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1666 clk 320. Do these keys need batteries, if so how often, and how to replace?

im getting code p2074 manafold absoulte pressure/mass airflow
throttle position correlation.
where is the map sensor located

Will not start after my husband unplugged the radio components to hook up something to my radio. Only makes a clicking noise and security lock is flashing or illuminated.

Where would I find this switch and how do I fix the leak?

battery died after leaving lights on now I have 5 not ready codes

When I turn off parking/head lights during the day,dash light go off. At night when the head lights come on automatic my dash lights work fine.

Was driving great cut off but want crank back up now

Start but want turn over

It cut off in traffic but started back up got home want start no more

It shifts, but winds out much too long. No codes detected that I know of. I suspect the shift solenoid. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

The problem started with the car being hard to start.

the light will come on when you start the engine and when you start to move the truck it will go out and will not come back on until you recycle the key.when it does work it will work fine until you hit the brakes and it goes out and will not come back on

It sounds like it isn't totally in 2WD but it definitely will not go into 4WD at all. It makes a loud "humming" like it is trying to go into 2 WD.

should i be concerned about the car?

car jerks and engine is switched off each time the gear is changed to reverse