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I just brought my Range Rover to have the water pump fixed and the battery replaced. The check engine light went on after driving it for an hour. My dad hooked up the OBD scanner and the code 1173 came up. What exa...
The starter motor needs to be replaced. please help me to find a good replacement
hi my power steering went from making a grinding noise to now steering very tightly i looked under the hood and they appears to be power steering fluid leaking all over from one of the hoses. also does any one know ho...
Starter motor needs to be replaced,this is a diesel pick up
MY car is having a tough time steering, and makes a loud winding sound. It jumps gears, and overall feels and sounds weird. This just started happening
Why the miniban is so slow, looks realy heavy
I have a 92 or 93 monte carlo. I couldn't find monte carlo, so put camaro instead. my security light is blinking and the car won't start. I had the steering wheel changed.I don't know what the code is because I bought...
Can valve guides be replaced on a 2000 Toyota Celica, 1.8 liter 4 cylinder? If yes, how difficult is the task?
ac will not come on, refrigerant full, no power at compressor relay, only power at one terminal on compressor relay
air plinum melting from inside out at vacuum port for pcv valve this is near egr valve replaceing the air plinum will be expensive and dificult need to find cause of melt down
99 civic geyying fuel but nofire on plugs
i need to locate the air conditioning drain tube
The driver's seatbelt is fraying and hanging up on the buckle. How can I replace the belt? Or should I have it professionally done?
my car crank sometime and whn i drive it for a long time and then go in a store or something and come out and try 2 crank it it will not stay crunk up...its nt the starter or none of my major parts what could it be?
i have changed all componts to my brakes but the brake booster and can not build brake pressure what could be wrong