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transmission slips when in overdrive, heard filter would cause this, changed filter still the same,
When my wife lifts up on the pedal the rod in the back holding the padal where it should be gets looses and the padal comes too far forward
what kind of tool is used to disconnect the fuel line? where can i find it? how should i disconnect the fuel line safely?
Since November, I've been getting a "whining noise" whenever I accelerate. I took to mechanic thinking that it was a belt however, they replaced my belt tensioner pulley but it did not solve the problem. They indica...
i cant find pcv valve ford escape 2003 4cyl
We replaced the transmission but it won't turn over. Suggested the wires are not properly hooked up. Need diagram to doublecheck.
How much of a difference would there be in pricing if I have already bought the alternator to replace the old one with? Would it be cheaper to do that or to just let the mechanics do it all?
instructions on changing the filter and transmission fluid
All power windows won't go up or down. I don't hear any motors running. It's like no power is going to them, what is the problem?
had car problems got that code and trying to figure out what it means
AC does not come on at all, front and back it is completely dead. Is this an electrical problem and is it easy to fix? what do we do?
Nissan dealer tested new relay then put old relay back and problem went away for about a week. Suspect relay is not secured properly
Several tries needed to start car. Happens almost every day.
Wipers were able to function at slower speeds but moved very slowly across windshield. This has happened once before (about 6 months ago). Is there a simple repair for this?