I have checked each vacuum line and each holds 8" mercury rock solid. all actuator levers working properly. Vacuum from source and vacuum tank working properly. Electric motor on mixing chamber working correctly when cool or hot is selected. Running it threw cycles all functions i.e. defrost, floor vents, dash vents working properly. I have run out of ides, any suggestions would be appreciated.

If crank is that worn wouldn't rod knock?

Has high mileage,did change fuel filter.

how to remove 8ft bed on ram 2500

also changed crankshaft position sensor and belt,now engine won't crank,battery very low tried to jump.

if i wait long enough it will start back up other wise it drives and runs great.

the vehicle has been in for repair of the clock spring three times, each time it effected the dash lights, when the repairs were done the dash lights quit flickering, we have checked for shorts, bad connections, all fuses are in good working order, the front control module and the entire front fuse box was just replaced. but i'am still having the ligjt problem, any suggestions will be welcome.

they stay on after doors are closed

I have a Saturn SL2 1997 with the service engine soon light on. I had it checked and the error that was soon was a P0340. I replaced the crankshaft sensore monitor(P0341 which was suggested since my car doesn't have a cam shaft sensor option) as suggested as well as spark plugs,valve cover gasket,thermostat, ect. I reset it and it works for a few mins then the service engine soon light comes back on. I also was told drive it for 100miles or so and it would reset but that has not happened either. What other things should I look into?

ive tried everything

the horns are hooked up

Replaced upper & lower , now code p0133.
What could be possible prob.

I have replaced them 3 times since buying the car four years ago.

I have been driving my LS 400 for about 11 trouble free yrs. 8-10,000 miles ago it began shifting late when cold. The dealer said the transmission filter needed to be changed so I had that done. No change in the shifting. Could this be a computer problem?

some cars you need to open a special screw to release air then dont open radiater cap.if you do then you need to do the bleed all over again.???is that needed on a 92 honda,It is the first time that I heard about doing this to a car.???