What is the problem?

It goes off when I close door, hit a bump or doings any vibration.I need to disconnect it.where is fuse; can I disconnect it until I get to shop?

This is a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4x4 Diamond Edition with V6 Vortec 4300 4.3L, 4-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission w/OD.
After hearing the clunk sound, noticed a winding sound, then went to about 3 rpm on gage before shifting,and continues to do that. After shift,it seems ok but I havent driven far, so not sure what will happen when going over 40mph but also just noticed it won't go in reverse either. Reverse feels like neutral now.
Bad financial situation right now, so trying to get a good idea of what the problem could be before taking in to a shop. Any ideas?

this code showed up recently,but seems very much to me that the engine is always racing causing down shift problems at stops

I've been told I need to replace my anti-locl brake control module and now the cruise control quit working. Are they related electronically?

every time I fill up

ignition timming port

Shift lever lights are not on , key is stuck, checked fuses they r fine what could be the problem, theft light is on and my gas gauge is reading empty

it was sittin for awhile before this when we bought the engine the intakes were gooped up, but after puting to much oil in we plugged a hand held machine in it the code read evap, what is that? an would that make it run rough? what else could it be and what else could i do, about the oil thing, help please!!

Before this incident it would randomly turn off and take several tries to turn on again. After a few days it would cranak up with no problem.

OK, I love my van, don't get me wrong but a few weeks ago it took 5 hours to replace the temperature gauge. sigh. Now the emissions failed with the code for the cam shaft positioning sensor. Well, after the sensor broke inside the slot and another 4 hours spent getting it out, we got the new sensor in. Now the check engine light will not go off and the engine is making a funny sound it wasn't before. WTH? How do we get the light to go off?

On top of that, after we cleaned up and went to shut the rear hatch, it will close but won't latch, leaving me with a useless van and 4 kids to haul around.

Please help! :)

ihave no heat and theres occasionaly antifrezze coming from the tailpipe

the flange seems to have rusted and I would like to splice it, however seems too close to the o2 sensor. Is there an easy fix?

all the lights turn on etc. but when i turn key it does nothing

2002 A/T mitsubishi lancer with sportronic gearbox transmission is not responding at all when put in drives?