checked my battery. It was working well. what could problem be and estimated repair charge?

I'm hearing this noise twice but today was the first time I herd it in awhile.. My rclass has check engine lite on for mass sensor...how can my car make a rumbling noise with no key in the ignition..

I thought the swith on the motor on the passenger side stoped working an. Had it tested and it works. The window will only go down not up. Whe had to jump start the window with a battery to get it to go up. We even changed button controller that didn't help either. On the drive side I am non able to use my buttom to let the window go up either. So what is wrong with it. So do these vans have a regulator or a fuse to change? And if they do where are they located on this van?

Thank you

This only happens when going about 30 m/hr. It a shifting like noise when the accelerator is pushed and also released. It makes a soft click noise and also you can feel it very slightly with your foot on the gas pedal.

My check engine light is not illuminating I failed Asm emission test but can't find the problem.No problems with vehicle rides smoothly.

The auto dealer told me they had to replace the steering rack, steering shaft, spiral cable and do an alignment.

the car was put on a home code reader to shut off engine light. when the reader was removed engine light was off and then this problem with the vsc lights appeared. help
how can I reset it.

i cannot find where the switch commutateur interruptor location on a 2005 jeep wrangler any help will be deeply humble

Temp gage goes way up and radiator reserve overflows or all reserve coolant is sucked back into the radiator. It's not the head gasket because oil does not look like chocolate milk!

I have a new radiator, hoses, radiator cap, water pump, timing chain, fan switch, thermostat, fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs & wires.

Any more info on the installation procedure?

I didn't have this problem before. All at once they stopped working

How do I release the tension on the old belt to remove it

I need to pass my CT state emissions test for my registration, but 4 readiness monitors are not engaging. It's mostly garage kept, has 14,000 miles, has a big K&G cold air intake, and the previous owner had a super chip tuner installed. Recently the battery died so I was told I needed to drive it more so that the CAT, O2 sensor, and EVAP, etc... can engage. After driving over 200 miles so far no dice.
1. What's the exact/proper drive cycle for a 2005 Mustang GT so that the monitors will come alive?
2. Do would suppose the super chip have disabled the monitors in anyway?
3. If I can't get the monitors to engage, would I need to reverse the tune back to the factory tune?

Thanks in advance

Mustang Suzie

I was told this is normal by a dealer.

car loses power at intermittent times