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Car runs great but can't get light off. Did the mechanic do something wrong?
just occured for the first time 3 days ago
the car drives smoothly but just wont go into reverse... the car was driving fine all day no problems at all but when i tried to back up it just would'nt go in reverse
Recently a loud rapid clicking noise coming from trans. The noise sounds like an injector but louder. Ck. fluid level good and color good. Took car to Trans. franchise and there were no fault codes. The noise would no...
My radio is shorting out. How much would this cost to have looked at and possibly repaired?
Everytime I brake, I hear this grinding noise and then when I release the brake slowly, I hear it again. Now my question is should I get my brakes checked out as soon as possible or is it just fine for now? Because it...
Can anyone give me details on how to replace a timing belt on my 2001 Lexus RX300 V6 SUV with all-wheel-drive and automatic? Email me at
Fans in car keeps running and will not shut down. Also can turn radio on will car has been cut off. Will this kill the battery? What could the problem be and how to correct? It seems that although the car has been ...
Is it a big deal to change the transmission fuild on my car? I thinking of having it done next time I bring thr car in for repairs. The car as 75k for miles.
Hi can you take the sump off without removal of the engine also are the lifters hydrolic or solid shims
it has a rough idle and stalls when at lights. it also has a loud exhaust noise and vibrations
when driving an sitting ideal my car vibrates from the engine to the body of the car, an when i start my car,to drive off there's a jerk, 1 mecanic told me it was 1 of my transmission valves but do you think it's a go...
The control unit is dead and have got a new one. How do i get it programmed to fit
How do I replace the driving ligh?
I've been fighting a ghost,(po301)#1plug misfires,can the transmission not shifting right cause misfire reading on this van?Sometimes transmission slips when taking off,and on high speed seem like it get between gears...