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replaced dead batt. now transmission selector swicth w/s will not work or go into overdrive i tried unplugging cptr under the leather boot but still nothing local repair man says i need new trans. help!!!!!!!
I did buy the truck from the auction but, so far have everything down but the service sys stab, its been on all this time.
Installed new baterey, now airbag light stays on. How do I resetsame?
I have a vibration on my 2005 xterra that feels like going over speed bumps at around 40mph I slow up than a few miles down the road it apears again. Can anyone help me resolve what this could be?
does my grand caravan have a shift sensor and where is it located
Hey... I am not sure if this is an appropriate question for this site but I figured I would give it a shot. I am looking at getting a new used car. I am considering a Saturn Astra partly because it seems to be a go...
what is a drb scan tool
how do you replace the cam sychronizer and set the timing
Chrysler replaced my power module at 100k now they want to replace it at 150k. How long shoud it last and is it under warranty?
I replaced both axle shafts and lower ball joints,now there is a vibration when i accelerate and a bad banging sound when i turn the wheel or hit a bump,could the front end need lined up.
Is it possible that a lot of rain could effect the emissions system to the point that the check engine light (CEL) comes on? It's been raining for days here and yesterday afternoon, the car started "spitting and sput...
When I start the truck up the oil pressure gauge reads normal. When I accelorate the oil pressure gauge drops to almost nothing. If I let off teh gas the pressure returns some. Is this a sensor issue or an oil pump is...
fuse in fuse box for radio/ brake lights kept blowing.replaced fuse several times now won't fix problem.bad fuse connectors in that slot.if i replace fuse box does it require any computer reset or can i just replace i...
loud knocking noise in the air vent area under dash. when I turn the heater control knob toward heat, the knock may stop immediately, but if return it ack to the cool area, the knock returns. recently, the temperture...
I need to know how to chabge the speed sensor and I need to find out where it is located ?