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where is the ignition control module located on a 1997 ford ranger
The seat belt is worn out. How can I take the old one out and replace another one?
my truck will not stay in overdrive it keeps shifting back and forth
how to replace the alternator on 1995 ZR-1 with 32 valve,VIN has a J
i just purchased this vehicle and it doesn't have a car manuel, the dealership states they don't have a car manuel for this vehicle, there for are some questions, i would like to asks what kind of motor oil this vehi...
bought a wrecked hhr. replaced air bag, now to replace module and i can't find its location. help please
CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON computer says enhanced DTC EVAP circuit open please help define the problem for a repair
a/c blows cold then no cold sets a few min and then will blow cold again ,full charge no pressure reading problems, intermit operation
To repair the tie rod right inner does the entire steering assembly need to be replaced or just the tie rod?
i have a 1994 engine in a 1996 ranger i have the crankshaft sensor connected directly to the computer box. the manual states that the camshaft sensor is only need in the california models. the wire harness only have a...
How to replace strut
my check engine light is blinking and i hooked a code reader OBDII compiant up to my car but there was no codes. i was wondering if my catalytic converter might be clogged up. if so does anyone know how to check it. c...
how many oxygen sensors does this car have...and where are they located? are they also called mass. airflow sensors?....I had an oxygen sensor replaced a few weeks ago, my engine light was the light is on a...
the arm on my car has broken and diagnosed as broken pin or snapped cable causing not to engage into gear cogs.diagnosis was over phone and wondering what it cost estimate is so I know what it is I have to come up wit...
Do you happen to know what a new brake booster should retail for? Many thanks