It just occured about a week ago!

hello, i have a 93 ford bronco 5.8 that i picked up real cheap for only 1200 bucks. it has been a dream of mine for so long to actually own one. it has some problems that are running me through loops and bringing me to dead ends.

1: it idles very rough, it only does it when sitting still in drive or park and ocassionally when stopping at a light it dies

2: the fuel guage does not work

3: the cruise control doesnt work

4: the steering is loose, it has about 3 inches of play towards both directions without the truck responding.

any help would be greatly appreciated! can feel free to email @ if you are willing to help!

it won't wash off and the collision center thinks its from under thepaint

Car has 143,000 miles. Had to have cv boots replaced, usual things like that. Car stereo works when it feels like it. Very nice when it does. Otherwise it's a great car, good mpgs. Now the read hatch will not open. The latch just scoots up inside and stays there. The window hatch also refuses to work. How do I fix this? I won't take it to the dealer. Just too expensive. The above work was a couple thousand. Future mechanic work will go to our local guy. I think I can probably fix the door if I can just get some clues how to open the back door up from the inside. We take an 86 year old lady out now and then, and need to get a wheelchair in the back. Thank you!

the dash warning lights inop the battery has 12.8 volts wipers,radio,turn signal,brake lights inop

Especially in the morning it's like a belt sound

my truck over heated and i turned the heater on high but the temp gauge did not go down

no loss water no over heating discovery running at normal tempreture

on yhe brake

works in 2wd fine...if I press auto or 4 wheel hi the light just flashes

My car started smoking from under the hood and started over heat a little. It didn't get all the way to the red part because I turned it off. Before I turned it off, I heard bubbles sounding like they came from under the hood somewhere. I checked my coolant and nothing was in there. I haven't drove the car since. My mechanic said that my head gasket is cracked and I will have to pay $1000 to get it fixed. I didn't have any smoke coming out of the tail pipe and it only overheated once. Is this my intake manifold or head gasket? I don't want him to try and cheat me

car goes in reverse but loses power when going forward need to stop car then it will move again for about 3 minutes engine light is also on

just changed the motor out and now having these problems

i press the gas, the car is high idoled, and it moves very slow. like forced

Later got code that 2nd cylinder misfires. Driving became uncomfortable. Changed O2 sensor (front one, put new Bosch sensor). Misfire continued and turned later into multiple cylinders misfire. Changed 5 spark plugs. Multiple misfire continued. Driving with multiple misfire was almost impossible. Changed coils on 4 and 5 cylinders (put used ones from another volvo) and installed original coil from 5th cylinder to 2nd cylinder. Misfire ended. Drives smoothly. But still "Check Engine" and p0130 02 code. Unplugged battery and left key in ON position over the night in attempt to delete it from computer's memory but code is still there. Any suggestions how to delete this ""Check Engine" and p0130 o2 would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.