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I get a vibration that you can feel between 40mph and 60mph. It is at it's worst at 50mph. The tires were checked for balancing and that was fine.
where is it located on my 2006 hyundai accent? would it cause my check engine light to come on and make my car very hard to start after i get gas?
Cracked Driveshaft Flex Discs May Cause Driveshaft Movement/Vibration"
ball joints are bad and need replace
My Interioer Lights Stays On While Driving My 1996 Buick Regal 4 Door Sedan My Drivers Side door jamb switch needs changed. How do you do it?
car full of water but has no thermstate. can drive 2 to 3 miles and car red hot
Randomly, my Turn signals, Cruise Control, Rear AC, and Reverse Lights Stop Working. I can't find any rhyme or reason why. Any ideas?
This clicking noise can last up to 15 or 20 clicks then simply stops. If I press the acceleratior down while is is still clicking, it stops but then starts again when I let up on the pedal...until the clicking has ru...
ABS Module this will make service engine soon light come on
I do have ABS Problem needs ABS module will that make tracktion light light blink
Will slippage in tranny make tracktion light blink
My car has a fault code for CAN Communication, then ABS light on, what should I do
When I lower the window about 2 inches, it drops down inside the door. If I lift it back into place and push the window UP button, it will stay up and in place.
My brake lights have stopped working on my 2003 4runner. Fuses are good, bulbs are good, checked with a voltage tester. The hot wires at brake switch are white and green. Where do I find 15 amp STOP fuse for brake l...
where is the fuel filter at