The starts well but after 10 to 20 miles it stall with no spark at all after 10 to 20 minute and than starts again.
What could be the problem?. Or what sensor could be causing the problem?

S430 Year 2001 Vibration
There is vibration on the steering as well as the passenger seat is shaking and underneath my foot “felt like “when I drive above 60KM till 130 KM. I have this problem for long time about 6 month:
I have changed the following parts:
- Break shoe 4 Wheels
- Break disk 4 wheels
- All new tires 4 Wheels
- Front / Left hand side bearing
- I have did wheels alignment

I have checked the following and the mechanic confirmed there are ok:-
- Propeller shaft it’s ok no defect or sound of crank on it .
- no sound or noise on the drive shaft and the oil level is ok
- Checked the Ball Joint and all the sides are in good condition and ok .
- The boot inspected are ok
- Control Arm both side are ok

electric fans coming on & off after turning heater on when cars cold?

running fine when left the driveway drove 14 miles to town did some quick arrands stop to get lunch in drive thru, before we got to drive thru it killed restartd drove,killed again restarted, drove home,14 miles did arrand in lil town an ran fine came home started up left got 4 miles down road killed restart got it home parked for several hours an couple of days an wont start.... tell me what it could be or what is wrong

antifreeze smell and smoke comeing from defrost. plus hear water gurgleing sound on front passenger side behind glove box. I have no leakage on floor of passenger side.

I retrieve codes and this is it:
P0300 Random misfire, P0306 Cyl#6 misfire, P0305 Cyl#5 misfire, P0304 Cyl#4 misfire.

also because about once a month maybe longer it starts making a sounds when I turn and when I put fluid in it it works fine again. now also my washer fluid isn't spraying out out any common denominator?

heater was not heating quickly enough until the vehicle ran for a couple of miles. so I noticed coolant was low. Added the coolant and the heater worked just fine. But I started to smell coolant inside the car and under the hood. coolant is becoming low again.

I was told $100 is reasonable to replace the brake booster.thanks for your speedy reply

where does the solid green wire connect. my truck is a 1999 F-250

The check engine light just came on 2 days after this started.

battery went dead and reset the computer to safe mode. I am experiencing low/rough idle, engine light on. How do I remedy this?

My ETC light is on in my 2006 Dodge Charger. What does that mean? The traction l

it turns over,but it will not start.I checked the fuel pump and its pumpin fine.i went to the fuel filter and its not clogged i think i took the top line off and it has pressure and it pumps out fuel wen i turn car over i checked all fuses not relays im jst n a jam please help

My truck uses around 4 quarts of oil every 150 miles i need to take the truck 1200 miles round trip. How bad of an idea is this if i keep a close eye on the oil level and everything? I know its not idea but i dont have a whole lot of choice in the matter right now. Thank you for your help.