot days.

Is this the egr valve? can I change it? Where do I get instructions & pictures

when it does this there is a jerk feeling.. also my reverse went out.. it sometimes works when you put it allthe way down and back up a couple of times.. use a computer it states its the shifter with the problem.. but dont know what to do to fix it

The engine light is on all the time.

when idle its fine under load is when it misfires .

both lamps are out,according to the cop that stopped me.

every time i roll down the window

plastic parts falling out and is sagging and falling. What will it cost to fix it.

Just trying to replace it but can't find it.

cost for repair

This just started this summer. Car would drive normally for 10 to 20 minutes then die. After letting it set for 10 to 20 minutes it would restart and drive rough for about 1 block then die again. Spark plugs and wires were replaced last year. I have replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and MAF. Now it won't run at all...only idles! Any suggestions?

It will not turn from the coldest setting. I don't want to force it and never have had a problem before. Where should I go to have this fixed?

Check engine light is on.