If I am driving on a flat surface initially it will be fine but once I accelerate up a hill it shudders or bucks almost like it isn't getting enough gas. If I put on the cruise control, the problem seems to disappear. After driving a bit, the problem is present even when idling at say a light. I have taken it to numerous mechanics as well as to the volvo dealership. The dealership said it MIGHT BE a new electrical harness $1400. I responded that $1400 for a might be was a little harsh. Any thoughts or similar experiences out there?

light comes on under boost and when i turn it off and restart it does not come back on

I had the valve gaskets replaced along with an oil change. thought maybe it had to much oil but even after draining it out and filling it to the propper level it is still doing it. i changed the PCV valve but its still doing it

car will not run properly. rough idle and sputtering when driving. and cant press the accelerator very far.

I recently changes fuel pump fuel filter air filter ignition switch nothing has helped now wont start at all

try change the relay and fuse and the is gas in it

can not located the fuse box that holds fuse to operate window

How hard is it to get too

I was drivin 60 it reved up all of a sudden now wont go into any gears..

I am a female raised by dad & 3 older brothers im not ur average female. My car sat for 6 yrs. Battery in started right up. Tried opening sunroof. Didn't happen. There's nothing wrong with its motor. It trys it has appearrently glued its self shut. I have tried helping it but hate the risks . Any ideas. And he wd40 on the tracks how r u to get it there with it shut tight as a drum if that is one of the ideas. hank u. I will start a nother question pg for the other problems.

I bought the car from a nissan dealership in oklahoma last saturday 06-01-13, the car died on the highway on my way home, towed the car to a mechanic who said the engine was no good, that it knocked. Now the car starts but has a knocking sound. i called the dealership they are throwing as is clause at me. Since the car did not even serve me a day, is there any laws that protects consumers that are victims of this type of dilemma?

My key got stuck in the ignition and i tried to crank it back my car woulnt start is something wrong with my key ignition switch

I will find out what sensor replaced. Dealership Said turn key 3 X fast which would give us what was wrong. The check engine flashes 10 times. Called them back they Said they had never heard of that many times Dont have Cash for diagnoses so could u please help me on what the 10 flashes mean.

was hit right rear near gas tank has now little to no power cant get above 15 mph what could have caused this have a 4.6 engine
most damage in that area (this lagging started today

And where would it be located?