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I was looking for the best performance batteries for my 2004 dodge Ram 1500 4.7L Its got about 70000 miles and wanted to change it before it went out

When going up a hill or accelerating hard, car revs high but doesn't gain speed for several seconds before taking off as it should.

how do i remove the back spark plugs on a2003 kia sedona

It's parked in garage overnight and in the mornings starting up it sputter's and then as I start to drive it starts bucking. I've had a tune-up, serpentine belt had crack and was replaced, had throttle positioning sensor replaced and still bucking. Had induction cleaning, no change. Tried changing out map sensor and that didn't work so took back off. Voltage on wiring checked and no voltage lost. They put the diagnostic reader on it and pretty much tried checking and changing everything the codes said to check and still nothing changed. The strange thing is that it's not happening all the time the last place we took it to thought two different times that they had fixed it because they took it for a test drive and it drove great the next morning I picked it up and took it for a test drive and it started bucking so we pulled it right back into the garage. They checked a few other things and we test drove again and it appeared to be fixed I left on my way home and about 3 miles into the drive it started bucking again so I turned around and took it back. That's when they checked the wiring thinking it may have a short. After checking it over once more I got the phone call saying they couldn't find the problem. We went and picked it up and it drove fine on the way home. Parked for about 30 min. drove to store everything was fine. Parked overnight drove to work 25 miles next morning no problems and 25 miles home still no problems. Parked again overnight got up this morning and started driving and it started bucking again and bucked all the way to work and on the way home also the check engine light came back on. We are at a loss as to what it could be. Anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I was looking to buy this Corolla, but the man said it uses one quart of oil to every two tanks of gas.It doesn't smoke and there are no leaks. Has 139,000 miles on it and runs fine. So my question is this where is the oil going? Any ideals?

how does the egr pipe go in and dies it act as a vaccume for the tarnsmission

Nothing wrong with the car. How can I reset this light at home?

Car was leaking antifreeze..Froze up. we thawed it and now NO heat! The car won't completely overheat but it also won't hold any coolant or water. Looked underneath and found the frost plug. Replace the frost plug and fix the problem or the radiator? Not sure if one is a catalyst for the other

Will it "smoke" if it is "going out"?
How important is it to repair the
air compressor?

My clutch fan stays kick in most of the time .Is this a bad clutch on the fan or a sensor?

I have several questions. Would xtreme cold (-10) contribute to a turbo failure? How hard is it to replace turbos on a 2000 A6? Is engine removal required to complete this procedure?

Has anyone ever had a rattling noise which appears to come from the catalytic converters? What did you do to fix it?

the trunk wont open, is there another way to open trunk

Should my cooling fans stay running all the time and therefore I do not get enough heat inside the car? Is there a relay or sensor and where are they located, how do you check them. I just recently changed my thermostat twice so I know its not that.

Can you please tell me where the thermostat housing is located?