But the burning smell still on. I can not drive the car without rolling the windows because smell is to strong. IT mostly when it sit for few hour without moving it.

car stumbles slow to get to speed and doesnt want to shift

does the speedometer run on a fuse, cable, or chip?

I have Honda CRV 2003 my AC is blowing hot air clutch not kicking I can turn the clutch by hand it turns no problem please help

Thank you very much

I am looking at the wiring cavities now and one of the Orange n white stripes is cut, and there is a wire harness connector on one of the word (purple/blue which want there before)

can you tell me what is going on

is there a rebuild kit for supercharger or i just buy parts from dealer?

my car ac is weak and the ac light start blinking and it disconnects and it's some times good on highway but on stopping it's very bad almost dead as if there is no ac

can I use engine flush

I have a 2005 Kia Sorento my check engine light has been on for 3months. I went to Auto zone they said it could be a clogged vapor canister or gas cap. When I went to jiffy lube to get my oil changed they said I needed a new gas filter what do you suggest I do?

Noise sounds like a bathtub full of water. When brakes are applied water sloshes back and forth. What is the cause?

driving down the road and the blinker sound will start up. The signal lights do not come on but the sound is still heard, now the door alarm will sound also. Had flasher replaced and stopped the sound for awhile but has now started again.

It is all doors and the FOB and door lock button seem to activate it just slightly, so you have to press the button several times to get the door to lock or unlock. I think it must be some command module failing. I would like the part number and the difficulty in replacing it.
Thanks, JOHN

the transmission on my 2008 saturn outlook (98,000 miles) stopped working completely at 75 miles an hour while attempting to pass. i am on vacation in mexico. GMC garage mechanic here says i need a new computer control module for inside the transmission case. i saw it: part #24244571 by bosch for GM. i cannot find this part anywhere online... any ideas? there was no mention of the 'wave plate' and the fluid did not contain metal debris.

I replaced the spark plugs NGK platium plugs and replaed the vavle coveer gaskets because they where leaking, car has 120,000 miles on it. Then these codes come up P0300, P0303, P0305, P0016 and P0082. I then replaced the NGK plugs with Bosch Iridium plugs and cleared the codes. P0076 P0082 codes come up, want is this? Will the engines act any different if you unplug the cam position sensor when the engines is running?