I have no issues with my car

It is very hard to start but when you get it running it is fine.

Ican hear the lock click when I push the button on my key...the latch does not lock in place. Is there a cable that connects the latch and the automatic lock.
Thanks for any advice

Went to start it and found what seemed to be a dead battery. Checked battery and it was run down to 4.9V. When I put a jumper pack on the battery all of the dash service lights, abs, battery, oil, check engine lights come on and stay on. The secure-lock anti theft light flashes normally when the key is off and turns off when I turn the key to the start position, but the truck will not turn off and these dash lights stay on, The dash lights stay on when I dissconnect the booster pack until the battery is completly drained again. Also noted that remote transmitter will not blow the horn or flash the lights when locking it like it normally would.

If you experienced this please respond with some advise.

I own a 2000 Plymouth Breeze, to do engine & electric & AC repairs,have to ask for parts that belong on Dodge Stratus. Otherwise parts etc. won't work or fit. This is true for the ac compressor I just purched and am having problem with putting r-134a refrigurant in for the clutch willnto pul in by its self, dealership does have any answers other that its a mid-year make.??

I was driveing one day and i noticed the battery voltage was low and then it died, replaced the battery checked the alternator and it still wont start or keep a charge without being jumped.

removal & installation done by chiltons manual total evacuation of system.All checks & balances OK. unsure if their's a low or hi pres swith that needs jumpered to pull in clutch or what else needs to be done to allow charging of system? unable to find answers.

step by step procedure to replace it

Have replaced bulb still not working

Is there a noise that occurs when the steering rack starts to fail?

The airbag light stays on all the time.

parts & labor

i have a 95 corvette it will start right up when it is cold but after it warms up it will not click or anything i replaced the ignition switch but no luck what else can it be

We have all the bolts out that we can see, and have also disconnected all the electrical connections. The valve cover seems to be stuck on the rear lower side .

It seems to be a stuck vent door, but it would be nice to look see if there is a defective part or?