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60litres covers only 300km.

One spark plug came out, the next one had rubber (boot?) so I couldn't get sockrt on it. HELP

I recently brought my 07 Altima 2.5s in for scheduled service and was advised that my fuel injector system and throttle body required servicing. My car has 118,000kms on it and recently I noticed that it idles pretty rough and sounds a little loud on early acceleration whereas before it was very quiet. I'm a little reluctant to have this service done but on the other hand, I have noticed a difference in fuel economy and performance as well as the rough idle and loud acceleration. Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated.

Car only starts for ten to fifteen seconds. Think oil sending unit is cutting car off. Should oil come out of filter hole while cranking engine?

Fuel pump is working there is spark I can spray starting fluid and its starts fine until the fluid runs out can someone help ?

i took to firestone today due to some clanging at times in my moter of a 07 nissan versa.was to know could the tension be broke causing this and could there be more wronge and how much to have had the car 3 days ..and it was bought as is ...

What do I check for when engine cooling fan stops working?

Everytime I fill it up it seems to go low.but no leaks or anything on the ground..also my car does not overheat. But theres smome coming out like if it would over heat.any advice?

Could it be speed sensors? If so, where are they located If speedometer isnt working.This is on a 1992 Toyota paseo,Automatic.

This is the third time this has happened. Won't start when temperature is below about 40 to 45F. If above that starts and runs fine. MB technician tells me the mass air flow sensor thinks the real air temp is about 20F cooler than it really is and the engine computer changes the fuel mixture which then "floods" it with too much gas (as I understand what the tech told me). He has checked all the components and connections and sensors individually - everything checks "ok". In the past, replacing the main engine computer "fixed" the problem. It's back again for the third time in 4 years ... and the MB trained tech is stumped, as this failure is only a couple months after he just replaced the engine computer. Help!!!

I had to by pass valve cause no fluid went to rear brakes

I change my signal light switch and after that the SRS light is on I wonder if I can ciear it my self

runs high, don't know if they could be related. All problems started just after an oil change? (strange)! Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

Checked all lines, connections, Cam and Crank sensors. Any ideas?

1989 S10 base model 2wd. The blinkers were working sporadically before purchase. (i.e.- not always flashing, sometimes one or the other worked fine, etc.) I replaced and/or tested the fuses and bulbs, and also the flasher, checked all grounds as well. Not sure where else to look. It had a bad alternator and battery when I purchased, so I replaced both along with the serpentine. A former owner installed an aftermarket stereo (which works and tests fine). I was hoping the blinker issue would resolve with the new parts, but just got a bit stranger instead. Any ideas?