My radio turns on and off

can't use controls on radio or heater panel

Just returned from driving it 10 minutes before trying to restart. Worked fine before and now will not start. 1st time this has happened.

just happened today. I can crank & move the vehicle but when I turn off the engine & shift to Park, i cant get the key out..

just happened ,never before

The noise is so loud, you can't hear the radio or the person beside you.

The check gauges light is on and the engine does not start

Trying to swap rear hatch doors from a 97 dodge caravan sport to a 98 dodge caravan

Crank. It does not have milky oil and it has oil in it and also has water in the radiator and the roads War the battery is fine and so is the starter so what could be the problem please help

Car chugging at startup, acceleration and stalling at stops.,

foot petal sticking

I need some help figuring out why my car won't start with a band new battery after driven about 15 miles without an oil filter

would it be worth having engine rebuilt now or driving until it blows and find a used motor

After it sparked once i disconnected it. Got the new one in. But now it wont start. It will crankover easily, i can hear the fuel pump kick on. And i checked the fuses. No luck.. any advice?

smokes out the exhaust pipe