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how hard is the timing belt to replace and is it worth taking to the toyota dealership for that complete tune up
May have to have brakes replaced.
what does starting disabled mean
car starts, let foot off excelerater it kills. also has black smoke
just came back from having the left rear caliper replaced, when I put the brakes on the first time my foot went to the floor so I drove around the block and kept trying them still to the floor unless you pump them 3 t...
I turn my car on and it starts shaking, I go to drive it and it cuts off.
How do I adjust the throttle position sensor on my 95 Corolla, 1.6 liter engine?
Code P0733- incorrect ratio in gear 3 Code P0734- incorrect ratio in gear 4
I noticed a little difficulty and shift handle getting stuck but then it would move into reverse..Now my car is sitting at the store and I cannot get it into gear. Starts fine..Any suggestions?
Could you gvie me a ballpark estimate of the replacement cost of all motor mounts on my inifiniti I35 - 2002? Thanks
My 2003 Ford Ranger has about 82000 miles and has stalled out 4 times the past week. Three times in one day, twice while driving and once while trying to start. I can feel the engine start to rumble for a few seconds ...
I wanted to know where is the oil filter on this car?if so can i change it my self.
i dont have spark i dont know waht i can do
Mache nic told me my transmission is not shifting from frist gear, need to just happen I was driving and all of a suden I lost speed, and not going faster then 30-35, if i push gas paddle engine make noise ...