pully bolt came loose read thay done a recall for that will the dealership still fix that

i want to put seat covers on them.

My husband's car was diagnosed last April as needing an alternator. We tried to do it the cheap way and have a friend put in a used one from a junkyard. That failed so he tried another one - that failed too. So we bought a refurbished alternator at Autozone, in order to save on the cost because we just could not afford the brand new one or labor too. We were only getting 10.00 readings or so on the Voltmeter when putting in the first refurbished alternator. So today, our two male neighbors who know enough about cars tested the new alternator they put in and the reading was 11.5 or so. We all know that it needs to read 12.5 at least when the engine is running to show the alternator is working properly. The car still is requiring a jump to get it started each time. Before the other alternator was replaced today, we took it to Autozone earlier today and the following Codes were given: PO460, PO171, PO302, PO301, PO304. We have had this car inoperable since last December thinking it needed a new catalytic converter. When my husband had to take me to work last April, the car broke down and he had to be towed to a repair shop. They wanted $500 and we could not afford that. We towed it home - they said it was the alternator. No mention that it could be the catalytic converter as another friend thought. We have tried various things, all these months, as we can afford to, while being unable to use the car since last January. We have replaced the clutch which went bad, changed out the fluids/oil change, changed the air filter, put in fuel injection cleaner, put in the best type of gas, changed the spark plugs and wires yesterday, put in a refurbished alternator today, replaced the battery a few weeks ago, changed the oxygen sensor today, I think we have done other things but have lost count. We are struggling financially and cant afford car repair shops. We are using friends who know a lot about cars to do the repairs. Now the car still has to be jumped when we turn it on - it makes a clicking noise only. If we jump it with battery cables, the car will start and run. But if you turn the car off, the car will not turn back on. The male neighbors think it could be some wire that is bad to the alternator. They said the other refurbished alternator was definitely bad but felt this new one was getting more power and that it was not the alternator this time. I still think this whole problem has to do with the Codes we got from the diagnostic today at Autozone. I think something is related to those issues causing the car alternator not to work properly. But I am only a woman and do not know anything much about cars or how to fix them. I am getting frustrated as we need this car to work and are unable to afford high priced car repair shops. Can you give my neighbors some idea where to start looking and how? They will be back tomorrow afternoon to try to find the problem. As you know, the codes all have to do with the following issues: Faulty spark plugs or wires, faulty coil pack, faulty oxygen sensor, faulty fuel injector, Burned exhaust valve, faulty catalytic converter, poor compression or defective computer. Also, when we went to Autozone, they said by law they are not allowed to clear the codes that were there. We wanted to clear the codes and start fresh new with the new repairs we had done. Is there anything else we can check that might be causing our problem? Could we have bought yet another bad alternator?


It happened before more and more often, it wouldnt let the gears switch, so i would restart the car and it was normal after that, only the first one worked and now for a couple days its always like that, the mechanic checked and said it was a po715 code meaning it was a speed sensor or the abs one

i have a 1993 gmc yukon when i start it in the mornings the check engine light comes on and it runs really rough but it runs and when i stop to get coffee and cme back out its fine can anybody tell me what this is all about please and i changed my brake hoses in the front and ever since then my park brake light is on and my abs light is on i have bleed my brakes and they work fine can any body tell me about this how to get them to shut off

but when you shut it down the pedal moves freely to the floor & back up. Bought this truck to rebuild & the previous owner said that the last time that he put the pedal to the floor, it stuck on the floor till he was able to get it pulled back up. Throttle cable is clean & shows no signs of wear. Any advice?

cruise control does not light up as being on , and cruise control does not work at all. the dealership where i bought the 2009 vibe new and have always used them to service the car wants 100.00 to put on the diagnositic machine is there a cheaper way of fixing it?

please help!!!!

Heavy rains for 2 days due to Tropical Storm Issac in north Alabama; trunk mat is damp (not soaked); where could water be leaking in? and what suggestions to fix this problem? Thanks so much for your help.

I have a 97- mazda 626 with a 2.5 it was getting random misfires. Had leaking plug tube seals, so I tuned it up and replaced the following distributor cap,rotor,wires, plugs, valve cover gaskets and tube seals. started it up and ran it down the road no power at take off, feels like it is loading up or flooding will back fire some in the exhaust if you punch it. If you back off the gas and let it build speed until above 45 mph it has great power and runs smooth. checked codes again had a po301 checked fuel injector was bad replaced it. no more codes car runs great at idle or above 45mph. also has power if you manually shift the trans from low to 2nd to drive. tps checked out ok no codes what could this be???????

can not see stations or radio functions.

After driving for 15/20 miles the C.E.L comes on, if I stop, turn the engine OFF and then restart it, the C.E.L stays OFF for another 20/25 miles, then comes ON again...and I think I smell a "burnt" odor.
It is a Chevy 454 (on a Pinncle MH)
Thanks a bunch

nd says that the 02 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 needs to be replaced. Where is this sensor located please?