engine is slow to start and runs rough after fueling

i want to know where is number one cylinder is on a 2007 toyota highlander v6 3.3

does not have any power going up hill worse

hi,where can i get some leaf spring poly bushes for my mk6/mk7 escort van

we can not find a fuse, and need to know where it is and which fuse, and what to do next.

my car is cherry qq3 2010 model hatchback,at the same time my battery was discharge when i return from vacation,is it safe to use it without the gauges

I am told I will need to reseal oil filter housing (Vanos line leaking). How much should I expect to pay for the repair?

Its dripping on my knee it is actualy dripping from the headliner

yesterday while driving my 1985 astro i heard a small pop under the hood, and then immediately the van shut off and will not start. i think it might be a broken timing belt but im not sure. any ideas?

This is the first time this has happened.

Changed the front two o2 sensor , added 93 octane gas , run fine for 10 miles , then shut off truck and then drove 5 blocks and the po 325 came right back , the truck runs good .
any ideas ???

the ca doesn't seem to be getting gas but the fuel filte is kicking on

I'm trying to enter some services for work I had done on 12/18 for my Honda van, but I keep getting the following message:


There was a problem with the following field:

Shopable car brands You must have at least 1 car make

I've been entering services for over a year for this vehicle every 3 months and I've never seen this. What does this mean?

I heard this was a common problem but I dont know what the part is to ask for or where I can get it. A piece with a plastic tab that is used to raise & lower the window, broke. The motor is fine but the window doesnt move.

same as above