Getting low gas mileage still engine runs fine

Also want to know what a brake job will cost for all four

Where are fuses?

Also left window not working & gauges action funy

be moved into all gears

Bad heater core leaking coolant.

It like the car is going dead ...

Who much weight can it tow?

I have change the coils plugs cam shaft sensors 02 sensors, But I cant rid of these codes p0363isfire detected fueling disable, p1343 misfire cylinder 1 with fuel cut off,p1347 misfire cylinder 2 with fuel cut off and p1345 misfire cylinder 3 with fuel cut off. Now I am going to replace the fuel injectors to see if that will fix the problem

The car startso and then cuts out and dies won't stay running at all and every once in a while it will start and run

The transmission doesn't work.

Fuses good....both inside & under hood.
Thanks judy

When quattro shall “kick in” its not happening. At the moment I do have regular TT, quattro in working at all. Apparently left rear ABS sensor was found faulty and was replaced but the problem prevails.

How will I know if struts need replacement?

Change from a use to a new one