My clutch is slipping more and more each day. What should Ido now.I know Ineed a new clutch but what else do I need.

when driving at night my head lights come on but not the rear lights the brake lights work and signal lights work too

Both rear door systems are still working

pretty sure its not the blower motor. noise sounds like its coming from pulleys in the engine bay

Battery was dead, replaced it and the car is still dead

1996 Chrysler Sebring LXI
2.5 L - 6 Cylinder
VIN = 3C3EL55H1TT259374
Bought car new in Dec 1995, has only 95484 miles…

Getting code on Scanner Tool = Acteon ‘AutoScanner Plus’ - CP9580

P1391 = Lost of Camshaft crank
Info’ from Scanner Tool; what could cause this problem:
1) Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)
2) Replace Distributor Assembly
3) Replaced Flex Plate (fly wheel)**
4) Repair CKP Sensor Connector
5) Replace Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

Parts Replaced (in order):
1) Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) (2 times) --- After 1st (aftermarket) sensor change; hesitation went away for about 1 year…
2) After 2nd (CKP) sensor (Chrysler part); hesitation restarted after driving only a few miles…
3) MAP Sensor & its connector --- At this time I was also getting code ‘P1296’ (No 5V to MAP Sensor) Hesitation restarted after driving about 30 miles (have not gotten this code P1296 since …
4) Fuel pump --- Was recommend to change… Again hesitation started after a few miles….
5) Distributor (Camshaft Sensor built in) with a new one aftermarket…
6) Sparkplugs & their wires at the same time as the distributor was replaced; with no help…
7) Powertrain Control Module (PCM) – Ran for a few miles then the problems come back very intermittent…

Also I have ohm-out wires (harness) from sensors to PCM; moving harness to see if there is an intermittent open, looked OK…

The car seams to hesitate more when:
1) Moving from a slow to a faster speed or going uphill (engine under load) …
2) Also accelerating from a stop…
3) The ‘Check Engine Light’ does not come on all the time when the engine hesitates…
3) When the engine does stalls-out (which is very intermittent) it always restarts with no problems…
4) **I cannot believe the Flex Plate would be the problem… What do you think?
Does anyone think it could be the timing Belt?

It runs great at park or neutral, but in any gear it dies like it has been shut off by either gas or spark. but if you give it full power it takes off like it should. So you have goog power at idle and a little aboue then no power floor it and it takes off. I have been a mechanic for 50 years and this is past me. I'm to much old school!!! Please help,Thank-you

Changed oil 3 weeks ago. Replaced the oil pressure sensor.

Also, if I keep driving it what problems it will cause?

trying to figure out if one of the oxygen sensors are bad..?

my cls cut off while i was driving slowly on a traffic jam on the m25 when i was comming from birmingham , pulled on the hard sholder , after 20minutes it fires up , drove off ,it cuts off again when traffic slow down . pulled off , waited for 20minutes and it fires again drove until i got back home . now if i swich it oof i have to wait for a long time befor it starts up again ,any idea what it could be the cause

how to bleed air in fuel rail

Just want to report having the same problem with my Acura. Sometimes it takes 3 or more attempts to start it. And it seem to relate to the steering wheel. As when you turn it a certain way I can get it to start. Then there are days or weeks it will start on the first try. What gives? I was quoted of costing approx. $1000 to replace the ignition by an Acura dealer? I can't afford that!!!

I am told they need replacing

When running my air conditioning, the air comes out cold on the 2 passenger side vents but warm on the driver side vents. Had a local mechanic check it and he said it might have a small leak in the evaporator core. He told me the cost to replace this would be $1,500. Yikes. I told him to just "recharge up the freon" or whatever the stuff is in there and hopefully this will work for now. Is this how much it should cost to replace such an item? Ouch.