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And black in color sounds like valve tap but still has power

now it is up but wont go down but only a inch or two an some times she will stall a few times and you have to give it rev the motr a few times then she will run rite

mercedez benz dealer said its leaking

Had son-in-law check Freon and indicates it is gone. What next?

thought car jumped time turns out crank sensor HA need to reset time or leave it alone?!?!?!?!?

the blower motor blows faint

It is on a 2005 jeep wrangler x.

the check engine lights come on all the time and the fuel cap was replaced and fill in hose was checked and it checks ok. i would like to know where is the purge valve for this car

my air conditioning?

Does the line i

runs fine awhile then it just stalls have to let it set about 15 minutes then it will run fine for a few then stall again

My check engine light isn't on and the vehicle runs great other than the above problems and it has 335,492 miles on it.

Car has been used heavily in last year due to job commute. Had an oil pan leak that was repaired in August 2012 as the mechanic said it was caused by a "striped" oil plug. Instead of changing the oil pan, he welded a new "nut" that fit another plug. Oil change in February 2013, Service engine light came on during commute trip home. (32 miles) Took it back for tune up (new plugs and wires) Engine is now "ticking" loudly when idle and also misfireing (jerking) when going up any small grade change in hwy and obvious when accelerating or going up hills. Had fuel pressure checked and mechanic said it was at "65". I asked that he change out the fuel filter and he said it didn't need to be done. ?

went out this am and the car wouldn't start nothing- lights radio work but the engine won't turnover at all- no clicking nothing

What would make my transmission sound loud?