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I was driving my car down the interstate and it started overheating and shut off. What could be the problem? It had a blown head gasket which was fixed and the top part of the engine was rebuilt. However, there is a p...
Need information about cost and difficulty of replacing the front seal on a 2000 Saturn LS2?
I have a transmission fluid leak towards the front end of the car. It appears to be between the engine and the radiator area. It seems to be dripping and causing smoke. What could be leaking?
i have a bent valve and motor is missing. how much should this cost?
this happens regardless of whether I'm pulling my 14000 pound 5th wheel or not (we are retired and do the RV thing 24-7). NOTE: as long as I drive 'normally' the clutch NEVER slips - I have to make it 'slip' by as me...
I have two Ford vehicles and both of them started shuttering/hesitating when accelerating and rough idle. 2003 Ford Windstar and 2003 Ford Expedition. What could be the problem. It feels like all cylinders aren't firi...
Hearing a rubbing sound rear end vehicle.change the rear brakes pads and rotors.
cost to replace fuel pump
My kia need to have the time belt replace and tune up
ignition switch locked up over night.i turned the sterring wheel and the switch at the same time and sprayed the switch with wd40,still wont turn
Check guages shows up
i left the key in the ignition for ten mins or so now it wont start . day before i changed the oil and reset to the factory settings . is it some kind of alarm?
It's an intermittent problem. Runs good then all of a sudden just stalls, at all different times of running. But when cools down it will start.No codes, freeze frames or even check eng. light. Changed cam sen.,crank s...
I bought a brand new 2004 Aveo in 7/2005 off the dealer lot. Several months later i started hearing popping and creaking in the front suspension area, it got worse in the months to come.
Yes, this is a constant problem. The front blower runs full speed all the time. I'm getting tired of the noise. Oh yeah, it has 245k on it but that's not old in Wyoming.