fuel warning low fuel light stays on all time the picture garage fuel pump stays on even after fill up tank alays never below halfe full when i start engine a warning beep tells me to refuel checked instrument cluster with duramtric/piwis but shows no fault.any one got any ideas whats goin on .thank you

engine lite is on what services should i get done to this ?

what does this service include and how much cost to service

car wld not start a week before but I moved the battery cable, tapped on the starter nd it started up. Christmas eve was the last time I drove it. The day after Christmas, it wouldn't start. It starts up when you turn the key ut it won't turn over. Had a new ignition coil, wires, spark plugs, button, distributor done a few days ago, sprayed in ,starting fluid, battery jumped nd car still won't turn over. Pleaseeeee Help

no codes are present now and the engine does run a little smoother but stills exhibits simular running condition as before.

Just replaced the water pump and now there is a tremendous squealing. How do I isolate what device on the belt is causing the noise

lights dim speedometer and rpm guages not working-engine dies and will not restart--battery has been checked voltage is ok and it is being recharged

It tries to start but wont engage the box under my hood on the motor that has 3 sections has also now developed a clicking sound when trying to turn over but after pump & filter replacement its still not getting fuel with 1/2 tank of gas

tell me how to resolve crank sensor toast

popping through intake sounds like timing serpentine was sucked beneath harmonic balancer straightened tabs looks centered on sensor

having trouble finding the cam sensor for this truck please help

I want to knom how to resetting my car with diagnostic obd 2

yester day i change steering rack after that this happend come when i starting car it start & stopinng idont no why i think it want reset please tell how to reset thanks im michael.

car starting but no speeds come startin and stoping suddenly

already replaced one