my battery was dead i jump started made it to work ,after work dead again put a new battery in worked fine for 5 days now key turns all ind. lights come on but car wont crank all lights head lights are brite .but it wont crank even with a jump start

This just started happening. While driving on a level surface at slower speeds, the speedometer works fine, and the engine doesn't surge or have trouble shifting. When I'm going up or down hill or over speeds or 40 I have this issue. The engine surge is like it is waiting too long to shift up or down and then it does so too quickly and jerks. I'm not certain if it is the 3.0 or 3.8 V6 engine.

It is almost impossible to move the gear selection lever! Honda wants $300 to change it! Plus the part about $135. I have access to a car lift.

i get in my car in the morning starts up perfectly drive around to petrol station turn car off and wont start till a couple hours later

i dont know what the lights mean help please

Hello all, I have two code on my car and I need to know how address the problem.
P1574 Automatic speed control device speed sensor
P0420 Catalyst sistem efficienci below threshold bank 1


Had these codes. P0123 TPS A circuit high input P2103 Throttle actuator control circuit high, P3125 TPS A/B Voltage correlation

know the module is in the trunk just not sure hoe to test them?

My daughters car will occassionally go way down to about 5mph top speed and if she pulls over and shuts it off for a few min. it will start up and be okay. I don't know if the check engine light comes on or not but she said the traction control will go off. I was going to take it to get it scanned and she said that after she restarts it there are no check engine or other lights on. What could be the problem and even with the check engine light not on could a code still be in the memory? She is heading off to college next week and I want to get it fixed before she does big city driving. Thanks for any help!

anoid to drive the thing. Only when running does it smell. Not throwing any codes or MIL is not on. However, when I loosen the gas cap, I hear fuel moving? When car is off.
Any idea's??

When I turn on the air conditioning, the rear ac blows ice cold but the front vents only blows warm air like just the vent is on. Fuse# 27 & 110 is good.I put a new vacuum pump and front blend door and heater valve. No luck.

I had a standard rectangular air filter for awhile, then put in a K&N air filter but i decided to go with the round Spectre Because in my jeep it game me more power and better gas milage, but now I'm starting to second guess myself because I don't know if it will do anything to the engine or affect the turbo?

It starts right back up, but why does it just shut off when I stop?

I have guages and am mechanical inclined, do I need to evacuate the system or can I add the 134a with the R12?

would not start back. i opened the fuel filter resevoir and the pump is pushing fuel to that point its like the injectors are not spraying but i replaced all of them 6 months ago it has ran great until now.