I just replaced the radiator and the sensor that plugs directly into the thermostat (don't know why I can't think of the name of it). And now my car will not start, or go into gear. When I turn the key to the "on" position, I do not hear the "click" from the gear shift after applying the brake. I checked all the fuses, and all look good. Any ideas??

I have had to boost my cars a couple of times because I didn't realise I had left my lights on

Repair shop replaced egr valve 1 week ago. 4 days later it started having large amounts of white smoke from tailpipe. Didn't smell any coolant at engine area, cab of truck or no sweet smelling exhaust. Drove truck with white smoke issue back home (1 mile) and parked it. The next day drove it 11 miles to the shop and it didn't smoke at all. It ran great both times! Now the shop says replace egr cooler and oil cooler because if we don't replace the oil cooler now...we will be replacing it in 20-30k miles and then every 20-30k after that!!!??? $2350.00 plus tax! ?????

squick sound when the car is running slow about to stop

Ok, have seen alot of similar issues as everyone else. It all started with a power drain in the electrical system. Then the power door locks began to activate themselves. I removed the fuse to see if that was the power drain issue, it wasn't. Recently the brake lights have been stuck on, even with the car turned off. Today the battery died while driving and had to be towed home. Kinda at a loss, as I am not very mechanically inclined with electrical systems in cars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I will add you to our Christmas card list if you can help me. Contact me at my e-mail any time auteeth@yahoo.com

the engine light comes on, but the car feels fine. I've radjusted the gas cap. It turns off after a couple of days. My headlight leveling light has come off and on as well. I took it to my mechanic but they can't check it unless the light is on. He says it's nothing if the light goes off and only to worry if it flashes?? Not sure what is happening here.

1) Do I have to take the car to some place that can install the existing TPMS hardware on the new tires? 2) If so, which shops can do this?

ive been having problems with this car recently had simalar problems i have changed the silenoid purge v, and they also changed the fuel pump and fix some wires on the harnes, now i have this problem with this code? can someone help......

I installed a module to the car to allow the top to go up/down with the remote key fob. Upon doing this, the top went down and now I can't get it to go back up. The only way to get to the module to see if the connection is lose is through the trunk, but the top is folded into the trunk, and I cannot gain access to the trunk. Is there a way to manually raise the top so that I can get in the trunk?

Car is 4wd wagon, 1.8 TBI engine, it revs very low when first started then idles very high after it warms up, 1500 rpm, normal is about 700.

ok it has lose of power and ever now an then it back fires in the intake

After 100 miles no oil. The garage told me I needed a new oil plug, another oil change....about 30 miles no oil. Brought it back to them and they said it was burning the oil.!!! How can a car go 30 miles and burn that much oil? They said it was not leaking and my muffler had black soot which they said means it is burning it. What do you suggest?

The car sat for about a year and a half before these problems came up and they started to appear about a month after we started running it, before i replaced the battery u could not remove the boost pack without the engine dyingI have replaced the alternator with a brand new NAPA one, and i also replaced my battery with a new one, and the service charging system warning is still on. I have checked the resistance between the alternator and the ecm and there is resistance. I have also replaced the spark plugs and wires, it will run for about 30 miles and it dies. Should i replace the ECM? Please help im at my whits end.

What does the Inverter do?

they tell me i need a new fuel pump on a 2008 t&c with 68,000, is there any one with this problem. code p0462