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oil drips down onto exaust monifold on left side of motor even after valve cover gasgets are replaced on both sides
location cabin air filter
When my car gets warm, it starts squilling. So I put a new water pump on it. It still squill. Could you tell me what's wrong. Could the water pump be greased.
when starting up there is a low grinding sound. Also, at times when you shut off
location of the cabn air filter
tps had only 3.5 volts mass air flow has 5 coolant senseor has 5 volts i traced the blue wire from the tps to a box under the coolant recovery tank inside the air filter bos the wire only has 3.5 volts is ths the pcm,...
my security system want let me start car. i was checking fuses trying to solve my electical problem and not it want start. my infomation saids anti theft want start. what's the promblem do i need a code
2001 suburban stalles when applying the brakes
87 chevy one ton 4x4 with 454 had fluid leak at gearbox. replaced gearbox and filled with fluid now i have no assist.
where is the 1st cylinder -spark plug located if I'm facing the front of my card. extreme left or right?
None of the window control switches and mirror controls on drivers door work. Mirrors adjust on reverse automatically as usual, however. A1 fuse is ok. All other windows work with their door switches.
how do myou get the valve cover of took all the bolt out still isnt coming off??
i had my radior replace after that my transmission fuild leaked out how to i add fuild
I am looking for a diagram of the rear differential on a 2006 Chevy Colorado.
my parking brakes was push down but now when i put the car in gear the brakes wont release, where can i find the manual release and what makes this happen?