had spark plugs replaced, but this didn't fix the problem

when its in reverse with the brake down the heater and the gauge work and reverse lights work but if not the heater,temperature gauge and reverse dont work but the r on the shifter blinks everytime i hit the brake plz help me i cant figure it out

I need to replace one engine coil, I recently had the other two of the three coils replaced by an auto mechanic. I am going to have to replace this coil myself. It is my understanding that the ignition coils on the 2006 KIA supply two spark plugs?

The vehicle has a 5-speed automatic transmission. When shifting out of park to reverse the engine makes a loud clunk sound and a brief grinding noise once the vehicle starts to move backwards. upon shifting into Drive there is no more noice to hear. This only happens when the engine is started being completely cold. No clunk or grinding noise can be heard when shifting out of Park into Reverse once the engine is warmed up.

Hooked battery cables backward.


Have the Montego Premere. When temperature dips you can't change temp setting or the heated seat won't work until the car heats up. If heater controller is left on manual it will start up where the setting were when car was shut off, but can't change settings.


lock cylinder wont turn on the 1999 gs400 lexus, i try to see what the problem could be by pulling off the cover on a 1998 lexus gs 300 from around the key and both cylinder lock and wont turn, help

Just picked up this car and notice that the shift light indicator on the console is out. Does anyone know the procedure for replacing this light bulb? Also, how do I access the fuse box? Thank you!

This happens often. To avoid the problem I gradually give it gas, but even then it doesn't solve the problem all the time.

It doesn't do it till it warms up and it only does it at stop lights or stop signs. it shuts down with no codes or check engine light.

My emergency lights work and my passenger side airbag light is on. Fuses look ok, none are burned out. Has been out for couple months.

i replaced the speed sensor on the top of the transmission and after replacing it. i try starting the car and it wont stay on for longer that 2 sec and its not shooting any codes.

while driving the car it began to not want to pull. got to work and on the way home acted like it want to just continue to slow down. made it home and then tried to go somewhere else and car started acting as though it was about to cut off. check the oil and transmission fluid both was low. poured some in there and car still acting up. my motor isn't locked because it will still turn over but doesn't want to crank. found that oil was in the spark plugs. is it too late to try to get my car to running smoothly again if not then what is my next step.