The heater/ac blower only works on high...Would this cause the lights too dim when it is turned on or too lose power when the idle is low??? The Battery and alternator were both tested and are fine

headlites dont turn on

No heat til car been running 20 or 30 min. Replaced thermostat, coolant temperature sensor and 2 hoses. Overflow bottle is nearly full. Runs at normal temp for a few minutes then temp gauge goes up to redline for just a few seconds and then back to normal. Lost all my coolant for the 3rd time...Besides this the IACV needs replacing as the engine races up and down in Park.

problem has occured for the past 2 weeks.

What does a Master Pro Ignition Relay do? is it a fan relay for my 2000 grand caravan 3.3 litter

all warning lights would come on except check engine light and then my low beam lights would blow out. now when I turn the igntion switch on nothing happens.put on computer and it said P0134/ 02 Circuit no activity Detected Bank1 Sensor1 and P2106/ Trottle Activator Control System forced Limited Power can you help me with this problem.

The two seem to be used interchangably? Or am I misreading the terms?

It appears to be acting like it is low in fluid. Can anyone tell me what the reservoir looks like and how do I add fluid if it is low? It is supposed to be in the left rear storage area, but I don't know what to look for.I don't see anything in there that looks like a reservoir.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

how do you know if you need a fan motor or the fans, wouldn't you most likely need to change the motor if the fans don't move,isn't the fan motor connected to the fans ,oh in I KNOW about the fan relay I got one going to get installed asap but if thats not it. do I have them check my fan first?

the code read a misfire in plug #4 and we change it,still have the same problem. what to do now?

In about 2003 lack of power diagnosed by VW dealership to be caused by carbon buildup (in manifold if I recall correctly). I recall being informed there was a small hole through the accumulation of carbon in which to take in Co2. I do not recall what the replacement part was, if any, but VW did state this issue was identified in a Technical Bulletin. This was repaired at no cost.Fast forward to 2012 and 240,000 miles later I have had absolutely no other performance or mechanical issues other than normal wear (brakes; battery; etc). However, over the last fuel tank the engine has symptoms that could be described as similar to the former carbon buildup issue. The difference being that the loss of power is minimal and intermittent and not causing any ability to effectively operate the vehicle,whereas in 2003 it was continual low power issue. It is now December and perhaps tank condensation is causing this problem (I hope). Fuel conditioner has been added after burning fuel to reserve level. 200 miles later I am still getting occasional pulses of power shortage, mostly at above 40 mph. Perhaps the conditioner/water eliminator has t obe worked through 1 or more tankfuls before all water is removed...If after this tank or perhaps 1 more tank is emptied and the problem is still there, what else might be the problem? Turbo? perhaps i should buy a Repair manual...Does any know of a free repair manual avaialble on the internet?

it has automaict transmission and the large v6 engine

Ford no longer makes them. Mechanic will repair if I find them.

The green key light is flashing, . Last couple of months needed a jump several times. Finally wouldn't start at all, replaced battery (it was leaking ) , still wouldn't, replaced starter (prior to problem, sounded like it was was going out) . Now it tries to turn over, but sounds like its out of gas (its not) tried both keys, checked fuses. What else?

i've check the fuses and the relays everythin looks find. so i change the computer under right side panel. change the af sensor 2 times, and after reseting the check engine ligh it comes back after 15 seconds. can anyone give me an idea what could it be? thaks.