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cost to replace timing belt
What tools will I need to remove and replace the a/c compressor on a 2001 dodge neon?
Not sure if this site covers painting but someone keyed both sides of my XL-7 and I was told that they would charge me $250 per side to paint it. Does this sound fair? Thanks in advance for you help.
The drain hose goes down from the ceiling down the right side of the windshield through the dash and ends in a little 90 degree plastic knuckle that goes through the wheel well...THAT little 90 degree angle is plugged...
of the two adjustment screws, which one adjust the low beam height. at present my low beam is not far enough foward. About three car lenghts. Its hard for me to see ahead.
How many hours does it take to replace a water pump from a certified mechanic?
How do I fix the Sliding Panel that covers the cigarette lighter?
The truck is actually still sitting at the dealer. it has 112,000 miles on it. when i test drove it i noticed a *ticking* sound when i pressed on the accelerator pedal. i applied the pedal even further and the truck *...
I have a 95 nissan 200SX 1.6 automatic and it idles kinda rough and if i give it too much gas it flutters like i hit the rev limiter but if i easy into it it does fine. i took off the distributor cap and cleaned in up...
Some of my lights work on the steering wheel and some don't and the same goes for my dash lights. Where are the fuses for this and if this isn't the problem what can I do?
Sometimes when I turn my wheel left or right while moving slow the engine just dies.Do you have any thoughts on this?
On average, what's the cost difference in replacement for a typical trans vs a CVT trans?
codes p0441 and po133 had charcol cansiter solenoid replaced still gives code po441 and now the new code po133.idles at stop then dies seem sometime like sometimes not getting enough fuel and other like get to
We were told our AC Compresser was going. The other day on my way home, my engine light came on, then my battery light. I drove the last half mile home and when I parked, I lost my coolant. Refilled that and now when ...