i cannot get the key cylinder out

Good morning...I have a 97 BMW 328i. Sporadically it overheats when driving mostly when I have the AC on. If I leave the heater on low the needle stays in the middle. I've checked for leakage - None -, I've checked the top hose to see if the thermostate is operating. It's warm to touch. I've checked the clutch, pump, and belts and all seem okay. Just recently, I ran the car in park w/o the air on for 15 minutes and then 10 minutes with the AC on and then turned it off for another 10 minutes. Needle stayed in the center. Also, I've bleeded the radiator correctly. It's crazy and over heats only when driven. One other thing, I've taken the cap off the radiator, started the car to see if the radator collant is ciculating. It doesn't seem to be doing anything. Calm as could be. Could this be my problem? Please help. What is causing the car to overheat only when driven?

the problem occurs everytime i start it, maybe it needs a new engine.

93 Lexus Sc400 run slow when driving(taking off) Pepboys said it was my Exhaust.

I entered a receipt for a single tire, but learned later it was not for my car but for somebody altogether different.

it will blink 6 times and go out for 2 minn. and start all over again. just need to know where it is located and what it looks like.

I went out for a ten minute drive I been checking my car for about 3 days now and It seem hot under my hood I changed my thermost and my fuse to my fan now its working. I did just get a new starter , my car is not leaking coolant, there no white smoke, the temperture is normal. Do you think its my radiator or temperture sensor or what do you think oh 1 more question does your water pump have to be leaking water for it to be in bad shape?

this is what read out on machine said

car over heat when air condition is on

The noise is loud and yet I can't seem to pinpoint the location.

It doesnt smoke while I'm driving

The dealer also stated that transfercase is leaking. They need to determine where it is leaking? I understand that replacing the entire transfercase is 2-3 thousand. I feel that I am at the mercy of the dealership and I don't know what to do. How do I know if they are telling the truth?

i need to know how long will it take to change my 2000 3,3 v6 dodge carvan radiator how quick can it be done

Dash lights work, the fan speed indicator goes all the way up, but the fan never comes on.

everytime it rains