I was told by 2 people at different auto zone stores. Battery indicator light comes on.

How do I reset the low tire pressure indicator button

They was working by me doing them manually but now they want come on at all

Noise is when truck is started and goes away after about 15/ 30 seconds of running. Sounds like a desiel or like the exhaust has a leak at the exhaust manifold .

oi believe it is freezing up. Once it gets a little warmer, around 30 degrees then it works again. this is a problem when it gets messy out because i am unable to clean my windshield. Is there anything I can do?

The warranty has expired. Does anyone recommend buying an extended warranty for this car with this low mileage? Thanks!

Whenever I install the new battery the alarm goes off, how can i fix this so i can drive it again?

any ideas where to check first? regular maintenance and changed the timing earlier this year just because the car was getting a lot of miles beginning noise
car seems to have been running fine but noticed the last week or so that it is drinking gas --any ideas?
parts need to be checked or changed? tune- up?

Car has black interior so at night it is very dark. Cannot see the floor/feet.

when I turn the key lights come on but wont turn over

Can I use pin # 14 driver wire for cylinder number one to run both injectors?

my transmission won't shift none of my m.p.h. gauges don't work as long as my abs light is on can u tell me what 2 do please.!!!

speedometer needle light will not work. Where is the light located

checked all fuses, new cap,rotor plugs and wires all replaced. also changed fuel filter and fuel pump relay. and car still wont start...seems like its not getting gas. here fuel pump come on so i know its not that. please advise need help. no codes on computer checked that too.

Does any one know how to take the raquet pinion off and put a new one on, please email. Thank you