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my radio cracks and wont bring in stations.

My engine light came on recently, just after the 35,000 mile check up, It only has 31,400 though. The air bag light came on first it was tracked down as a wire problem, now the engine light came on. Drove car as suggested hwy city filled up tank still no help. Any help appreciated.

what is causing my heated seats to kick off. If I only have one on it does not kick off, but if I have both on they will kick off

Fuel level guage goes all over thedial face. To put it in simple terms, if it was a clock it varies from 600 all the way towards the TEME guage and oved to 5:00.Can you help me figure what the problem is, & a solution?

the fron seat back panel has come almost off. How is it refastened?

Once I press the brakes, the caliper is not opening back up after I press the brake. What could that be? They are not going to the floor, Soon as I press the brakes the car take a nose dive.

what is that line called that the radiator hose is connected to on top of motor

rear lights will not cut off

they explained that the pads and rotors are one piece and MUST be replaced together. they also told me that I had another 5,000 miles until I needed to have this done.
It really does not make any sense. Are the pads and the rotors attached ?? Fro the most part I am satisfied with the Mazda.

I would like to know how to take off the interior door panel to replace the outside mirror

My truck is making a jet sound what is that.

Why would my brake continue to stick if I changed the calipers already. I put to new calipers on the truck. what is the problem

My cigarette lighter blew a fuse (I Think?). I have looked at the fuses I can find and they all look ok. Can you tell me what else to check to get the lighter working. I don't smoke but need it to keep cell and other gadget's batteries charged.

Directions on replacing the tie rod

Step by step directions on removing the tie rod ends from the steering end link