the battery was disconnected for long time and now the radio won't come on and I don't have the code.

I am getting two codes for a large and small evap emissions leak. I have repaired the leaks, pressurized the system and verified there are no leaks. I continue to get the same two codes. Any idea why I would still be getting these codes?

I don't where it is at

Paid approx. $470 for brake work at a reputable company. Sensors are still on although brakes works well. Should the sensors have been changed at time of work or reset? What is proper repair procedure in this situation? And is this normally done with brake work?

I was told by service person at auto zone that I need to drive vehicle for approx. 80 miles before the ch. engine light will go off. Is this correct?

The fuel filter has been changed and so has the fuel pump, and it refuses to start again. The engine died as I was getting ready to get back in after starting it up to go home from work and it acted like it had just ran out of gas, no surging, missing or coughing, just slowly losing RPM's and died.

The fister has never been changed, and the air filter also needs to be replaced..

I can go to wal-mart and my car starts fine when i leave i can go to another store but maybe only be there for 5 minutes and my car slowly cranks or wont start have replaced top of motor radiotor and the fuel pump and battery what can it be

it has 58,000 miles with no previous probs. of this sort.

How can I tell if my MAF sensor is bad on my 1989 Buick Regal , 3.1 . Also how do I clean it?

I have a 2005 colbalt with automatic transmission. When ever it gets cold out my car throttles down to the point where it seems like its going to die and then throttles back to normal, when ever I am not pressing the accelerator. Its not all the time, and it mostly occurs when ever the car is in gear.

When I press the dashboard button for the rear defroster, the light comes on and, the outside mirror defrosters, which are also controlled by the same switch, begin to defrost. I have no indication the rear window defroster is working no matter how long I wait. I don't see a fuse specified in the owners manual. Can anyone help me with this? The window grid appears to be intact.

Since I can not get the fan blower to run, I can't get any heat or have no defrosters. I think the blower motor is shot but I'm not sure. This just happened yesterday. How expensive is this for a mechanic to repair?

Belt tensioner is not working correctly Belt squeals

Bought a car from my friend just so i can get from point A to point B. Its a Nissan altima 1994 gxe, when i am driving my engine looks like its vibrating and makes a loud noise,it comes and goes,for the first time i checked the oil and it was high so i drain a bit, i think it blew the spark plugs not sure,i think its also burning oil. could it be a gasket? or my car computer?