this is on the 4 cylinder engine

mines sqeals when i turn on the ac

flashers,turn signal,and when you lock the car they work. but they do not come on and stay on when you turn the switch on for that purpose. fog lights?

i parked my truck for about 3 hours. went to start it up and it would run fine untile you let off the go go pedal. then it will stall any ideas? and there was no check engine light. im thinking its the tps, or air contorl valve.

Dropped my front end 4 to 5 inches, can I get it raised to norman profile height by installing new shocks ?

When ever i come to a complete stop it starts to shakes really bad.

When ever i am driving or at a stop i thought it was from bad gas.

changed dist.sync. no change put old one back.checked coil ok. volts at coil pri.wire no pulse.


when i turn the ac on high, the car knocks really loud, but if you turn the ac off the knocking goes away, but then returns within seconds but it's not as loud. this is driving me nuts, sounds like something is loose, and it's not the motor because i just put a new motor in the car 2 months ago.

car still overheat

changed dist.sync. no help put old one back. changed crank sens. checked coil ok.

I changed the calipers and the brakes and the hoses and the brakes still continue to lock up can only drive maybe 2 blocks. also changed the paportion valve but was from salvage yard

it comes on when im ideling at a stop light when i take off it turns off.. one day i turned it on and the car was ideling ruff the put it in gear to reverse and the engine felt like it wanted to stall.. also engine was really hot

I have a 2006 Nissan Altima with 154000 miles, and it needs a new motor. Should I replace the motor or not? I replace the headgasket and it only last about eight months. That cost was 1700.00 What should I do?