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Replace transmission shifter cable
How much does it cost to purchase a shifter cable?
where is purge valve located
How do I remove the housing cover to access the air filters?
Front end squeeks badly all the time when going straight or turning. already replaced the rubber islaters on the top of springs.
Find a remaufaturing engine
drove into parking spot ran o.k. came back 5 minutes later engine wont start. no fuel, pump does not run suspect fuel pump relay or asd relay but cant locate them on the vehicle also dont know how to identify either ...
ok the car keeps overheating dash says low cooling level fans wont come on what do i do
It does not shift into 4th gear. Instead it goes to no it is in neutral. 1st 2nd and 3rd work fine. This of course keeps me at lower speeds to keep the engine from over revving. Any help woulf be greatly ...
After having the front tires balance I've noticed a vibration in the steering wheel at speeds between 60 and 70. Above and below these speeds there is no vibration.I took the vehicle back to the repair facility and w...
Regular oil & Filter change
The Ignition switch turn but will not start car. Can't turn back far enough to remove key. When turned all the way to right the dash lights up but will not engage started. Battery is good. It has an air bag in steerin...
How can I replace the broken trunk spring, (closest to the driver), with a new trunk spring?
I need to change timing chains in my car. I would like a book on how to do it. and other repairs if needed, where can i find one
there was oil in my spark plug sockets so i changed the velve covers and spark plug gaskets on the valve i blew the oil out with an air chuck...and i still have absolutely no acceleration even after changin...