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Broke off the rear seat latch to fold the right side down. How do you replace this part? Tx
what is an estimated cost to repair muffler on a ford taurus year 2005
ac workers fine but cannot get heat on passenger side through any vent
Which is the rely for the power windows?
It has been a month since i got this car and I can honestly say it has given more headaches in the last month than i have ever had to endure in my life. Brief history: I bought the car from a private seller who manage...
I've had this problem for several weeks now. Car feels like it has a constant miss throughout the rev range. I have just done a plenum pull, installed new injectors, replaced injector and coil connectors, new temp sen...
i have sedement in the fuel tank to be removed (foreign matter in fuel I purchased at a service station).
i would like to know where the computer is on the 1991
this happens when truck is off or on.
I have cloth seats I have noticed I get a shock when exiting the Van, any ideals what is causing this.. anyone else having this issue, also brake pedal goes to floor sitting at idle, even after replacing master and ne...
also thinking of just switching air ride over ,with shock kit..any advice on if the car will ride ok and which company is best for replacement kit
had air ride work with ajar light on ,,cant adjust air ride with computer.. circuit seams to be on same.. ajar light and air module
My 2003 Ford Ranger starts well, idles well and sometimes drives well. But quite a bit of the time any more it acts like it has no power. it misses out. I replaced the fuel filter, had the exhaust checked to make sure...
What is the estimated cost to replace the speedometer (parts and labor) in a 2004 Iszuz Ascender