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My Blazer shifts hard into third gear. Is there a way to test the Throttle Position Sensor or the Transmission control solenoid before replacement?

2005 ford f 150 6 cylinder with ac

and I hit 55 mph or faster I hear a brief roaring noise.. I tap my brakes and it quits...happens about once a week. the other day it happened back to back within a few minutes.. any clue what this is? My ex husband thinks if it was a wheel bearing it would be doing it all the time.. help!

let it dry for few days now

for about 6 mos, I believe I have had no cold air from air conditioner. there is no Freon at all. thank you for any information you may have.

first time its happen

Having problem shifting into 1st and reverse, and only when first starting out. Doesn't happen all the time, when it does just push harder and goes in

"service engine soon" light came on recently and engine light stays on. This does not happen all the time. No codes or warnings beside those mentioned have come on.

The windows are up, no sunroof, so what is the issue? I have already pulled out a gallon of clean water from these areas.

When adjusting level of A/C flow, touch screen buttons will not always change when touched. Also, adjust clock is problem. Is not recognizing touch.
This has just started. Will it quit completely? Is it expensive to replace. A GPS is also in display, but rarely used.

drier part nu. 2038350147
expansion valve part nu.2208300384
manifold hoses part nu.1122302256
flush system
0 rings

There is no issue with driving and no particular problem. Advised by a garage.

Or what can someone please help me I don't have a manual to find the symboly

2002 Dodge Van 1500 6 cylinder

This occurs randomly. Once smoke was seen coming from the under the hood on the left side. No codes present in computer, runs fine on our test drives.