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problems with my heat control, after a water drain problem, i think it got into the control panel the only way for it to work i have to unplug a wire under the passanger side foot, because if i don't the car will not ...
How do you get the old wipers off to put the new ones on????????
I have a 1994 chevy cavalier and the front headlights went out at the same time, I don't know what to do or how to fix this problem. Csan anyone help, or explain what i can do.
my 6 cd cd player quit while I was loading cds. I think it is stuck. will not load, eject or make any working sounds. Radio works fine. Cd will only read cd4. is there a way to get cds out? Or, How can I remove t...
I am getting water on the drivers side floor in the center under the mat; one dealer said the cowling drain might be plugged but i've no clue; they've said there's a tube and then others say theres no tube; found some...
I did a compression test and got two low readings one on each side and directly opposite of each other. what is the cause?
well my car start overheating and befored it got to the red line i turn it off now wen i try to turn it on it wont turn on and it said check engine what do i do ?
we want the check engine light turned off where can we take it in our area to have that done
Does fuel guage have a fuse?
Starter only clicks when ignition turned on. Bad starter or starter solenoid?
when i drive my 2003 kia sedona it drives perfect in drive...but when i put it n reverse it will not work at all what should i do
replaceing the clutch assembly, parts indicate a bearing attached to the transmission useing a fluid to operate. how do I remove the bearing properly, it has two bolts and a fluid cable.
Transmission has been slipping, they now say to replace a sensor. Traction light comes on so they say replace sensor. Can you tell me what kind of cost we should be looking at?
I got my new car and in the same week i took it in for a service,2 weeks later i was coming home it was a hot day so i had the air on i live in the mountains outside of Bakersfield, well when i got to town my light ca...