Was turning over and starting fine. Next time I went to start it, it acted like the battery was low and would barely crank over. It wouldn't start. Made sure the battery would charge and even got a new battery. Still acts like the batter is low and cranks very slowly. Won't start. Help?

Guy went to the store came out car wont stat try to jump it nothing the ACC relay clicks every time u turn the keyNo Start Windows Won't Go Up Trunk Button Doesn't work hazards don't work radio doesn't seem to work

My window motor went out and I need to fix it. Can some one out there please tell me how to change the window motor by itself or do I have to change the regulator to.

Just started doing it all of a sudden, when I tried to stop at a stop sign. no brake service light came on, what could the problem be? Air in the line, caused from a leak? I checked the fluid level, and it was a bit low, I topped it off and pumped the brakes; still spongy and pedal is soft.

Was able to put in neutral, turn off engine and lock car. Not able to put in park--only able to get lever to reverse. Put brake on as car rolling when ignition off. Tried again later-no change. No noise or other signs--occurred after sharp left turn into driveway and putting on brake to stop??? Has only happened once.

Kees when hit brakes cigarette lighterakes it do it also when unplug in phone charger and doors unlock. I've replace mega fuse battery cables clean grounds no help ground wires

Would it be the controller or the fan relay?

how much octane is recommend for a 2000 mitsubishi montero sport suv?

I am having water pooling in the drivers side rear passenger floor board
And the front passenger floor board

I see from the posts that there is a tube from the sunroof
It might be clogged

How can I find this tube and possibly unclog it

I am a amateur at car repair

If this isn't the problem is their something easy that I
Can check to help solve this problem

Thank you for the help

Ran fine even with engine light on. Last month while driving car Then started spit & sputtered turned it off tryed starting back up just winds. Found 100 amp fuse in relay was blown replaced it ran like new for 2 weeks was driving car died try starting it just winds as it did when fuse was blown checked all fuses they are good fuel pump kicks on always been a awesome running car. Did have the cods read but I was told to take it to dealer to be sure .

My AC compressor does not engage when it is hot around. It works fine when it is cool ambient temperature.

what will cause the car to have a little blue smoke only now and a stand still .the car saids I have high only does it at taking of from a idle at a light

When driving when i put up my power windows the car engine stalls for a second .Same when i dip my high beam.Have replaced the alternator twice still the auto electrician can not find it .The battery light comes on for that second and some times the engine light as well.Allso it does not happen when standing still. going to buy a caravan soon for our retirement but not till i fix this problem .please hope some one can help

My check engine light is on.

what does that mean?