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it happens when the oil level is full and you drive it then it pops on excelaration
tilt stuck in up position
i tried to start my car today and it tried to turn over then it started clicking. i jumped it and it started right up, i drove it, turned it off and on and it started right back up.several hours later same problem.the...
where is it an how can i change it plus code P1441 popped up too can u help me
my windows stop working i check fuses what else could it be
button is broken and needs to be replaced . do you need to remove the steering wheel? will unhooking the battery disable the air bag?
Heater fan will not work in any position. The Resistor was replaced a year ago and was working fine, until now. The fuses appear to be good.
I have a 1998 Camry LE (4 cyl). I am the original owner. It has ~140k miles on it. My only complaint is that the headlights have dimmed over time and I don't feel like they are throwing enough light. The "brights"...
I had put a new door on my car, it is the front side passenger door. The door is a little lower at the back causing it to hit the rear door slightly. How do I raise the door to fit properly? I have already losen bolts...
i changed my batt on my key my alarm was working then stopped now nothing with a ne batt in key need help
Brake Lining Wear just came on and it is Sunday. I have a business meeting out of town first thing in morning. Will be about 400 miles round trip. Mostly highway. Wondering if enought pad should still be left to ta...
Need to add freon . There are two ports, one on top nearer passenger Compartment and one lower nearer to radiator. Which do I use.
I can not get the oil pan out. I have jacked the engine up as far as it will go and can not get ti out. any suggestions
rpm too hight at idle and have many codes tps airflow cranck sensor and o2 sensor
The last time this happened it took me 15 minutes of moving the steering wheel back and forth before it finally released.