i check the water and check the fan it work for tow speed with air condition and without but when i connected the fan to battery directly the fan speed rise

weeks. Sometimes I can jiggle the key just right and it will start. Can hear a noise like the solenoid. Leave it alone for a while and usually starts fine maybe next ten or twelve times then same problem occurs.

The problem is ongoing for over a month. Brake light is on and off.

I have already changed out the Serpentine Belt, the Tensioner Pulley and the Idler Pulley it still makes the Jingling noise like it has a bunch of coins rolling around in one section. I'm so aggravated and stump. Help from anyone would helpful. Especially from other owners

Side door rear buttons no longer work to close doors. Doors close using key remote.

after stops skipping runs good no problems. Took to shop and put on computer and found nothing wrong. What can cause this?

I have 06 Cadillac DTS and my headlight bulb was out so I bought a new one thinking it was jst a headlight bulb but come to find out as I replace it still won't turn on at all with a new bulb wondering if any of y'all ever came across this problem before thanks

I drive a 2008 mdx Acura and I have replaced the top and down gasket plus cylinders. There is a funny knock like sound from the engine

when i drive over 60km it be cold in the car but when i stop to wait atraffic it become hot then drive fast over 60 it become cold what is the problem and how can i fix it

I already changed to filter for the transmission.

Wife drove my trk for only time had trouble getting er brake to release when did the ABS light came on went about 500 feet she states she heard a "pop" and the engine stopped. It has battery power and full power to everything. I had noticed that I could remove key while engine was running and if not careful would engage starter could this be clutch switch besides ingnition switch. Also how hard to change the ingnition switch? Thanks also the clutch comes out of the cylinder that the rod is in what holds it in?

What could be the cause of a miss after a tune up?

Please tell me more and about the Electric A.I.R injector reactor?Someone said replace o2 sensor(not)Thanks:)

When I put gas in the tank the gas gauge goes all the way to full and it is not reading the gallons right it does this every time now I am worried all the time I'm running out of gas

motor wont start on first try/must re try to start
just began today hot out today/ no dtc codes show