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ive replaced both battery terminals and the car will start just fine a handfull of times then out of the blue it just wont start? if i pull the positive or negative cable off for a second put it back on then it starts?
It will not go down. Is it possible there is a fuse for this operation?
Start car in the morning and can't get into another gear. Turn ignition off ~ restart and it goes into gear. My mechanic wants me to pick up clutch pack kit. A very expensive repair. Is this the proper diagnosis? Tha...
check for vac. leaks none. replaced detritor cap and rotor.check engine light comes on after two days driving help!!!!!
Door locks very hard to move up and down, has been getting worse over the years. The electric actuators don't have the power to overcome the friction. I guess the original lube is all dried up and stiff, that is wha...
Battery is brand new, cabls are clean and tight. It starts fine when cold. After a long trip it drags like it doesn't want to start. After it cools down it starts up fine.
Hello, I need help my car shakes when I am at a stop light While I'm in gear. What could be the possibility that make my car shake? it was shaking before I changed the spark plug. I have changed the spark plug but ...
The engine runs fine but the jeep will not speed up when you give it more gas what is the problem 2009 Jeep patriot with a self contained transmission ( no dip stick)