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no problem need to knowif engine has a timming chain
replace a part on the car. cleared code. have been using car for about 2 months. over 300 miles put on car sense reseting comp. 100 miles driving over 60mph. check with code tester. still shows yellow light and the c ...
were is the air compressor located
There is no ac coming through the dash vents. It comes through the bottom and defroster vents. No codes showing. Is it possible it could be above the glove box. Can't get the glove box out, is there a valve there. ...
When the truck is off, I can move the gear shift to any gear I want. When the engine is on, I can not shift into any gear. What is the problem ?
transmission shifts out of first at 40-45 mph and out of 2nd at 65-70 mph. Had raditor flushed and now high speed shifting?
Electronic dash is out. Radio lights out. Computer indicator out. Dome lights out. Fuses seem ok. Everything else works.
engine noisey all the time goes away slightly on acceleration
i just installed a egr cutout system on this truck and now it sounds like it has an air intake leak has anyone else had this problem i just want to no if it is normal or if theres something wrong
I have had to replace the front wheel drivers side axle recently, we are having problems with getting my car back together. It is defenetly not safe to drive and could use some help......
Drives great under 40 mph above that it acts like it dont know when to shift.Had code read it came back to trans range code but later found out that trans dont have trans range sensor but does have trans speed sensor ...
Only happend this time I tried wiggling n jiggling I sprayed wd40 in the ignition to try m release tumblers what do I do to get it to turn
Trans mission has no problem going from park into drive, but will not shift into any other gears unless you do it manually. I had read that the shifting solenoid may need to be replaced or cleaned and that there is mo...
sounds like valves are too noisy rungs good