I replaced my battery about 3 months ago and within a week or so my check engine light came on. I checked the code and it came up with P0449 and P0455. I can clear the P0455 code with the code tester but I can not clear the 449 code. I even tried to disconnect the battery for a whole day but the light came on immediately once the battery was re-connected. I was wondering it the battery had anything to do with the code coming on and is there a way to clear this code? Thanks

I cant accelerate when i touch the gas.What could they have done.No problem yesterday a hr after it was done but now

is this a simple job

I get P2138 (throttle positioning sensor) and P2127 (low voltage E) I have replaced the throttle body/positioning sensor .Car will go for about 3 days and get both check engine lights and power loss. Sometimes when I fill the tank they both go out. If I open and shut the gas cap the loss of power light will go off. I don't know what voltage output the two O2 sensors are supposed to do but #1 modulates quite a bit and #2 modulates but not as big a swing as #1. Driving me nuts.

Do both need to be done?

The lights and everything work- won't turn over- have replaced the ignition what could be wrong?

got a multi cylinder misfire

Is the repair procedure under the hood or under the dash?

car jerks when driving

I keep having to bang on my starter to get my truck started. It used to be one or two taps and it would start. Now, it takes 10+ to get it started. Could it be the starter or is it the solenoid?

I want to replace the sparks wire and plugs?

It sputters but is getting too much gas and wont start

In the morning or after the car hasn't been driven for awhile it won't go when I push on the gas. the engine just races and then the car slams into gear and runs fine. I really love my car and hope it can fixed! Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!

replaced battery now cant pass inspection said moniters not ready

restart it ,it runs rough for awhile , and then smooths out afer I get moving,also i notest that if i run the ac unit it doesnt start back up rough,what can be the proublem, new o2 sensors airflow sensor i re place idle control please help me here with a few ideals thanks