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fuel gauge will not work is the float on top of the fuel tank and what is the best way change it
what can cause my speedometer and gas guages to not work
wind blew door open and it wouldn't close properly. Macco repaired for $150. Two weeks later door wouldn't lock shut. They want an additional $500 to repair. Said they did the quick fix first and now have to do he...
I was trying to find out where the cooling sensor is located at on a 2002 ford focus in an 2.0 engine.
My climate control fan sounds like it's blowing but it won't blow out of the dash vents or the defroster grills as I move the selector switch. Any ideas of what to check? Thanks
My impala makes a whining noise when i accelerate. I added transmission fluid and when i checked it was still pink also i have checked the antifreeze is still some in the resovour and the power steering fluid is right...
I just bought a 91 celica all trac, and was going to do a tune up. I pulled one of the spark plug wires out of the hole or tube and it was covered in oil. Is this an expensive fix?
my car when runing has bad smell of gas n it comes threw heater vents n i cant find a fuel leak i replaced o rings on injectors n new fuel rail fuel filter
dashboard light is out. How to access it to change.
where is the fuel relay located on a 2003 sunfire?
ocassionally battery is dead after sitting for 10 hours in school parking lot unattended.
I was all set to purchase a 2006 Honda CRV EX, when I realized there are no armrests in the center for driver and passenger! Is there an accessory part that I can add to the seat? Seems like this (and the cruddy ste...
Error Code P0102 Problem occurs only at highway speeds. Previously got Check Engine Light on with code P0101 that was resolved last month by replacing MAF Sensor. What more should I have done to avoid issue returning?
my car is making a ticking noise coming from timing looks fine, but I worried I might need to change it. How do I know if I need to do this? I went to service dealership and they said I need a throttle body fu...
how complicated / expensive for a DIYer? just replacing bulbs? any special cautions here? should I seek help at independent shop? any help appreciated!!