Prior to that, I just got my long shaft replaced at a workshop

Motor runs very quiet, very smooth, 82,000 miles. Have looked and checked everything but find no leaks. Parked there is no fluid loss only after being driven. Water temp is always in normal range in town or on hiway, never goes above 230 in town and hiway is normally about 200. Radiator doesn't appear to be rusty. Keep Prestone 50/50 filled to the top always.

I have changed the batery and alternator, but the light still comes on and off?

i change the battery and alternator but the light still comes on?

Vibration diminishes greatly once below 50 MPH.

it seems to be worse after it has run a while and has warmed up.

Recently, the battery died over night. When I tried to jump it, got lots of sparks when connecting jumper cables. I was able to jump it, but then the radio was dead. All other electronics work. No bad fuses that I can find. Removed radio, the wire that supplies 12v at all times is dead. The switched 12v at radio connector is working. Don't have a schematic. Any thoughts? Something loaded the battery down overnight and jumping it burned open the load/short.

It has been reseted at least 5 times and it keeps happening. Than while making a left turn the car just cut off. Started right up when i turned the key. I'm at jy wits end any ideas??

My car has a rough idle. Stopped at a red light or in a drive-thru, my car trembles, makes a blender noise, and a shaking sound comes on. What can this be? When i take it to the dealer, do i tell them what is happening or just tell them replace whatever you suggest?

A lot of the tiny red lights in the stereo dash don't turn on. Do I need to replace something like a fuse?

Does the trans have to be removed to fix the leaks and can I fix this without going to dealership?

I've owned this vehicle for a year. It's for pleasure only since I work from home. It runs good but a few time lately it flashes/beeps and says perform service. But what? Occasionally, it doesn't seem to want to start right up.

The engine trys to turn over but will not start

When the weather is nice and I want to drive with the window down or when it is just right and I do not need the heat or ac & I have them off, my van emits hot air. Sometimes the air is so hot that I have to put a big piece of cardboard between the gas pedal and the vent in the middle front console to keep it from scorching my feet and legs,

My car is a 2009 kia rondo and acts like tranny is slipping, tech says just dirty transmission fluid