Recent work done:
1. Fixed radiator hose leak from the OEM nipple on the driver side. (new hose attached)
2. Coolant Expansion Tank upper nipple ruptured at the connection between the tank and the hose. Replaced tank and re-attached hoses.
3. Re-filled with coolant and noticed there is a leak underneath the car passenger side dripping "off" the oil pan area" (ONLY when the engine is running) - NO LEAKS when the engine is off or even while the car has been left sitting for a while.

I'm not sure what to do / repair or if I should take it to the mechanic.

Any advise would be great!

Now I can't shift out of park without pushing the release button on the side of the shifter.

The problem occurs when I run over bumps.

The rearend sags and occasionally drags the ground, Im pretty sure its a lack of air in the air shocks, but don't know how to air them up or if there are non air shocks that can be used

Has been a great car but needed a new iming chain. I replaced it and now its not getting very much power. what could be the problem? How does it get fixed?

It wont start.

It wont start.

When brakes applied at high speed (55mph+) the steering wheel shakes violently. Just had rack and pinion replaced, 4 wheel alignment, steering system flushed. Work done at dealership. Is this brake related, is it normal 'traction control' feature, although it does it on dry pavement. Any ideas?

Started with rpm meter fluctuating but didn't notice this while driving. Now it effects driving (acts like it's missing or bad gas) and the engine dies when slowing down to turn a corner etc. Restarts with no problem. Have had it to three mechanics and they say no codes come up. One says to take it to a dealer and have the computer reflashed. Getting dangerous to drive.

Bought car used no Manual

The tail gate does not lock even when we use the key or the fob

The alarm is set but it does not go off when the hatch is opened

This car is gonna be the death of me.
Any suggestions on a cheap fix for this issue?
I am going to flush it tomorrow but I know this will only be a temp fix. This could cause serious issues if not taken care of asap.
I am assuming that my temp gage not working has contribbuted to this.
What is your true opinion on these 2001 firebirds?

labor to replace water pump

TSB 08-07-30-007B