my check engine light came on because of my truck overheating, I noticed it was out of Antifreeze so I refilled it. I drove a few miles and it is doing the same but no evidence of a leak when i filled it back up.

must I remove the transmission

To determine the name of the part in which the oil is leaking.

i need to change the ect sensor on my ford windstar 1999

I just wanted to know about how much money service would cost?

whe i first started to work on the car use to start, but it didnt have power. i check the catalytic converter and it was mess ut(no flow was going throught it) i change it, car drove good for about 5 min then the same problem, right after car warm up. i change the timing belt and did a tune up. car drove good really smooth for about 5mins again then the same proble. i try to do a induction service. now the car dont even start. i check the gas and the spark it has both gas and spark. any one have an idea what could be the problem?

Each time I start my car the traction control and ABS dash lights come on. Any thoughts?

it has power sooo whats up

My blinkers don't work in the winter, why ?

The power steering in our 2011 Toyota Sienna is dead. It uses Electronic Power Steering (EPS) - new in the 2011 model. 49k Miles. The dealer says they have to replace the complete steering column at a cost of $2100. The code they gave me is C1524. I was wondering if anyone had come across this problem and if their solution seems like the right one. I cant believe I already have to have this kind of repair expense in this car.

The tyre pressure light on the dashboard will not go off all the tyre pressures are fine and I have done all the things you are suppose to do. Could someone please get back to me and tell me if there is something else I can do or could it be a mechanical problem, Thanks

car is misfiring and seems like it wants to turn off

I did a diagnostic test on my GL450 and was told the Height Control Module is faulty because my car sinks at the left rear shocks when I park and rises when I start which had also happened to the front shocks before.

my car makes a loud sound like it isn't shifting properly and it also leaks a lot of oil. the coolant light comes on alot and i replace the coolant each time but it still leaks. whatsup???!!!

what to do is this common, in jeep liberty's?