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I replaced the worn out key. made by a dealer I Spray with w40 in the ignition key hole.
My car won't start all of a sudden it click BT don't crank it crank earlier that day BT when I went to crank it later it wouldn't crank.
A few weeks ago some repairs had to be made on my van, it drove fine until last week when engine overheated. I added water and has been fine since. 3 days ago while I was driving the dashboard was acting crazy. Made a...
Evev did same thing on original pads ,and only front right side tire does it
I hear and feel air coming out of the compressor
The clunk sound comes from the right side just under the dash board and gets loud when going over bumps. Van does not bounce so wondering if broken shock/strut or could be bushings?
I have taken it in for this and they cannot recreate it.
The manual only says to drive careful and to take it to the dealer. Is there something I can do?
Check engine light on at 124000 miles code says fuel sensor, hesitates to excelorate stalls out at lights stops signs n idle