I own a Maruti suzuti Zen Estilo petrol powered four cylinder engine car

drive revices nothing what could be the problem please help me

oil in the transmission is ok selector is working fine cable for the shifter is goood but dont move on any shift reverwe,drive or 1 or 2 n is making a quiet noise like a rubber off road tire in the street please any idea whats happening

hi, i got this error for about 4 months until now, the check engine light be steady for days and get off for one or two days. i think the issue from the sensor, so please do you know where is it exactly so i can replace it or check the wires. please advice me if you think it is something else

roaring and vibration
don't think its a wheel bearing or tires because the sound does not change when you turn your wheels side to side while driving down the road

It doesn't hesitate long or often, but there none the less

while gassing up my sorento of late the gas will back up and out of the neck at gas cap. have tried different gas stations and pumps but am tired of being sprayed with gas while trying to fill up car. PLEASE HELP

Thanks Mark Graham

Rear passenger side problem. The plastic cable wire is frayed & dealership will fix for 1500 bucks. When I tried to open manually it wouldn't budge.

replaced resistor and blower motor still nothing

what do i do next

Oil does seem a little off colored, vehicle runs well. temperature raises and quickly lowers. going through about a gallon a month. service engine light comes and goes. please help

It happened only occasionally at first, now I can't drive at night without pulling the headlight switch/stalk toward me so the lights stay on. (I don't drive at night anymore.)

I was charged $153. for replacing a front axle seal. I was told there was a leak. the part is only $18. so I was wondering if it is a difficult job?

I just replaced the front and rear brake pads and front rotors and now when I hit the brakes there is a knocking noise. What could that be?

Honda Accord 2002, 70,000 miles. Front break pads replaced and new rotors. But also inv says Front break pads machined rotors. Are both necessary? Cost a fortune and I feel totally ripped off and stupid.