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leaking coolant, hoses are in braided covering

I have gone about 240 miles and it is reading between 1/2 and 3/4 tank I know that's not correct. Then sometimes it will start to work. What would cause this?

dont know what else to call it.then one time it shut completely off for 2 to 3 seconds. 4.3 vtech standard tranny.

works better after it warms up;what do I need to do to make it work better?

But could also be behind centre console. Previous owner had glovebox taken out and a servo motor; heater, replaced by Lexus.
Sounds like CD player running through all the discs. Its intermittent. Doesn't seem to matter whether the A/C is on or not. Haven't had heater on yet because it's hot here. Wondered whether the servo might be ok, just responding to a miswired signal or a short. What do you think?

above 750 rpms loud noise in reverce. got used and the first owner replaced it and did same so this is third one.
At 700 and below no noise but shifts hard.The noise coming fro trans. crunch banging noise.

When battery weakens usually due to little use, the brain causes all kinds of electronic malfunction. Fuel low and gauge says empty but I have 3/4 tank of fuel. Codes show miss fire and transmission stops shifting. Reset used to clear all once batteries where good but now it wont. Is brain or components of it gone bad? Codes are P0202, P0203, P0205, P0208, P1262, 2 INC Misfire, Comp, 1 ready. It's just wierd.

On the 2005 K1500 LT's is there a know recall on the sunroof extruded rails used to lower the sunroof to a closed position? Mine has stress fractures on both side rails at the same location of the unit. This seems to be a manufacturing issue.

While driving my trans seems to slip into neutral. speed will decrease then trans will seem to go back into gear and run fine. I have had a trans repair shop, power flush and change filter prior to any problems, took truck back to shop now that problem has occurred, they can't replicate symptom and say that there is nothing wrong. RPM start about 2500 and will jump to about 3500 with out me pressing on accelerator, when I ease up and rpm drops the trans seems to reengage and run fine then may or may not do it again. Not sure what to do, find another repair shop is a given.

The engine is idling rough at other times the car runs normally. I am missing the uppper right control arm.I will be replaced next week. I do you think it is and emissions or exhaust problem.

Just changed this tranny to turbo 400. Overfilled tranny and now tranny won't shift out of first. No fluid shown in modulater valve. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Now gas pedal is starting to stick

no codes set and not felt at normal driving speed. If I accelerate from stop no problem, just at normal take off and at low speed.