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How many miles before I need a tune up
The clock in my 1995 avalon toyota will keep time as long as the the motor is going. Rarely it will keep running after the engine has stopped. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?
where is the vent valve solenoid located and what does it look like
just got the truck 3 months ago it work now it dosnt work can,nt fine fuse for it can any one help me thanks
my 2007 tahoe doesn't have the aux button to turn the rear ac on it has the outside airflow button. what do i need to do or how can i get my rear ac to work without the aux button?
how do you disconnect slave cylinder from tranny ?
Hi. Anyone know which fuse or circuit breaker is for the rear wiper? My rear wiper quit and I want to check fuse before looking at more expensive options.
I have accquired this car and I know that the trans. has been replaced. The trans won't shift into 4th (O.D.) and I need to varify that the shift linkage is connected correctly before I look any farther. How do I chec...
car will work for months ok then it will not star it cranks but will not start for 3 to 20 cranks and then ok for a while no codes
where is the fuel pressure regulator
I am not familar with this system, it has a container marked cooling but I dont know what type of coolant to put in it,
The dash in the 94 is digital, but analog in the 91 I was only wondering if it would connect to the sensors and work as if it had in the donor car or do I need to change the sensors out aswell the engine shows to be t...
when my truck is warm and i go to start it it does not start on first turn and when it does start on the secnd or third turn of key it sounds like it is just starting to get fuel and then it runs fine i think it may b...
my transmission had been leaking n we notice the reverse wasn't working. The other gears seem to be working. We had replaced the transmission pan n there was metal shaving assuming it was the reverse teeth gears. So m...
tilt wheel is stuck. how do I remove the airbag to get to the other parts?