Distributor is turning ? Thank you for your time.

Fan blower works fine when operating blower settings manually. Problem only with climate control settings.

I changed a faulty heater control module (the controls under the radio), and when I plug that in, my gauges quit working. They work fine if I leave the wiring unplugged on the heater controls.I left the controls on heat and defrost and I do have the fan control plugged in for defrosting and heat for cold mornings. But doing so, I do not have control over temperature or control for rear window functions now (defrost, wipers, etc). Could problem be in wiring itself or with the cluster, or perhaps the used heater control module I put in. The self diagnostic on the heater control module ends up with no fault codes, but with the heater control wiring plugged in, I cant even get the self dianostic on the cluster to activate until I unplug it from the back of the heater control.

I know which post is which on the battery but I don't know which clamp is which on the car.

The old battery was removed and the new battery shows which is the positive post and which is the negative post but I don't know which one is which from the car?

I also heard there is a kit that you buy online often needed on top of replacing radiator? My son loves this car but im afraid it's going to turn into a money pitt:(

seems like spring in the shift gets stuck . but was told it sticks cause we dont drive the car enough

filter and fluid has been change and full and looks clean why stops it from goig in 3rd gear while driving

this happens only when it's cold

3006 GMCcanyon.

While driving to work about a week ago my fuel gauge started to rise and drop and the car cut off, I originally thought I was out of gas so put gas in and after a couple times of turning over the car started back up. two days ago the car shut off while driving again and would not restart I changed the fuel pump and car still wont start and now i here a clicking noise that comes from under the car near the pump as well as under the hood near the fuse panel when car is not started and i dont even have key in ignition. why? some one help please?????

it has always been very dependable util last week

engine doesn`t turn over

I need camber adjustment due to age? Tires are wearing inside 2 in of tread. Should be able to shim back to spec.?

How much for parts and labor?

My cougar has 137,000 miles on it. Had the oil changed, mechanic found two pieces of metal and plastic in the oil pan.
What might have caused this and would it be worth making this repair?