Plug change will let car run great for about 2 or 3 weeks then starts to Miss and back fire again, have gone through 24 plugs in the last six months, they are the correct plug for the car, have tried others as well and do not get as long of use out of them. Have changed wires and coils as well, am at point plugs are more expensive Than the fuel to run it. Car is serviced regular,

It will go to defrost it will go to the floor and the face the problem is just when I turn the temp from cold to hot when I just start to go from full cold it starts to click is there any way I can do a quick fix on this problem? Totaly Greatful Kevin of Muncie Indiana

put new filter just no spark nedd some ideas how to fix please thanks

Had a damaged rod bearing and replaced all bearings. Still hear a knocking around 2500-3000 RPM. What could be wrong?

cost of 1200.00, Is this fair price?

do the engine and battery lights need to be reset if so how to do

how do i reset the water pump

Recently had oil change, and follow schedule. Driving the other night car smelled hot, just made it home

seem like he took kinda long getting the raditor out he was on the passeger side in the front by the headlight but inside the engine trying to screw something out for the longest in if he didn't steal air compressor is there anything eles worth stealing

got my raditor hook up i didn't get coolant after that but i did hear some noise coming from around the back center of the van in a leak near the front end of my passenger side 1 time the color was light red

How do you get to the front marker bulb on the 2005 Amanti
to change it? Can you just remove the amber plastic cover?

How do you get to the cabin air filter on the 2005 KIA Amanti?

American made axle

I have had my front and back brakes pads replaced, rotors turned, caliper's checked, tires rotated, hoses replaced. The grinding can felt through the brake pedal and usually happens when turning. It happens randomly. I have not been able to link it to any particular driving pattern.

It also smelled really bad and was leaking fluid on the passenger side, not alot, but enough to notice. We're wondering if this is the heater core. I've been told that if it was the heater core it would have been leaking fluid into the truck on the passenger side, which didn't happen.