wont stay running, check engine light on, lightning bolt single on, traction control light on, when i step on the gas it bogs down, like if its not getting enough fuel and restricted exhaust?

I took my car in to the shop and the code P1582 came up..

My wife said the check engine light came on two days after she gave the car a wash.I went to auto zone and they pulled out the trouble code P0441.Gas cap seems fine. So were is the purge solenoid and evap canister on our 2007 hyndai santa fe with a 2.7 L engine?

What to do?

The check engine came on and the code P1582 popped up what can i do to fix it??

couple days to come back on. I would like the #1 Problem

automatic,mabe clean modulator valve or change filter ,where is valve

one for the computer and then another one. if so could you tell me where the other sensor is for the computer

I am installing a new rebuilt engine for my Chevy Lumina-sedan 3.1L 1995. An instruction is to prelube the engine's internal before start it up. The engine does not have a distributor's shaft to turn the oil pump, so I plan to just crank the engine quickly a few times till the oil pressure light goes off, with the fuel pump and the spark plug ignition disable.

Will this work or be sufficient to prelube? Thank you for your prompt replies.

Fuel Pump relay is OK, all fuses are visually OK. Getting no spark at all.

The panel lights work, except that the speedometer, temperature guage, gas guage, rpm's and warning lights do not work. What could be the source of this problem?

What are the symptoms of a timing belt that is going?

The noise will stop after turning off heat or fan control. Some times the noise starts without the fan on. I turn it on and then off and it stops. What could this be?

Hey i looking for a cheap 2003 325i bmw or 2002 bmw

cleaned battery terminals and tightend. sometimes just klicks but does start after trying 3 to 5 times