Water is pouring out on passenger side floor.

i try to doid by my self i have mecanic work time in diferent cars but never i work in this kind of car i need is is possible the squematic of the emegency sistem in this kind of car and problem maybe is possible i dond know you tell me

The rear door automatic open/close function stopped working with all sources... the button on key fob, the handle and the button on dash. Door must be opened and closed manually. What happened? What is the likley required repair and cost?

Car has 185,000 miles. I had the starting and charging system tested and everything tested fine. The "service engine soon" light recently turned on. The car starts fine in the morning and when I go out for lunch. The last 3 evenings is when it has acted up. Day 1 it needed a jump start. Day 2 it cranked but wouldn't start until about 15 minutes of trying. Day 3 it took 30 minutes of trying to get it to start and when it started it made a squealing noise for about 10 seconds and then ran normally. Any ideas of what it could be? Thank you!

for both or one line? thank you in

only have 30,000 miles and light just comes on every now and then.

I have an '02 PT cruiser and everytime I turn the steering wheel (either side), I hear a loud growl/grinding noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. From previous oil changes, the mechanic has told me to replace the inner tie rod and the ball joint. Could these be the culprits or is this part of another problem? Thanks!

Im and experienced mechanic 20+ years but this car has me baffled. Will run great for 5 to 10 minutes then starts spittin and idling rough. then will not take gas and has no check engine codes. Any suggestions welcome.

I understand that the Buick Lucerne 2006 is plagued with poor quality engine mounts. My front engine mount is broken and needs to be fixed. What is a reasonable price for this and do I need to have all the engine mounts fixed at the same time??

can you tell me how often should I replace spark plugs--how many miles

One of the cylinders showed only 60 psi on my first check,so i put oil in the cylinder to check for bad rings,it made the compression go up so i cranked the motor to get the oil out and also ran it for several minutes,but when i rechecked the compression it was still up to 160 psi.What does this mean?When i first checked the compression i did it three times and i was sure it was the correct reading. What could causae this.

If we add ground to it we get pressure from the fuel pump but the rest of the engine don't have any.

because my back window the motor will kick in to roll it down but its slow but it wont kick in to roll it up. all my other windows work just fine

how much to replace a transfer case?

im trying to see how much i get mpg, how far distance i can go before i run out of gas,etc,etc