why does my brake light comes on when the engine not running and parked overnight or long period of time.

How do i repair that

2007 explorer makes a noise when turing left from the right side of the car. Sometimes it is ok it seems to be worse when first driving.

Sounds like a scrapeing metal noise which disappears as you straighten up. there is a very slight rumbling noise at timmes from the same side whilst driving straight but not always noticeable.

How to change out an alternator on a KIA Sorento. Do I take it out through the top or from the bottom?

drove into town heater worked fine, on the way back home it put out very little warm air, all the heater controls work fine but very little heat

Do i need to lower a frame and lower ball joint?

when i try to put gas in the tank it clicks nozzle off time after time, like the tank is full. I can not get more than 5 gallons in after several minutes trying. What is wrong ? I looked at the hoses, seem to be no kinks or twists. What is th ccv that you refer to in other post? where is it located?

how tight are the bolts going to be to remove it

it takes more than ten times turning the key until it start what could be the problem .it don't even do a sound please i need help

This will not be covered by insurance, due to deductible... Paying cash.

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I've just replaced the long drive shaft before that

Prior to that, I just got my long shaft replaced at a workshop

Motor runs very quiet, very smooth, 82,000 miles. Have looked and checked everything but find no leaks. Parked there is no fluid loss only after being driven. Water temp is always in normal range in town or on hiway, never goes above 230 in town and hiway is normally about 200. Radiator doesn't appear to be rusty. Keep Prestone 50/50 filled to the top always.

I have changed the batery and alternator, but the light still comes on and off?