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I own a 2006 Jeep Commander. Four of the bolts attaching the manifold has broken (for the second time). Is there any information concerning recalls with this problem.

you have to hold the key betwwn start and the on you hold it and it runs reat you let go and it will die any ideas would be helpful thanks in advance....

am mech have own shop been at this for days

I was driving the car when suddenly the gauge went up to hight and the car shut itself off. Wait a while start it again same scenario. I have it towed but I really wanna know if I have to replace the engine. Thank you.

Break light and tail light

it wouldn't move out of park,but everything worked,started,steering was ok

on freeway passing situations,or when just trying to get around a slow moving vehicle,i will depress the accelerator and the transmission will hesitate for what seems like a minute prob.more like 10 seconds before it kicks down to proper gear.05 Tahoe Z71, off road suspension,5.3 ltr, non flex fuel, 460le trans,no power train or electrical modifications yet,ran a scan with a obd2 scanner no codes indicating a faulty tpcs please help me solve this. thank you

i can't find out where it's coming from (not internal)i pulled the serpentine belt & it seemed to quite down a little when the rpm goes up it seems to quite down even more. any ideas?

Replaced battery,Still will not start. What could it be?

Needed a clutch repair at 16000 and now again at 47000

Car is actually 1991 Alfa 164 3.0 v6. (not listed) I have a temp guage and a warning light. Previously, the light would come on at around 175 degrees. I had it checked. Had broken wire. Need relays but fan works. (fan doesn't come on until close to 200 degrees anyway) All of a sudden the light started to come on when guage is only at around 75-100. Engine is not overheating. Any ideas? (I'm thinking loose wire/bad sending unit)

I turn my key on and everything works but when I go to crack it nothing happens and anti-theft light is blinking.

has a new ac compressor and liquid line. the liquid line will freeze up quick. what could cause that/

Engines rpms are high. Seems to not want to go as fast as normal. Using excessive gas. Engine makes a very loud hissing noise when pressing gas pedal in or out of gear.

I replaced the ECU, (On the advice of my Nissan
Tech). Two weeks later I still had problems, car dies and wont restart for aleast 20mins. Thats when he told me they usualy replace the I.A.C.V. and the T.P.S. With my wallet over $600 lighter, my sentra still drives like S#!t.