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Turn air temp all the down to cool but it still doesn't cool.

I think this is the car age. The fuses seem to be 'see-through' so how do I check?

trying to do this myself

what is cost of diagnostic and 02 replacement if needed?
Thanks David

My car has been making bumping on road noise.. front strut faulty? Seems to make a knocking noise and winter tires were all wore as if an alignment problem but alignment before/after is fine.! ???

Replaced the throttle sensor did help. sounds ruff when im at a light and the next min i go to slow down or turn slow it stales. its becoming dangers to drive. seems to happen a couple times a day but not every day. An i have no codes that are registering for it.

A price from Spitfire on replacing front an back struts

Still running rough cleand erg cencor now what should be cheched

i had a new driveshaft center support bearing put in took it back to the shop they are gonna cover labor for balancing the driveshaft just need to know if any more parts are going to be needed and how much?

Getting code P1870

drivers window. ould that indicate a motor or regulator problem? pleas advise

It leaks under the car by the crank shaft

Once the car is at normal temp,if I slow down for a roundabout but dont stop,then drive round the junction at slow speed, when I accelerate away nothing happens for approx 3 seconds, then it picks up normally.
There is no lurch or roughness, just a delay.
There are no other problems. Car has done 160,000mls.

A/c cools good but blows very little air even in top speed

the car just died on the highway the other day I was stoped at a light then when I hit the gas it acted like it was in nutueral so I put into park then drive it it moved , but just before it completd shut down the oil light came on then the engine light then died it does look like the oil had splatter on the engine and it also looks likt it is draining the battery when you try to start but will not turn over just make a noise