I keep my car on a full tank of gas because not know how much gas I have.I set my trip miles to 0 after each fill up and around 100 miles I refill tank,well I went to 145 miles and the gage droped down to a half a tank and started working not sure if it was the right amound of gas doe but it was working. but when I put more gas in the same thing after 145 miles it start working again.well now the other day I had to take a long trip and filled up and about 45 minutes later the gas gage droped down to emty while driving 70 mph and a few minutes later shot back to full and the same thing on my way bach home.could this be a bad sending unit or in my dash board?

Is there something I can add to the engine to try and free up a sticky valve on my Ford Taurus V6DOC engine?

The rear valve cover gasket is leaking on my 2002 taurus v6doc. is it something I can handle myself? $400.00 seems like a lot of money to spend on this. I know that both should be replaced. I have worked on older vehicles before.

The brake lights work correctly when light pressure is applied to the pedal, but then goes out when more pressure is applied. We've checked the fuses, bulbs, and replaced the brake light switch and relay. What else could cause this issue?

how do you get the panel off to see?

I started driving and then all gears on dispay lit up and the jeep acted like it was in nuetral. I stop the jeep and put in park then drive and it was fine for a while.

stops after 6 or 7 ticks

replaced both headlight bulbs what else can I do

I hear a very loud squeaking noise when apply breaks. not allthe time but especially when it rains.

I hear a very loud squeaking noise when apply breaks. not allthe time but especially when it rains.

I just recently found out that it blew a spark plug out and was wondering where i can find the specific insert to fix it and about how much does it cost? and im also wondering what the Coil or whatever it is that sits on top of the spark plug is/

All other instrument lights are working and the radio and air conditioner work just the lights on the knobs aren't working. Checked fuse and it is not blown.

What do a red engine light and CAT light mean if both appear at same time? This appeared yesterday after i had driven for over two hours about town. I was returning home after parking the car for about 3 hours when i noticed the lights on the dashboard. What does it mean? Could it be a fault with the charging system?

When i switch on the car (not start) the radiator fan is start working and when I switch off the car the radiator fan runs approx 30 seconds after switch off. Can any body help in this problem.

i replace the safety switch and when i put the truck in gear it will not go back into park or reverse it hangs up between drive and neutral is it du to a faulty shifter cable