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I have this 96 jetta GLS and it seems to be leaking water when I stop the car at the back side of the motor, I can see it but cant find where it is coming from any ideas?
I backed into a huge tree (probably at about 10 mph) which resulted in screwing up the alignment of the trunk and the tail lights. It's not really visible if I don't point it out, but it's bad. There's a dent by the ...
how to replace right front cv joint?
I have everything unhooked but cant figure out how it comes out of the engine compartment.
cruise stop worrking fusees good --what is next steps--- how much to repair?
I'm experiencing a pretty steady leak from my transmission. This leak is underneath, at the back of the engine, almost lining-up with back of the front wheel well. when I look under, where it's leaking, I see (I think...
I have a Chevy Tahoo that was running just fine when I parked it. The next morning it wouldn't start. It won't turn over. All the lights, light up. It just makes a click. It's like trying to start it with it drive sel...
engine is overheating ???
Need to change out the thermostat,where can I find a diagram picture showing its location
The motor has oil and water mix together when the radiator blowed.
I just replaced the front calipers and pads. The left side bled off very nice. The right side is just dripping slowly. How many times do I have to bleed each side, and do I need to bleed all four? The peddle goes to t...
were is the location of my ambient air sensor in my 2002 dodge ram 1500
The car sways bad when hitting a mid to large bump in the road.