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my car is cutting off I have replaced the fuel filter fuel pump mass air flow sensor and all the coils it seems to do it when the temp is hot outside once it starts cutting off it does back to back what could it be?
I use castrol 5w30 GTX High Mileage oil, in my corolla 2006. 165.00 miles. can i use 10W40?
What is the level of difficulty to change out the shifter calbe and what should the estimate be?
I tried to turn on car....but it would not turn on...instead made (TTTTTTTTT) noises.
where is the receiver drier located on a 2005 Kia Optima 2.4l?
Mechanic replaced valve cover gasket, upper intake gasket, oil pan gasket, and rear main seal. Still leaks. Redid the work 3 times, using Ford parts last time. what else can it be?
how much will it cost me to repair the driver side fender and then separately my bumper in case the cost is too high i will only replace my fender because the bumper is not bad the light also needs to be put back in p...
does a 2002 toyota camry se 4cyl have a fuel filter?
rattling noise in rear when driving over even small bumps - what could it be - I thought it might be a loose muffler but it appears fine -I can't even jiggle it. The rattle noise has gotten louder over the last 2 wee...
I have 1997 GMC yukon with 260,000 miles on it. I was headed to school the other day, and as I accelerated I heard a loud pop and my truck began to shimmy servilely. I got it home, started it up, and when I put it in ...
the amp has gone out and the dealers want 250.00 plus 50.00 to program to replace part plus the the part 680.00 labor does that sound about right
1999 V6 4X4 rodeo with 150,000 miles , never had any trouble until now , low fuel pressure ( lean ) O2 sensors . had fuel pump replaced , Twice ( 35 lbs pressure at idle . O2 sensors replaced . still shows , lean , O2...
How do you go about changeing the sparkplugs, when you take off the air intake is there a gasket that needs to be replaced?