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For some time oil seeps from engine onto exhaust, Audi service guy claims it's at a stage 2. I'm a joke in my town whenever I roll to a stop and the burning odor reaches other motorists. I don't find it amusing.
Love my Allroad!
Any info appreciated?

2 weeks ago my car started having problems starting, all lights and radio work, no click, no noise... just wont fire. It always fires in the morning, as a delivery driver, will not start after running. Its a manual and we changed the clutch pin. seams as if safety//security issue? Rather frustrated... any comments are welcome.

car shutdown after i drive about 10 mins.

Is there a recall on any of these issues?

Blower motor continues to run on high after vehicle is turned off....keys out of ignition.

Could it be my anti theft system r do i need to replace my starter

been trying to figure out the problem for over a week. I had 4 diagnostic tests done. Changed quite a few things like plugs, wires, cap and rotor, igniter on fire wall, fuel pump. getting very frustrated

it revs. up but takes a while to go plugged the machine up when check engine light came on and it said that valve was clogged poured fluid into gas ta
nk but it did not work

heard some air wooshing under hood while attempting to accelerate. not running on all cylinders. Can it be vacuum leak rather than fuel problem?

where is the blower motor resistor located on a 2001 alero?
heard it was under glove box behind motor this true?

It starts like a champion every day. And I have replaced the battery , both battery cables , spark plugs , spark plug wires , distributor cap and rotor , yet as soon as the motor is at normal operating temperature I cannot drive any faster then 35 mph. I have to feather the throttle and put the hazard lights on. If and every time I accelerate even just a little the battery light starts flickering and the truck starts acting like a bucking bronco. Big loss of power and the battery light flickering like crazy. The only think that I have not replaced is the alternator. The craziest thing that happened recently was I was in gear coasting down a mountain around 50-55 mph and I was not touching the pedals and the battery light flickered a few times and I could feel a bump in the motors rythim. Does this clue to in at all as to what I need to replace to get this to stop happening ?

remove them or not?

1973 buick riviera, 455 big block, just replaced spark plugs and wires. Everytime i press the gas it is doin it, it idles perfectly fine but in referse or drive it sputters

changed timing&balance belts both catalytic converters,fuel pump strainer,coil packs,maf,cam sensor. could it be purge sensor

finally came to conclusion that the timing chain is the culprit