cranks over but will not start. last few times i drove it, it took a little longer to start than usual.

4.0l eng also can you email me a picture of the sensor location

My chrysler aspen 2007 idles high when I start it up now matter when it is then when it idles down it seems like its idling low to normal almost like its going to cut off. I got it diagnosted but they say it might be a wire or sensor they don't really know but I can get an overall inspection for 180.00 dollars. Can anyone help?

Light used to function okay, now it doesn't.

This is in 20004 Altima with moonroof. Type 2 switch

son but wrong fluid in master cylinder 2002 pontic how do you fix it it was power string fliud or is it worth fixing it has gone though system for sure

then you could have the boot open and not open any doors, last resort not would open not even with the key.

Audi told us we need to new door locks and diagnostic costing 804.00.

Will it resolve the problem they are not sure.

a6 30 thousand on the clock 5 years old not used very often????

The Engine light comes on and goes off for a few thousand miles and comes back on . I noticed a light blew in my instrument panel. the guy at the store say the OBD will not let it hook up to his code . He says usually the fuse is bad. Before that it was a vacuum evap sensor code. I checked and bought 3 new gas caps still no idea.

message board states " change engine oil soon". I recently changed the oil.


I have a loss of power (no increase in speed, etc) when stepping on the gas pedal and transmnission downshifts to a lower gear at say 60 mph. Transmission will downshift OK but engine seems out of power and cannot increase speed. This power is needed when coming onto a freeway onramp to match existing vehicle speeds. This has never been a problem in the past and I've already put in a new air filter and fuel filter. Could a plugged catalytic converter be causing this problem with no OBDII codes showing?

Wasn't running correctly. Couldn't get it to go over 3000 rpms. Replaced spark plugs and distributor & rotor. Running much better, but wanted to check firing order.

I have no power going to my starter but it turns over when probed. I also have no power to my instrument panel or radio but i have power to my head lights. i tried to replace the electrical part of my inigition switch and the two relays on the drivers side on the firewall. this problem came with no warnig at all.

or how much should I expect to pay a mechanic.

the right front side definitely needs replacing by the dodge dealership, but says they only replace the side that is bad according to the dodge dealership
also should you get a front end alignment after one strut is changed and why?

What is the problem?