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were is the fuel filter is located i can't found it
I need an estimate of how much an alternator will run and the time it takes to install.
I was just told by dealership that my rear pads are 3mm thick and in the red but service paper shows rear pads in red at 1mm .Should I replace pads at 3mm or is dealership trying to pull a fast one?
Not a problem/need answer to determine required maintenance.
Expected cost to Replace a fuel pump?
It happened once. The starter just grinded several times and then it started. It has started several times after this an no sign of anything wrong.
My a/c all of a sudden went out while i was driving. It still blows air but not cool. It also blows heat to. It has freon and the lines are not leaking for some reason the compressor is not engaging when the switch is...
I am replacing my right rear hub assy. How do I seperate the hub assy from the caliper bracket?
how do you reset the car alarm when it is hooked up to the radio? can you bypass this?
The passanger air bag indicator stays on all the time.The drivers side did it a few months ago and I took it to a dealer,they reset the computer and said if I had the problem again I would need a new computer at a cos...
my range rover has code po171,driveing off it sputters & spits back for a few moments then drives off with not much power as it did before,and eats the gas,i wanted to change the pcv valve but can/t find it,could you...
i had a rydler pully broken that disconcted some wires under the hood and after that happend the a/c starts cooling and then stops cooling after a minute or two minute. maby there are wires of the thermostat there th...
how do u change the light bulb in ur gage cluster ? thank u in a 1995 mazda mx6 ls
Does the starter have a problem with loose wiring posts. Is this post problem repairable or buying $300-$400 starter the only solution?
Does the Jeep commader 2006 5.7 V-8 engine use large amounts of gas? Is this normal for this vehicle or might there be fuel usage problem(S).