p0507 did relearn no help.

will not work at all.what will it cost?

I already changed the climate control but still only works on hi speed only is there any thing else I can check or replace

2009 sante fe manufactured 11/08 is this a early production or late for low beam replacement

All other lights work fine

timing belt broke when i started it. i changed it now it starts but wont run

what do i do to it

i think there is a hole in it but i dont really know. its really loud whenever i drive it.

fuses under the rear pasanger seat and what in number is it? Also where is there a regulator located.

i does happen all the time

I need to replace the starter in the car. But I can't find where it is. Can you give me step by step on how to change the starter?

the battery is about a year old , i go to start it , it wont start i just get a clicking sound , if i turn the key multapule times it will start ? any idea,s ?

when I make a turn, the wheel seems to stick a little

I have a 2008 Honda Civic Si Sedan. 103,000 miles on it. and today the maintenance minder code A24 came on. and its been making a funny sound up front of the passenger side. i think its the transmission or the clutch. i would like to know for sure.

power door locks and closing assist door & trunk don't work