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Code P1346 keeps comming up. We replaced spark plugs, both cam sensors and the crank shaft sensor to no avail. It would appear to be a VVT problem??
engine has a slight miss every 15 seconds at idle. at all driving speeds the engine misfires badly... changed plugs and fuel filter and added lucas injector additive no help .. the plugs were light gray and burning cl...
get an estimate to repair timing chain
A few weeks agos I struck a curb at low speed with front passenger tire. had to replace the tire, decent but not hideous scratch to the rim. Immediately after the tire was replaced i noticed the steering wheel cocke...
My transmission is staying in first gear while my RPM is EXTREMELY HIGH what does this mean?... Help
AC starts out kind of cold but after a few mins it blows reg air. Where do I add the freon?
my remote wont work and my key wont unlock my doors what could be the problem?when i did get in my car my battery had to be jumped. do u think its the battery or may something with the security system its a 1995 gra...
What would cause my car to occasionally stall when stopped in traffic? So far it always restarts right away.
why doesnt my gas gauge my speedometer and my heat gauge work and my abs lite comes on and stays on
car has a missfire while idleing but no loss of power on take off. could it be the injectors or vacume leak?
Need to repair airbags from driver side window, 2nd and 3rd seat windows. Passenger side also. Total of 6 airbags. How much will this cost?
what part do i need to remove on 2001 gmc sierra durimax 2500 to get to water pump
My accessories plugs do not work and the fuzes seem ok but where are the circuit breakers so i can check them?