this is a 4 cylinder autotransmission, all gears are shifting at around 32000 rpm ocasionally jerky shift

I have backup sensors that falsely sound whenever car is in reverse, even when there is nothing behind me. I want to diisconnect them (there are 4) one at a time to find bad sensor.

I need to get to the instrument cluster

old alt was at 8v with engine running, i replaced the alt

The left front break gets smoking hot. What should I do?

i can see 2 notches on window but nothing hooked to it pictures would be nice

the LCD screen for a/c control systen lights up but there are no messages showing on screen nor do any sysytems a/c, heat, defrost...work

I have replaced 2 cats 3 O2 sensors

I'm smelling antifreeze everytime we drive it. Please HELP!!!!!!

the fuse blows after a couple of days driving. if i replace and try right away it keeps blowing if i let car sit a few days and change it it starts right up

OK, I have called my mechanic but he hasn't called me back yet and am concerned...
When I depress the brake pedal everything is ok until I get to the "bottom" of the pedal, you know, keep pushing down, then poof, it starts making wonky noises. It is a low grumbly noise. Almost grinding but not quite. The noise is coming from the back of the car and almost sounds like the trunk.
To make do, I am downshifting and using the brakes as little as possible.
Any thoughts?
Thank you,

It was steaming making abound steaming on the right side,I noticed where the top radiator hose is going to thermostat on the housing of the thermostat it had a bolt missing. I'm thinking it's the thermostat but not sure..after I put water in radiator again it was at norm temp then did it again.. Same thing when I stopes no water?please help thanks.

i have a gas leak it leaks out just from sitting and especially when i start it up.

The loud sound/roar continues while driving.No issues with driving.It sounds like it's coming from the back.
Happens everytime you turn on my car and drivie it.

it's located on the center console