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windshield water reservoir 2002 Silverado 4x4 quad cab 1500. My windshield washer pump fits into and sits on top of a rubber grommet washer. I replaced the grommet washer, but I still get leakage from where the pump...
04 rx330 a/c blows cold except at idle it starts blowing warm air. during winter it blew cold at idle.
1999 Jaguar XJ8L sat in garage most of winter months. I have replaced dead battery (properly) and replaced fuel pump fuse and relay. Car cranks normally but will not start. Before I arrange expensive tow to have fuel ...
this is the first time this has happened other than my rotors getting wrapped a couple of times and having to have my lifters replaced at 82,000 miles i haven't had any trouble it's been very reliable no other problem...
Fuel cutoff light is on and car will not start.
Is this a non-interference motor if not then is there a chance at getting lucky that a broken timing belt did not bend the valves ?
Toyota Corolla of 1990 1.6,fuel inyection.Engine will not start, there is no negative pulse of the injectors but there are positive voltage with the switch in on, and fuel pump not pumping gas,and no spark ignition
Have new water pump and radiator, still overheating. Water backing up in overflow. Problem occurs constantly.
I changed the alternator as it went out and soon after the battery which i also changed. As i accelerate I lose power. are the two related?
My Caddy had problems with the throttle position sensor. Ran fine after replacing it for a couple of weeks. Started to run rough at start one day and and now won't start at all.
My 4 door DX received a good wallop on an icy interstate to the driver's side door/front wheel area. I think the car is a little narrower there now as the left wiper arm contacts the cracked windshield, the dash plug ...
What is a rough estimate if only the the linkage needs repairing?
i have to take the heads off of the pacifica and i need to no how to do it both heads i need to find a manual does anyone kno of a website that will let me c the manual on how to change the heads
why does my 2003 dodge ram 1500 2wd front sagg its atleast 4 in lower than the rear.. the frame rubber bottom out stops are 1 in from the control springs or can i just block em up? i looked for some spacers an...