Just noted this problem last evening. All other lights OK

No room and not really reachable from underneath. I have it unplugged and only part way out. No room for pliers or other tools. Have been pulling on it up and down and twisting it. Any ideals would be helpful. :)

I can't get the plastic housing covering the bulb off. The dealership mechanics couldn't figure it out either. The nuisance is that when I hit the brake pedal, the idiot light indicating a bad bulb comes on the instrument display. Help!

whats torq spec on front wheel bearing

what could be happening,also can hear scrapping noise

replaced iac, unclogged purge valve solenoid, disconnected maf(no change). still fluctuates

i bought this car at an auction and i've started the car twice since i bought it a month ago.it acts like it's not getting fuel and i was told there was no pressure on the gas lines.what do i need to check befor i go into buying a fuel pump?

Have tried several different things but nothing is working. Is there a specific line that needs to be purchased or a rinp or seal or cap?

that happened, now every time I start it it has half the power and makes kind of a clanking sound when I push the throttle down excessively

And motor is good no power in cord.

My "change oil" sign comes on every 3,000 mi. I recently put synthetic oil, and I heard 3,000 mi is an old rule.
May be somebody can advise me on how to reset this annoying alarm, and on frequency of oil changes

Tires seem to wear too fast and then cause vibrations that cannot be balanced to stop the vibrations.

Do i need to remove the gas tank?

sort of looks like a transmission... but out of town without my manual. any help on what it means? Thanks!!

but once I get up to 40 mph it drives fine. Also when I turn on the ac or defrost, it starts sputtering again. Can you tell me whats going on?