my mileage is around 106,800

When cold the first time turning over it will start if I touch the gas petal ,if it stall s I have to try 6-7 times before it will start ...getting very hard on my starter ...

abs light came on

When i turn the car on it makes a loud rattling sound and it sounds like it coming from the section of the engine right above the water pump.Sometimes the sound goes away.I also replaced the spark plugs about a month before this problem started with NGK brand spark plugs part#BKR6EGUP.Could these codes haves something to do with replacing the spark plugs.I also have P0720,P0731,P0734 codes but,my understading is that these codes are transmission related and have nothing to do with P0011 and P0021.

I noticed this summer that my air conditioner didn't seem to work. Never really got cold. Now, that it's winter, I only get heat on lowest fan setting blowing on windshield and from left vent. Cold air blows at higher fan settings if all vents are activated. Always blows cold on the floor.

Truck misses very badly 10 mins after starting, wont start again very easily, until cold again, then will run perfect for 10 mins until engine warms up, changed cap, rotor,plugs, coil is good, any suggestions read about a coolant temperature sensor, ?

this occurs often, every time I drive it.

When in heavy traffic, ideling, or using breaks a lot, the car starts to shimmy, then it won't shift gears, sometimes there is a smell of burning rubber, & some smoke. If I pull over and put in park then usually 3 minutes or so I can restart and sometimes it's fine, have had multiple diognostics and several mechanics, no one can figure it. This all started after a repair for "master cylinder leak " also replaced all belts,the replaced belts were bad and had to be redone (used wrong belts) now this occurs on a regular basis...

inside ngt as warm as my 2007 4 runner

Today cool air was coming out about the speed it does in the low (#1) setting.

Rear drivers side tire wobbles when driving. Rim is fine. Also noted when I hit a pot hole or turn sharp there is loose feeling in steering .

my fiancé owns a 2006 Malibu maxx and its a 2006

All lights on the exterior and interior pulsate or flicker about 2 ~ 3 times per second for long periods. sometimes they dont do this until you use a turn signal or another item like heater fan. However, doesn't seem to affect the battery and there is no warning or charging light coming on. Do not know if this is an alternator problem, idler pulley or a short. Don't know exactly where to start without taking it to a dealer for the usual runaround.

Happened three times to date. What could cause this extra pressure? Should the by pass be checked out.

i replaced fuel pump ana chscked all fuses