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My vue recently ate a valve,this almost unheard of since there is four valves per cylinder. One of my valves was all covered in carbon and a pie shaped wege was missing from it, all the other valves were perfect. my v...
1995 300zx both low beams won't come on just started last night all other lights work, relay is good swapped with alarm relay to check and no fuses are blown. Have owned the car 4 years with no problems like this.
I have to replace the inner tie rod on the passenger side-crash damage. I have the outer tie rod end off and the rack dust boot off. Can I just loosen the inner tie rod from the rack with out holding on to the inner p...
What would be the best way to remove and replace the alternator in this car because its on the bottom not the top. Thank you
I have replaced all fuses related to clock, radio and Cruise control and still wont work. Someone suggested unplugging the clock and that didnt help. Also replaced fuse in radio
which light is recommended
Both my front and back left side windows stopped working, any ideas???
Need to clean the head lights glass
It started yesterday, when all of the sudden my SMG when off gear, the gear number started to blink and the transmission yellow light turned on. After this i turn the engine off and back on and wouldnt go into gear, t...
Car is burning oil in it today.....just put a quart in last Wed.had the oil changed. 2. 1 11. Should I have the short block replaced? Honda dealer mechanic says one of the pistons has a 15%leak.he is in the pro...
my ford escape was idleing real bad i got the spark plugs change nad still idles and goes slow up an hill and takes off slow. it is also an manual, what could be my problem
my car has bee sitting for 2 years i was told that i need a new engine is this vehicle on the list for recall
This is the diagnostic code I was given and it read Fuel/Air Metering
I am trying to find out how much it will cost me to havejust a rough estimates to change ALT belt, power steeriing belt, 2 lower ball joints, 2 outer tie rods,and 2 outer tie rods replace on my car before someone rip...
Hard to start after car has been sitting over night. Sounds like pressure (popping) from engine area. I have replaced fuel filter. Could it be the fuel pump? If so how do I remove it? Do I have to drop the fuel tank?