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need front bumper replaced
The interior computer screen words gets jumbled and distorted after being on for a while. When the car is first started for the day it works fine though for all warnings.What does this mean?
My belt recently went when the tensioner pulley seized; if I were to do the work myself, is there any dificulty involved? Does the pulley simply unbolt and slide out? It appears to be a straight forward replacement. T...
Where are the transmission solenoids on a 1998 CL 3.0?
was working intermittly but does not work at all now . window is down and does not go back up. replaced master panel did not help
Gas gauge reads quarter full and tank is empty
Drivers side rear squeak when you hit bumps, push down on rear fender, squeak, how do I fix, Thanks !
Where would the flasher relay on this car
blows hot air only==compressor replaced--dryer replaced -system flushed 3 times-expansion valve replaced-still blows mostly warm air and not cooling properly at required temperature --cold air lasted 5 minutes when te...
compresser runs all the time, can not turn off with switch.
The power steering and power brakes both stopped working at the same time on my 2000 GMC Sierra 3500. The both have proper fluid levels and all looks good. Could there be a computer problem?
sometimes the gearbox does not shift at all, the car is stuck at neutral, and if i am driving on the highway it simply doesnt shift. when i turn it off and on again, eveyrthing goes back to normal. any clue about th...
This problem just hppened unexpectedly May 14, 2011
air condition runs all the time, can not turn it off with switch.
radio works, i replaced the fuel filter, but it still will not start, has gas.