sometimes you need to turn ignition on and off to reset to 0

I noticed that the transmission = right side = the manual transmission is stuck on 3rd gear ... I Cannot shift up or down = does Not change up or down ... What is the problem?

The car failed emissions test due to no cel on. I've had the car 2 yrs replacing timing belt, water pump, starter. All other lights work except clock. Where do I start? thanks

replaced drive belt yesterday and it started to smoke after the vehicle was turn on.

I tried to crank it and it doesnt sound like it is trying to crank up. I put my carMD on it a couple weeks ago and got the code 1800, so I replaced the Variable Intake Air System solenoid valve, and also got a new battery. All my light on my dash come on, but even after 3-6 tries it still wont turn over. What could it be? Any suggestions would be helpful. Some have told me it could be the starter, a sensor, or even as small as a fuse.

checked alternator and wheel bearings and changed differenal fluid.

the ignition key has been lost.

I'm not much of a mechanic, but not enough money for these small repairs.

1998 cl500 mercedes glove box is locked

the car makes a noise in the front end i was told that is was a bearing in the engine can you help me

I replaced the door acurator due to the clicking when heater is turned on. Now it smells like burnt rubber (or something burning) through the vents.

dodge dakota 2005 randomly shifts in to 4 wheel drive

this happens at random times and is not continuous but happens frequently. The bucking/jerking happens while driving with or without full tank of gas

NOTE: manual transmission

i have checked the fuil filter and fuil pump and the problum is still there

also the hazard wont work unless headlights are on i replaced signal light switch and flasher it also blows the fuses as soon as i put it in