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Three of the four bolts (both sides) are seized and the heads are stripped.

If I turn car off and back on the lite goes out and I have steering. I have an extended warranty would this be covered?

Okay my fuel gauge is not reading correctly when its really close to empty the gauge wont be on E it will say I have around a quarter of a tank left so I was wanting to know how I can set it or what I can do to make it right?

I disconnected the positive battery cable to do some mechanical repairs. When I reconnected the battery, it would not crank; the instrument panel was dead; no turn signal, but emergency flashers and brake lights worked and a chiming sound was heard. I left the battery connected overnight; the next morning the electrical system was completely out as if system wide failure. The car battery is 12.64 volts at present, also tried jumpstart with 12.78 volt booster. The electrical system remained dead.

I am also replacing all ball joints. Will the front springs also need to be compressed to accomplish this.

I was sitting at a light with the clutch all the way down it started moving forward on its own and died because I was not giving it gas what do I do? HELP

if the transfer case motor position sensor or the selector switch is bad does the entire transfer case have to be replaced or can just the sensor or selector switch be replaced without changing out the whole unit?

With temp set the same on both sides, the driver side is warm. Did a climate control test/reset with no result.

Not overheating and no visible signs of leaks

I think the code is p 42 or 43

car filled with smoke ,,,,found the heater hose split apart hose did not look worn ,,,,,,,,,,what would cause that much pressure build up to split the hose?

put new factory motor in 93 pu it is firing,getting plenty of fuel pressure but still will not crank

stiff to use

I have photo of a problem part of engine

Although weather strips on both rear-doors were changed two times at the dealer ,there is no change. Gum seals of lower-plate of rea doors do not fit to the under body.