Recently my battery died, after I charged the battery I started the car and heard a loud clicking noise behind the air bag on the passenger side air bag. The noise sounds a loud blinker noise and continues as long as the car is running.

the engine misses at idle and when you put an AC load on it.

Fan for A/C-Heater oes not run. I think the fuse blew, but cannot find one marked Blower. I also need a diagram for the underhood fuse block. How do I tell if one of the underhood block type fuse is bad?

Belt broke ! Does it run anythong but AC ?


I hear a tapping sound during idle,car has been recently serviced by dealer

The car will crank but wont fire, its not a fuel issue because fuel comes out when i purged it, i called the guy i bought it from and he said the alarm was on it when he got it, its not stock and dont know the make of it, why wont it let me fire it up and what do i have to do to get it runnin again ?

after changing the acm sensor,gas cap, and purge valve,also changed the plugs and wires

while the rightside blows cold with the ac on.

master cyl has been changed but problem is still there. any suggestions would be helpfull.

function AOK mirror foggy!

its like a square shape little box thatsunder the key ignition . rite under it . ?

You rec. changeing it out when the turn signals and flashers went out, but where is it located??

Had recent repairs: motor mount, racket pinion. This same problem
was happening before this work was done! Thanks for any advice!

i turned the blower up on high and it sounded like it blew something loose and was doing fine but every now and then it roars and i can feel the vibration in the steering wheel when it is on high