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What things are needed to tune-up this vehicle?
recently had gas line replaced because of break in line. since then check engine light has come on---is it related?
cannot get spark or fuelpump to engage changed ecu still nothing what can it be?
my ignition fuse kept blowin, now my car won't start at all no lights no nuttn, even my keyless entry don't work, wut can b the problem?
How does the engine air filter cover remove to change the filters
I have a 2007 Chrylser Pacifica that I purchased used in the last 7 months. Within 2 months of purchase it would not start on hot days. I have replaced the battery and the starter twice with no success. It has h...
how do you get to the power steering pump
What should be the Air pressure in my tyre front and rear ?
Do you have instructions on replacing the door handles
at 90000 miles the fan clutch started leaking fluid I replaced the pump Idrove the car another 1,800 miles and it is leaking again. the leak is coming from the pulley on the pump. could there be something causing this...
my car is a lemon and on the 3rd transmission, i refuse to go back to kia because a different mechanic told me how my trannie would go out, and y. the kia mechanics put the transmission on not rite. i lost 2nd 3 time...
I have 93,000 miles on my 2000 Avalon. What type and grade oil should I be using. My service providers have been using a synthetic blend oil, but I don't know the weight. I regularly change both oil AND filter every 5...
Fuse panel layout diagram
i have a small coolant leak about the size of a tennis ball in diameter that shows every couple of weeks on the driver side front just under the dr. frt. fog lamp...the temperature is always within normal operating ra...
how do I replace the cylinder and what tool do I need