About a week ago I stopped to grab my mail on the way home, was only out of the car for about a minute and when I got back in it would not start, no cranking, nothing. I've had all of the common problems in the past so I am usually pretty good at figuring it out on my own, but I had the ECU replaced about 2 years ago and haven't had the security feature problem, or really anything electrical for that matter since. The security light is not blinking or showing, so its not that. I finally disconnected the battery and let it sit for about 6 hours, plugged it in and still nothing. I disconnected again and left it overnight, the next morning I plugged the battery and it and started right up. I drove it 3 days, and then it did it again. I unplugged the battery again overnight, started up the next day and worked until yesterday. I left yesterday morning and it started fine, parked it for about 2 hours and came out and it wouldn't start. I left the battery unplugged overnight and it still won't start. I had the battery tested today, I checked all of the Relays and Fuses, checked the connection to battery. I'm going to have someone come take the starter off and check that, but if it's not the starter I'm at a loss. I've been down this road before and dropped $800-$1000 just on diagnostics, so I do not want to do that. Hoping someone is familiar with these sensitive Grand Am electrical systems might have some advice.

We tried replacing the crankshaft sensor, and that wasnt it. any ideas on what it could be? It tries to start but cant.

The smoke comes from where the air conditioner buttons are, and the smell is like burning rubber. the small heater was replaced about a year ago and i didn't have any problems for a year, now i can't touch the air button because as soon as i do that it looks like there's a fire under the dash. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a 2000 Ford Taurus and it will not shift out of 1st gear. The light came on and said: Code PO750. Replaced all the solenoids and still the same problem and code came up. Replaced gear shift solenoid A. (All were replaced). Still same problem. Could it be wiring?

Sometimes it turns on and at times it won't start at all. I wait a few minutes and it starts right up again. Please help, thnx

I put a new catalytic converter in also changed the TPI. Also a new timing belt. When I drive on a flat it seems ok, but when I put the ac on the motor bogs down. I put a new radiator in also. It gets worse as the engine warms up, but it dosnt overheat.

I tried to plug my tester in but could not locate the connector receptacle anyplace under the dash on the driver's side (or passenger side). I looked behind the ash tray too as suggested by the tester manufacturer.

My air is not blowing but the compressor comes on. I checked the fuses and they are fine. I want to check the fan but i don't know where it is. Help!

whats a character

I have checked all fuses and replaced both sensors that are next to each other and the sensor plugs look to be fine and the trouble code is still showing up. Code P0113

my car does not overheat but when the weather is hot it will stall and not restart for atleast a half hour or longer.

Could someone recommend me a good sticky RTV silicone for sealing Chevy GM 3.1L 95, lower intake manifold outside side-wall to engine block? GE RTV IS803, Loctite RTV, or Permatex?

what does this mean? it has individual coils on each cylinder and i replaced the plugs. could the coil be bad? any suggestions?


What could the problem be. It wasn't shaky until after he replaced the intake manifold. It happens when I drive my vehicle. Ive taken it back 4 times. First they said that it was water on the spark plug and then there was water in coil number 7.