kept finding oil on the ground and put in shop at dealer ship this occured after having timing belt replaced

Notice of "check Gas cap" came up dashboard Tuesday. Gas cap was tight. Repair shop Cleared code - light went out. On Wednesday check Eng light came on. Replaced Gas cap. Repair shop Cleared code again- light went out. On the way home light came back on again. Diagnostic meter says "Emission Sensor Valve" Both times -->i believe was the Code name when they told me to tighten and/or change the Gas Cap which neither worked. Any suggestions?? What & where is the Emission Sensor Valve??

Tire pressure light came on & put recommeded air in the tires, now the tire pressure light reamins on, & won't go off. How do I get it to turn off?

had rear bearings checked... fine..brakes fine.. has made for quite a while....back tires kinda hop when it makes the noise...dont hear while driving...just starting to drive..grinding,,crunching sound

after disconnecting battery and reconnecting coil; i wen tot try and turn the truck on but it seems as if their is a lot of slop from the key igition assembly. Could the linkage be broken? Dashboard lights remain on and when i turn the key to attempt to turn it on; i get nothing

I had a new compressor two years ago, 102,000 miles then. I have 133,000 miles now. I can't see any leak under the hood but it smells thru the inside vents bad. Is there a common place for these cars to leak from? Odor goes away when ac off and vent off

Red light is on.

I was driving home and car just shut off. I changed the distributor ans spark plugs with wires and now it acts like in wants to start but won't. This is the first time ever to happen.

I replaced the batteries in one remote and tried the reprogramming procedure to no avail. The trunk release and panic button do not work either. The locks and trunk work by the power switches inside. Is there a reciever or a RF oscillator that can be replaced without replacing the expensive Body Control Module? Is there an option other than the dealer for replacing the BCM.

the heater blower switch only works on high how do u replace it and where is it located

out of the connector that goes to the a/c compressor.3 wires,all red,1-long&2-short.Need to know how they go back in clip. A/C does not work now. Any help?

The rear gate wiper motor failed and I had it rebuilt. I put the motor back in and when I try to put the window up the computer says "rear wiper obstruction". When I turn on the wiper it says "close rear glass".

every time you start up

every time you start

For the last couple of days my driver side headlamp has not been as bright as normal. Now the headlamp flashes when I first turn on the lights and then turns off entirely. The system tells me there is a headlight malfunction. Is the problem the headlamp or is it more likely something else? If it is the headlamp is it something difficult to replace on my own or would it be more prudent to take it to a shop? My headlights also have the feature where they move with the steering well. Does this matter? Thanks for your help!!