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I've looked at a Chilton book and Autozone on line repair, and neither of these two show me what I am looking at. The Autovone looks reversed and Chilton isn't even close.
left rear stop light is out. Looks like it is the top light
water is coming inside passenger side everytime it rains what should I do?
I hear a metal on metal grinding noise when making sharp right or left hand turns going less than 10 mph.
Where is the water coming in from and how do I resolve this problem? It's in the front passenger side floor and back passenger floor. Already changed the rubber strip on doors.
When the air conditioner is on and i give accelator to the car the air of air conditioner comes on to the feet and not from the front panel.
the alternator belt keeps squiling when i start my car it may stop after 13 sec,It squiles when i cut my lights on,cut the air conditoner on,or the heat.The belt started tearing i got it home put a new belt on it wasn...
I am trying to retract the calipers to replace front rotors, brake pads and sensor. I wanted to make sure no errors comeup when I do this and I dont want to lose my fingers due to the caliper crushing my hand. Can som...
Why does the engine oil look creamy?
My outboard rear seatbelts either lock up retracted, or if I get them extended, they don't retract. Is there a port where I can access them to manually unlatch them and tie them off so passengers can use them?
we tried to roll windows down neither side will roll down or up pls help
My truck has one window that goes up but does not come down. I have replaced the master switch and the switch on that door.It all started with loss of ground on the master switch, after I ran a new ground all the wind...
Key Stuck In ignition switch the car will start but it will not turn all the way back to get Key out
Hi guys, I have a car, but I never drive it. Coz I can commute with the train to go to work and also driving my wife's car. I'm planning to buy my car insurance and put PNO for DMV registration since I dont drive ...
Problem just started and "check charging systems" keeps popping up in the instrument panel. I have replaced the alternator and it still says it. My battery does not keep a charge.