also the emergancy flashers start on there own.
it does this if i put key in ignition but do not start
the car immediatly and sometimes while I'm driving but not all the time.

Blue Devil. What is the problem none of those worked.

Let me know how important the knock sensors are i know they are under the intake manifold. They would be very expensive to replace. Give me some advice.

have 70'000 miles.This stays in 2nd till cold light goes out.

cylinder 1 misfire

car aceleration up, down,cut power ,when i drive by any bump,the car turn off,please help

had one shut off recently check engine light after.

I am preparing to tune up a friends car, i am replacing plugs, plug wires and so on, how much time would I have din doing tis job ??

Check engine light came on two days after my wife gave or 07 santa fe a car wash.It has the 2.7L engine. Ipulled the code it's P0441.I check the gas cap it looks fine. I need to know were the evap canister is please and the purge solenoid is.

Engine surges at idle speeds

I idles a little rouhg . Could it be my fuel injector

With the key in the on position the fuel pump does not kick on it began with a flat tire and on riding it to a parking lot to repai the car stopped moving wouldn't crank over I believed it to be electrical and fixed the wires that became stripped from the tire I put it all back together and it won't start It tries to but there is no fuel pump coming on

wont stay running, check engine light on, lightning bolt single on, traction control light on, when i step on the gas it bogs down, like if its not getting enough fuel and restricted exhaust?

I took my car in to the shop and the code P1582 came up..

My wife said the check engine light came on two days after she gave the car a wash.I went to auto zone and they pulled out the trouble code P0441.Gas cap seems fine. So were is the purge solenoid and evap canister on our 2007 hyndai santa fe with a 2.7 L engine?