Is the only gear that want work anymore?

i need to replace the wiper relay but where is it?

Is the oil cooler the same in these 2 vehicles? I just want to know if they are compatible before I order the part. Thank you.

Also steering wheel jumps about 1/2 inches when driving into a curve. I have a broken motor mount. Would that cause it?

light is on and engaine light came on and 4 wheel drive light came on no power

Remove bolts

What could be the problem

how do i replace the bulb as the third brake light

One day, I got up to go to work, and suddenly my clutch would basically go in all the way with little to no pressure. At that point, I was unable to shift into any gears, so my vehicle is immobile at the moment. I am not car savvy, so I don't know what the problem could be. I've been told that maybe I need more fluid in my brake/clutch thing, but I don't know. I figured I'd ask for advice first. Thanks in advance.

My radio turns on and off

can't use controls on radio or heater panel

Just returned from driving it 10 minutes before trying to restart. Worked fine before and now will not start. 1st time this has happened.

just happened today. I can crank & move the vehicle but when I turn off the engine & shift to Park, i cant get the key out..

just happened ,never before

The noise is so loud, you can't hear the radio or the person beside you.