I just need to remove the front drive rotary

When I got off a traffic light and tried to shift gears heard some breaking sound and the clutch got stuck and it wouldn't come out but I am able to press it all the way down ..... Had to tow the car back home as car wouldn't start .... Looks like the clutch pedal assembly seems to be broken ... i say the assembly is broken because the clutch pedal in out motion is not normal, it dangles sideways ....any idea why this would happen

i am getting a code p0117 and my temp gauge is all over the place right from start up, i replace the temp sensor and did not see any bad wires leading to it and still having the same problem. also the fans are coming on right away like the engine is hot even after sitting in 30 degree temps overnight. could it be the dash panel itself is bad? i have heard that could be my problem ... any ideas?

are there fuses for the above problem

I have checked the fuses and they are OK. I would like to know the module that controls these locks.

Not supported for : Heated Cat, Air system, air conditioner
nor ready- heated 02

The door and trunk locks have to be unlocked manually--the remote does not work.

The problem that I'm having that no one can answer is if I need to get the ball bearing or the taperd bearing or does it matter? Can someone please help me out with this?

this is for a 2006 pontiac solstice. Should the parking brake adjustment be done only by a technician?

my escape will start up intermitently and when it doesnt start i wait about 20-30 min and it starts. now after about two weeks now my car wont start at all. only code i keep getting p0443. but i was wondering if the recent recalls have created this problem. new abs fuse wiring, and throttle recall

Know my check enginine light is coming on slow responce to bank one sencor

either start sputtering and then shut off or just continue to crank. I towed it to a mechanic

Please help

comes on and stays on, besides the sensor being bad or the module and the wiring is good, what else could cause that light to stay on and would the regular brake light stay on as well even though brakes are fine and it is just the ABS system? Please reply back ASAP, this is for my electric wheelchair converted minivan in the shop now. Thank you so much.
Lesa Foster

only used car for 15 to 20 miles
can you help me please do not want to spend a lot of money
thank you

checked the fuses - fine
check connections - fine