Say that while attempting to jump start my 05 v8 lc the terminals crossed and it went pop. Checked for blown fuses. which there were some that I replaced with the same type and nothing except the headlights, warning lights on the instrument panel and hazards work now. However, the vehicle will start and run but I have to use the shift release button to get it in gear.

I've attempted to check all fuses and relays to the best my ability and can't find a problem. I drove it up to autozone to get a diagnostic test run and they are unable to get the machine to power up due to lack of anything electric working inside the vehicle except the warning lights.

Any advice would be great. Thanks

problem just started to occur this morning

what do I need to do..It was really scary..I love the car , it had really been a good riding and driving car..please help...Pat

The other two mount have been replaced but the mid was has been a problem getting replaced

The PCV valve can crack open and create a vacuum leak

how do you get old starter solenoid off the starter

The car has serious transmission problems and I'm wondering if it is worth repairing.

My 2005 Quest has been starting slow lately (sounds like the engine is dragging) and occasionally the right sliding door motor goes off when starting the engine. I'm thinking there is a wiring problem, but don't know where to look (or suggest to my mechanic to look). Also I notice a strange sound to the right in the engine compartment when I go over slight bumps in the road, could it be the motor mount? I had one replaced a year ago on that side, but possibly the other has gone bad. I had the front struts(?) replaced back in May of this year.

starter is staying engaged even when key is turned off but won't start vehicle

do you know why a stick shift car would have a park /netral switch and can i bypass it {seemingly does nothing except set a code o0n the computer}

my door open light comes on when i apply my breaks to stop it comes on like it should when a door is open but when they are all closed and the trunk when i go to stop at a red light or stop sign or apply my breaks it comes on i know this is not right but dont know why its coming on help!!!

Are the parts compatible for example rear brake pads and rotors?

The wipers intermittently turn on by themselves and the only way to turn them off is by pulling the fuse. I cleaned the switch on the turn signal lever and they stopped for about 3 days. Now they stay on unless the fuse is pulled.

i cant shift gears and the through out arm has little travle left

Is there any special adjusting to do for the carrier berring to eleminate vibration? thanks mark