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car has bad oil leak and even though have been keeping oil in the car it is now emitting bad smelling white smoke from the exhaust
why do my headlights come on instead of my daytime driving lights? How do I fix it?
No matter how you spin this new configuration it will not clear leaf spring and/frame. n Plus where it comes out would be up against plastic.
misses after starting smoothes out after a few min. warming up . then under even a light load cutts out the more throtle the more it cuts out it's went from 20 miles per. gallon down to 12
it a 2000 s40 it hard starting and rev up to 4000 rpms and the rpms won't come down
I have a bad aux jack in my console if you move the 3.5 cable the sound from my mp3 player goes on and off I have tried removing the console but cannot get it all the way out in order to get to the back of it and repl...
a easy way to change my fuel pump
How do i compress the caliper
the service light comes on and the transmission shifts very hard. this has been happening at readom travel times and distances. it only happened 3 times in 3 months, yesterday it happened twice. Had it in the shop twi...
The DVD system was stolen in our 2007 Buick Terraza CXL and now our rear speaker don't work. Will they work when we replace the DVD system or did they damage something else? Where can we get a replacement? My local ...
Every once in awhile during driving the speedo drops to zero and the trans goes into neutral, this only happens for less than a minute but has been becoming more frequent. Local dealership has no clue other than lets ...
I have replaced brakes on my domestic cars but never on a Toyota. Is there any sensors or special procedures necessary on an 08 avalon limited?
I have not had any problems, but i was wondering about what mileage I should change the timing belt
can the power steering pump fluid cooler cause the pump to whin by being pluged