my car wont up shift and keeps blowing the fuse #28 in the power distribution box

it still blows cold but not thru vents

My steering wheel is off and when I make sharp right turns the steering wheel is making a groaning noise. This only happens on right turns. I am not sure if it is the rack or the gears. It is getting harder to make sharp right turns. Like turning into a driveway or bridge. It doesn't do it on left turns. If rack goes out would steering lock up? I am just not sure what its causing it. The first time it happened it grinded in the steering wheel and was hard to turn.

Had half a belt width to drive home. When a/c was on, I noticed sparks coming from the a/c, but clutch was not frozen. Can I unplug the a/c and still have heat for this winter?


but manual it will lock is there a recall on the actuar or is something else

common problems. tourque specs.

brakes work fine, except for abs function.

I have a 1999 monto carlo i think it is a 3.8 l engine. I just tried to turn to heater off to get the chill off inside when it would not heat up but all of the sudden it started to warm up but a puff of smoke or steam come out of the middle vent. it did have a smell but i can't say it smelled like coolant but it did have a smell.

could it be a heater coil? nothin is leaking on the floor . what is the avgerge cost to repair and labor?

thanks for your help.

what would cause high idle rpm test

We have changed the plugs, wires were good. Changed the cam sensor, checked the crank sensor it worked fine. When it stalled my daughter was stopped at a light and when she pushed the gas it went to the floor and didn't move. Then couldn't restart. We are gonna check the computer tonight. Also, rented a code reader but didn't show any codes because the check engine light isn't on.

not on shift

of dashboard. It is very embarassing. It will do it for abt 5 minutes. It sounds like a valve opening and closing or someone passing gas

Just had my transmission replaced on my 2002 S80, with 173,000 miles. the car runs great, but now everything under the hood is louder from behind the wheel. When I start the car, I can hear the starter kick the engine, and when I drive, I can hear the engine and transmission much louder then before. It is not louder from outside, or under the hood - only from the cabin area. Is there some sound shield, insulation, or plug they didn't replace? Thanks

i have changed the transmission fluid, and still has no reverse, when i put it in drive it will jerk down into the next gear, any answers for me