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air won't stay blowing out of dash vents. It will blow on floor, defroster and dash but won't stay on dash
Is there a way to check to see if a particular TSB has been accomplished
has a code in engine colule module for anti-theif (ews).
The air bag light is on all the time. Was told it has something to do with the computer in the car and may need replacing, to the tune of over $500. Sound reasonable???
I am using over 10 quarts of oil between oil changes at 3000 miles, and I have smoke coming out of exhaust pipes every time I start the car. It has 148,000 miles on it. I changed to thicker oil and the problem persist...
The horn will randomly blow while riding down the road and sometimes will continuously blow when I hit the horn. Is there a fuse or relay that is going bad and I can change?
Do I need to remove the rear axle to get the rear drum's off?
3days ago at church first time this car has fail to start would not turn over
check engine light came on dealer says leak detecter pump and evap control canister needs replaced. can this be a diy project?
I need a reputable garage around West New York NJ for my daughter to check brakes, tail light out, 4 wheel drive lever not moving easily. Got ripped by Manhatten Ford when she took my Escape in - i.e., thought my dau...
fuel pump is working, but is not pushing gas to the fuel rail. changed out the filter and pump.
Truck was slow to start, parked it for a few weeks. Put in batteries from other 2500 that I was driving, and nothing happens. Only the interior dome light works. Headlights won't work, gauges don't work..absolutely no...
This car has a 2.7 L V6 engine. I have not been smelling the rotten egg smell. the engine light came on and i took it in to havce it checked and was told the engine was all carboned up. That it needed a new catalytic ...