The dashboard tail light is on whent it is at night time or when it is dark or becomes dark. Daytime does not happen like this at all. I checked all the tail light bulbs and replaced some that I had doubt on it. The problem does not go away.

nissan will recall it?

no service engine light. changed sparkplugs and air filter. seems easier to start when cold down

Chk engine lite on, passes emissions, but chk eng. lite won't go off. has p0171 code. Replaced the vacuum module, and cleaned the MAF. Lite still on. Should I replace sensor?

The blower speed fluctuates while it is running. Sometimes it doesn't come on at all.

At times I have water practically running out of the lower rear heat vents while the A/C is on. Both cooling fans seem to be working fine, both drain ports are clear and working, Today I replace the cabin filter and cleaned the box, made sure all drain ports any debris under the under the hood screen is clear. I stared the car; let it run for about an hour with the A/C temp on low and the fan on high. It is a hot and humid day. Went for a quick drive, and here comes the water!!!! The last owner let this get so bad, the units under the seats shorted out. I don’t want to fix that again. To dry the carpet I cranked the heater on high, got side tracked cleaning the garage and an hour later I found 1.5 inches of water on the rear passenger side floor! It does not have the smell or texture of antifreeze.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it!!!! Thanks!"

i get it to side of road and crank it up and continue. This time it stopped 5 times before I got back home. Nothing shows up on the computer .I have had it at the garage twice they said unless it shows on computer they cant help.THis has done this about 4 times only on long trips.I also have a clicking noise when I go fast it speeds up also and if I slow down it slows almost sounds like something in a bicycle spoke.

engine dies off?

I recently purchased used 1997E420 Mercedes Benz but having problems to turn the radio on. It says that I need to enter a code to turn it on. My VIN:WDBJF72FOVA284579. Thank you.

rear air spring is missing bottom support and is not connected to rear axel, when i jacked up rear the right side was just hanging there.

fuel stopped working a while ago so i was using my trip meter to judge when i needed gas (180 miles is when i stopped) but now thats not working as well. i dont have much money, so if its cheaper to fix one over the other id like to know how.

Reclosed all doors to attempt to clear Door Ajar light not successful.

its fine for a while but all of a sudden the belt comes off put on a new belt last about a month and it starts to do it again

I just replaced the radiator and the sensor that plugs directly into the thermostat (don't know why I can't think of the name of it). And now my car will not start, or go into gear. When I turn the key to the "on" position, I do not hear the "click" from the gear shift after applying the brake. I checked all the fuses, and all look good. Any ideas??

I have had to boost my cars a couple of times because I didn't realise I had left my lights on