it wont start it just turns over

It started early today when I was half way to work. The brakes still work the same and the sound seem to have stopped??????

there must be a way to inspect it.

1996 jeep grand cherokee while driving the engine would shut donw instantly. i could start it up again about 10-30 minute later

the flicker is in a pattern of once every two seconds.and they do not do it all the time.

Our Aveo just stopeed running we took it to a local auto part store and after they used a diagnostic machine said we need a new ECU. Can we install it ourselves or do we need to have Chevy do it. Someone said they had to align the new ECU with the car. Any ideas??

how difficult is it to chane front & rear plugs.

This only happens on defrost cycle

when driving highway miles cruise control device does'nt kick in when pressed

have no power going to the car lights horn nothing is working car want start

new water pump,thermostat tcd sensor,no leaks

my car has no electrical power going to the car. the lights want come on and the car want start.

the lights want come on inside or outside the car. no electrical power going to the car.

also looking for ecbm moduale

have no fire going to the car lights want come on car want start