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Driving vehicle home had trouble pulling hill, then smoke coming from under hood towards headlights, anitfreeze okay
It just stoped working and I checked all the fuses and fuses are still good.
Where can I find instructions to replace the clock on a 2007 aveo lS?
how many miles is too many miles on a 1998 740il and what the difference between a 740i and 740il?
1) Service Engine Soon lights up; 2) White smoke from tailpipe when startup engine; 3) Water flowing noise heard from dash board area;
alternator checked out as being fine,anymore suggestions.thanks
I have replaced the intake manifold, the "friend" helping me took off the vacuum hoses,,,I need a diagram as to how the hoses should be put back on, I don't have a clue, since I didn't take them off and I'm not famila...
My Check Engine light came on and when I ran the codes with my code reader it shows MAP Sensor P000171. Well I have replaced the MAP Sensor, then both the O2 Sensors on the exhaust, the IAC, plugs and wires. Rest the...
How much to replace
Where can I locate the low side for refilling AC Refrigerant.
How do I replace my safety belt receptacle?
when i first start my car it will run smooth but sometime it will misfire when i first start it then as i drive it will intermitting mis fire i have replaced the plug and it does the same