It will not go off prior to maintenance it can on.. will the fuses make it stay on if mechanic had switched thw ones under the hood (the two largest ones).

I recently had an OBD done and it shows my engine light is a product of my oxygen filters, and it was recommened by the mechanic to probably replace my mass overflow filter. So, I would like to know where it is located on my car.

my car has been sitting awhile and it now feels funny when braking

And if I did the service myself how would i reset the computer

when turning on a lock the shafts in back axle are knocking.Its like its going in and out of the gear. someone told me i needed bushes in the shafts but i dont know.

where is the evap canister purge control valve located?

My car has 318000 miles. The transmission has been replaced 3 yrs ago. No sensors or anything electrical has ever been replaced on this car except plugs and wires and distributor cap. Was running fine before this happened two days ago.

My maxima P0443 code shows up on the scan tool.

If an hhr does not need a tune up only follow maintance why replace spark plugs. Isnt that included in a tune up

starts, runs for a minute then it shuts off

which is cheaper? My car has 102,663 miles on it and it ran great until it started overheating, is it the head gasket? my mechanic is telling me to junk it but I really dont want to and I dont want to get a new car and be have to deal with car payments.

brake was tight and tried to drive but was hard to move and then engine had cylinder 3 misfire detected took plugs out turned it over and fuel shooting out of that cylinder even after changing injector ,what else can i try?p0303 code

whats the cost for replacing a valve cover gasket for a bmw525i

When engine is restarted after warm it skips for a few minutes. It is not losing water or does not seem to have pressure in the coolant.

steering wheel vibrates when I hit the brakes, just had brakes replaced as mechanic claimed that was the reason for the vibration of the steering wheel.