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this happens every time you start to drive the car when the car is cold, it runs fine but after the car warms up it starts to stop and go when you press down on the gas pedal.
i have a 1995 roadmaster with three oil leak,smoking out the tail pipe,slow take off gas line need to be check run hot at time i am a mother with little mean too fix this car it was good when i frist had it then the ...
I'm at 122k and replaced it sometime in mid 70s... also anything I should do at 120k besides spark plugs? Everything else seemed standard in the maintenance on here
when on the interstate my check engine light comes on and goes off every once in a while. I just had motor rebuilt new tranny new clutch new O2 sensors I am lost. The only thing I haven't replaced is the fuel pump and...
will start and run but no power and catalytic converter get hot
Where is the heater valve located on the car.
How do you change the front CV axle on a 4x4 Mazda B2600i??
besides leaving something on...what can make a battery die.
engine idles rough I wwill like to know where is my maximun air flow sensor is located? thank you. we all appreciations. the engine idles rough. I will like to know where is the maximun air sensor is located? wi...
i bout the car from a guy that had it for three years and says he didnt know there was an alarm on it now the car wont start and its stuck at my office
I just purchased my first bmw 540i it has 107,000 miles.the car runs fine everything seems to be working properly except for the valve cover gasket is leaking a little!How much does a job like this run?Also does anyon...
My RX300 Nav DVD player has stopped working. Even the new DVD I put in there wont eject. I wish to remove/replace the player with a refurbished one. Can you please tell me how the player should be removed?
I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer, the driver side door panel that you pull on to shut is broke, how to fix
the driver side mirror is loose in its frame and just flops around. how do i fix it?
My oil light keeps coming on when I apply brakes or come to a stop and then goes back off is only on for about a few seconds and dose not always do this. I recently had to replace a bad fuse and now I have my oil li...