Was in parking lot 5 miles from home engine light on started car put it in reverse an it moved a little bit enough so I could get it out of parking spot than put it in drive an it moved forward. As I drove it didn't want to shift into gears, then as I went to put in driveway I went to back up,put it into Reverse an it goes Forward there is no Reverse all gears are Forward. It has just turned 100,000 miles 4 days ago.I bought it brand new can you help? Was there a recall on this Saturn Aura XR?

ck engine light says knock sensor failure. trans occasionally won't shift into o/d. if vehicle shut off then restarted, shifts fine. engine was recently replaced with a rebuilt. must computer be reprogrammed or is problem with the knock sensor or something else? high mileage...

great. Put back on. Started stalling again. After stalling it is able to restart immediately

It doesn't come on any certain time. If it comes on, it's when I crank it and it will stay on until I get to where I'm going and when I crank it to leave it won't come back on. I was told that it could be low of rear end dope. It just passed 100000 miles. Any suggestions I might could fix my self?

engine light is now blinking

There is no rumbling sound like you'd get with a bad bearing. The car does not pull. Braking seems normal and there is no unusual sound when the brakes are applied. Adequate brake pad thickness and the rotors look okay. The temp for the right front wheel is normal. The left front is extremely hot and does have a slight burning smell.
No CODES for this car. Consistently occurs.

all gagese are on off work dont work first one to go bad was gas gage . tranny acting up flued is good . car was fine be for this i drove to store came home wen i went to drive again trun key truned over wont start

I put it in neutral, which no longer helps, it also starts to vibrate.

While driving or just it sitting while on the lights flicker, & the car shuts off but cranks back up, the radio also shuts off, & you can hear like electrical wires misfiring what could be causing this?

Pulled codes c0035 c0040 front abs sensors and code c0201 ebcm failure. Could this be the cause or has anyone had similar problems like this

ACID leaked from outlet spouts of battery onto the hose which overtime ate away the hose // Also Brake and ABS lite sensor come on and beep>

located under van under side doors

No drips under car where parked.

when I tried starting it would not pick up, why?

Dealer says the plug is leaking, need to replace compressor, recharge the whole system to the tune of 900 dollars... OMG