we make sure gas cap is on but at times it works and at times it stays on and then it just goes off. Car has 55,000miles. and we have it serviced regularly. Noticed that after a dip or bump, this happens.

It already is leaking.

Last night, they came on and then later they went off by themselves. I keep headlights on auto, which come on while driving. This "mystery" has happened before, once several months ago, and then about a week ago. I had to replace my battery,so I would appreciate any help offered.

Car starts first time once in a while and then it won't start. Once it does start it runs perfectly. Thought it was a fuel pump but still same problem after new pump installed

Had intake boot replaced. Still makes noise periodically. Doesn't affect driving/engine performance.

This vibration was thought to be tires, had two replaced, no change. Had everything rebalanced, no change. Any suggestions.

I get the Code P0496 after refueling. The engine also has difficulty starting immediately after refueling. I replaced the gas cap and went through two tanks of gas before the code reappeared.

there appears to be "cupping" wear on my tires

I'm at a loss, it shut down on the interstate three months ago and hasn't started since. I replaced the cps and cam sensor the fuel filter and have pressure at the rail but no spark at none of the plugs, all the fuses are good and grounds are tight. What could be causing the no spark?

we thought at first was my motor mounts but its not its actually some kind of bushings, you can see the piece go n jump as wheel is turned n u rev engine in fact the rubber fell out of wat ever piece is needing to be replaced.

i have never changed one need help.

replaced ignition switch and starter.starter turns but cuts out just before it can start.

How do i change the bulb out on the passenger side?

im looking for a good used car that is low in cost for repairs and maintenance but is dependable

i have been serving the car for 2 years and cant figure out how to turn it off.