The vehicle was operating excellent. no engine noises. Changed timing belt (kit). Now subtle tapping in engine.

interior clean, exterior few scratches, engine for looking only is clean. All electrical works, doors, DVD player. Just concerned about such high mileage. Owner said mostly highway miles.

The main relay and fuel pump have been changes and no power is going to fuel pump and the sperk plugs.

just noticed front signal light flashing, car hasn't moved since yesterday, it's cold, the battery is weak and I expect needs a charger or long drive, I opened the door and heard a half dozen clicks, then it stopped, light stopped flashing

Replaced gauge and fuel pump, still nothing. Any ideas?

I have replaced the following: IAC, upper intake manifold, fuel filter, air filter, PCV, and mass air flow sensor.

The only way I can open the driver's side door is by opening it with the inside handle.

It started after a collision that damaged my rear bumper, I'm wondering if this could have something to do with it. I'm auto-illiterate so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

don"t know where motor mounts are on this car and I think
that will help aline the motor for tranny,easier shifting?
need help with the design of the motor to see where there located. please thx accord ex model Probl occurs more often
gets gear gets stuck more often.

After having a p0303, bad hesitation and raw gas smell, I decided to switch the number 3cyl. and 2 cyl ignition coils. It solved the problem to a degree. No new codes and the gas smell dissapeared for a few days. The smell is back, but intermittent but car runs good. Should I replace the coil that is now is the 2nd cylinder position? I would think there may be something wrong with it since it didnt work in the 3rd cylinder.

after car runs alittle message pops up on screen

It happens only when driven more than 50 miles. Initially, it was coming now and then. Now it occurs all the time.

my gas light keeps coming on even though i have a full tank of gas. the gas gauge reads right

At first i heard a bang, then the engine started to run rough (vibrate) and after about 20mins it cut off and now it doesn't start. Diagnostic showed code 14, no IGF signal to ECU. I replaced igniter and coil, checked leads and fuses. I have spark and fuel pump is working OK. Checked timing belt and it seems fine too. Diagnostic is showing clear now, car turns over but still wont start. This is doing my head in! Any suggestions?

Honda civic runs great, but noticed a smell when driving for about 30 minutes and when parked after driving it. it is not a lot, about tennis ball size. Smell minimal like an over spill of oil.