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I'm getting a wobbling like the rear tires arent balanced, i kno i need to change the brakes in the rear, but could this be the cause? Also how hard is it to change the rear pads and rotor, i did the fronts, but it lo...
Car run fine, but when I am driving on a steep slope (climb) it starts smalling. No warning light on the dash. As soon as the slope is done on the climb down or on a flat road the smell goes away.
Three days ago (Tuesday) while driving home from work on normal streets (not highway speed), I was turning right, after slowing down to reach that corner, and upon acceleration out of the turn I started to notice my c...
key will not go into lock position, can start car without key , and the battery goes dead . the car beeps like the lights are on but nothing is left on.
can smell a overheating smell don't really see anything major but don't know what to check first
my gas started leaking from the rubber hose today so I replaced the hose with a new one and it worked fine for a few minutes then shot off. I put it on again and made sure it was tight then tested it again. It worked ...
1991 E350 351 winsor in a motor home chassy need to drop oil pan down to change rod bearing ...will pan come downor do i have to rasie engine or take exhaust down too?
It drives fine under 35 mph over that it dont shift right it jumps all around like its not sure to shift or not.
My car stopped running last December 27, 2010, after the mechanic added oil, started to shake after 3 weeks and now it is completely disabled and I am still comparing the estimate cost.
My wifes GT is making a buzzing noise whenerver its on. One friend said it might be the altinator and another says it might be the power steering pump, but it constantly makes that noise not just when she turns.
can i take a stock clutch and replace it with a bigger one. example 10in to 11in
Recently experienced that my 2003 93 Convertible top would not close due to a hydraulic leak/reputered hose(s). I found out from the dealer there are 10 hoses at $250 a hose plus labor. It is hard to believe all 10 ho...
I have a 2005 Mercury Monrego Premier AWD w/ the CVT transmission. I have owned it for 5000 miles. I love the car and had no problems until I started it one night and had only idle, no acceraltion or would it shift in...
Do u use water and antifreeze in radiator,or just antifreeze coolant??
How difficult is it to replace the theromstat in the 2005 Ford Freestyle?