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Car has been used heavily in last year due to job commute. Had an oil pan leak that was repaired in August 2012 as the mechanic said it was caused by a "striped" oil plug. Instead of changing the oil pan, he welded a new "nut" that fit another plug. Oil change in February 2013, Service engine light came on during commute trip home. (32 miles) Took it back for tune up (new plugs and wires) Engine is now "ticking" loudly when idle and also misfireing (jerking) when going up any small grade change in hwy and obvious when accelerating or going up hills. Had fuel pressure checked and mechanic said it was at "65". I asked that he change out the fuel filter and he said it didn't need to be done. ?

went out this am and the car wouldn't start nothing- lights radio work but the engine won't turnover at all- no clicking nothing

What would make my transmission sound loud?

I had a reading done on it that stated a bad O2 sensor, bank one

2000 Volvo C70 MAF sensor

It looks like in this model the ABS sensor alone can be replaced without having to replace the entire HUB assembly (assuming it is in fact a defective sensor). Also How can you determine if its the ABS sensor or the ABS module?

battery was drained by key left on over night. recharged battery now parking lights won't go off. replaced headlight switch. still is a problem. have to remove positive battery cable so battery wont drain. head lights turn on and off fine

I can be going 20-30 mph and it won't shift into next gear unless I floor it,and wen I stop I smell burning smoke from under my hood wat can that be

One day later the car won't shift out of 1st gear again. Bad installation of solenoid,loose wire connection, incompetent mechanics? Transmission shifted like new for that 1 day. Shop notified and told to bring car back for diagnosis.

We already check the pump directly and it works. We checked the fuses all of them work. So we don't not know where the problem might be.

will drive in 1st and 2nd. if I manualy shift at 40 to 50 od will work. reverse and third will not

Recirc or fressh air, no difference.

should the rotors be turned?

valve and canister vent shut valve located?

My tacoma is needing some repairs im replacing the radiator as well as the a/c compressor. i dont't have much money to invest in repairs now the shop is recommending i replace the guides. if replacing guides should i laso have to replace the chain or is it something that can be replaced alone