the plenumwas removed because the battery was very low and when the motor was cranked the valves got bent. so after the repair was done, there was no signal to injectors. i bypassed them andit worked but now again it wouldnt start so i bypassed again and the transmission wont change gears .

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am also trying to remove the drain plug on the oil pan and it is stripped. Is there a way to easily remove it and fix it? Thank you very much for the help. :-)

cheaper to fix the switch or get a trunk key made

to keep it in goodshape and when i should get an oil change also whatthings should be taking care of yearly

runs stalls Throttle Position Sensor?

my ac has a loud sound and i was told that somthing is clogging it and nissan wants 400 dollars just for labor

temp gage moveing up while this was happening but never over heated

we found the problem initially at the haeness that runs by the a/c drier where the bracket holds in place just as it runs upwards to the ECM on the right fender. a few days later the vehicle started doing it again. has anyone experiened this????

what could cause this because I service it on time

my battery was dead i jump started made it to work ,after work dead again put a new battery in worked fine for 5 days now key turns all ind. lights come on but car wont crank all lights head lights are brite .but it wont crank even with a jump start

This just started happening. While driving on a level surface at slower speeds, the speedometer works fine, and the engine doesn't surge or have trouble shifting. When I'm going up or down hill or over speeds or 40 I have this issue. The engine surge is like it is waiting too long to shift up or down and then it does so too quickly and jerks. I'm not certain if it is the 3.0 or 3.8 V6 engine.

It is almost impossible to move the gear selection lever! Honda wants $300 to change it! Plus the part about $135. I have access to a car lift.

i get in my car in the morning starts up perfectly drive around to petrol station turn car off and wont start till a couple hours later

i dont know what the lights mean help please

Hello all, I have two code on my car and I need to know how address the problem.
P1574 Automatic speed control device speed sensor
P0420 Catalyst sistem efficienci below threshold bank 1