When I use the turn signal, the AC motor sound starts making a sound like an oscillating fan.

The problem happens when the engine is warm or at least it is more apparent. Past 2000rpm the surges seem to disappear. It feels as though I am gently pumping the accelerator pedal. It may be more of power loss than a surge, it is difficult to tell.

The door locks on my 98 Riviera unlock on their own when you are riding down the road and even after you have shut it down. hope someone can give a clue.

Anti-freeze leaking from drain at firewall, heater core is leaking, do i need to remove dash to replace?

The AC is cooling but weakly when driving.
I had an AC sealer put in and the coolant filled.
It is performing a bit better now. Before filling it stopped cooling all together.
I recently had the timing belt and water pump replaced.
Someone said that this could be an AC thermostat (near pump) problem.
I was also told that this is may be compressor problem (bad clutch) and need the compressor and dryer replaced.
Could it be a faulty sensor?
Will diagnostic codes point to a solution?

I'm not experiencing any problems with my car. I drive it about 1000-1200 miles a month, mostly just short trips, but there are occasional trips out of town. Thanks!

i have a fault code 23 and it is the MAT sensor. when the car is cold it will run as soon as it gets warm it stops working.

I feel a sudden shock (jump) when I shift from N to D
This problem happens only when the car is stopped and I shift from N to D
This is not happening every time, sometimes the shifting from N to D is smooth
Otherwise. the transmission is shifting very smoothly between all gears at all times
Thanks for your help

When I start the truck it will run fine for a second or two, then it idle's rough, runs rough, has no power and then after it warms up to temp and has been running for 30 mins or so, the engine block, heads, and intake are still cold. I have been a mechanic since I was 7 years old, and I can't figure it out. My dad has been a mechanic for 40 years and he can't figure it out either. What can the problem be?

just put an a used distrbotor on the car. It still doing the same thing. An the service engine light is on. It have new plugs on the car an put fuel injector cleaner in it.

car will not start

The dealer said the check engine light indicated replacement of the emission purge valve.

It has a symbol thats popping made like a D with a line going through it. What should I do first to see whats going on.

I had a front halfshaft replaced and the shop did not change the axle seal. I now have a transmission leak that I never had before and am wondering whether the fact that axle seal was not replaced could be the cause ? The transmission leak is at the transaxle area near the halfshaft entry to the transmission.

i just wanted to know if i can replace my clutch from the top of the engine or if i have to get under it or pull it..thanks