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Hear squeaking creaking sound from the front end and it seem worse when I am turning or when going over speed bumps.
I drove from Boston to NY this weekend but the check oil level message came on but the oil level is to the max when I checked.
The prbolem happened back in November last year. My stering wheel shakes when I get up passed 50mph, I noticed this on my way to work to West Point, GA and this has been happening every time I drive my car.
Where can I find a detailed manual for this car with an exploded view of the NULL 2.7L Delta G6BA5216206 24 valve all aluminum V6 engine? Forget Haynes, Motors, Clinton. Forget, definitely, the Hyundai people. Awful, ...
everytime I get to a quarter tank of gas the van shut off and I have to wait 10-15 mins and it will start again, also not even 2 mins driving it will shut off
they would come on and go off
how do you access the diagnostics for the eatc
what is the best way to test for spark
Am replacing a leaking water pump. The replacement looks FFF identical BUT it leaks in the same spot as the old one. The installer I'm using is getting another pump but before it's installed I would like to know if th...
What is typical dealership cost to replace AC Clutch Relay
issues with the oil gasket or related isues
The car is totally dead. Ignition switch will not turn any light on
When car makes left turn, the right reat wheel makes loud clank, cannot tell if it's suspension or drive shaft. Has anyone else experienced this?
all my electrical is going haywire and screen flashing display not good. lights,door locks, ignition,
car was hard starting now wont start just cranks 1/2 tank of fuel has gas to fuel rail