last year i had my timing belt replaced do i need to have it replacd again or will it be ok to just replace the water pump.

when i turn on the air both fans go on.when I turn off the air,neither one works,???confused,I took out the relay switch and the cooling fan goes off,but the air fan stayes on.?

Wiper moves back and forth slow

at all. No noise...no crank. I can hear the fuel pump prime when I turn the key and all the dash lights work as they normally do.

I replaced the oil sending unit & the ticking stopped but now it is doing it again is it possible that the part i bought has a manufactured defect or is there something else that needs to be replaced i am so tired of spending money and it NEVER fixes the problem PLEASE HELP!!!

Is there a fuse in the park release and column release circuit.
Where is it located.

I would like to also know if I provide the top will they install?

frist time removing fuel tank on ford f150 pick-up need help

I have a new ignition mogulo but dont know where is the oldone located.

The automatic door locking system drains power from my battery.

the flashers just come on for no reason, several times a day. what causes this?

I have no flashers, no control on the stearing, no high beam, no windshield washer. I wanna know where it is in my car and also the price for this part!

I need to rest a tps on a 2002 saturn vue v6

Looks like they are identicle engines.

When i turn the button on for the heater or the air it just won't click to get either. I do not have anything up by the windshield where when you put on the defrosters on i have nothing. So please let me know what the problem is. I have to have this for when winter gets here. Thank you, Also all the heat and air comes out of the air-heater vents. It's a heater switch i think i'm talking about. How often do these go bad on this type of car? and what can i do?