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where is the tempature sensor located?on the motor or the radiator?near the top or bottom?

I recently took my car in for its 35K service. The folks at the shop said I have 50% left on my brakes. What does this mean with respect to replacement or repair? Do I need to do anything?

When I pulled the hood release latch under my dash in my '90 legacy i heard a snap and a piece of plastic fell down now I'm getting no redidtance when I pull on the release and the hood is not opening is there any way to get around this?

i have rust build up between the stainless trim in my trunk(trim where u put key in the trunk)my 2nd time to get it done in the dealership,should i tell them to change the whole trunk because they fix this too last year

Filled car with $6.00 gas and now shows full and the check engine light is now on. Went to Auto Zone, that maybe I needed a new gas cap if the check engine light comes on again. On 2/2/09 I put gas at Chevron and 2/3/09 check engine light came on again. I think, bad gas!

Is there a cab air filter for a 2002, Chevy Blazer and where is it located?

air bag light stays on, it is outside of warranty, local dealership tried to rip me off about a leaking power steering hose that Jiffy Lube, 2 other garages and neither of my company fleet truck mechanics can locate. Any idea about fixes or confirmation without risking the rip off? The other locations do not have the diagnostic machine that the dealership has. But since they supposedly physically saw a problem that atleast 6 other mechanics do not, I have some question about their integrity. Since it has been two years since it was noticed and I have neither experienced any problems or performance indicators that this problem exists, this is a problem that they could easily drag me over the coals about and I have no way to verify.

i changed the oil, air and gas filters,new spark plugs calibrated at .040, new cables,and pcv valve; now its shaking and when i push the gas pedal sounds at the begining like its sucking up air; it was a little slow before but ok before the service...Any advice????

The indicator light on the dash says the door is open when it's closed and when this happens the interior lights will not go out. This model does't have the typical plunger type switch. Could someone let me know how to resolve?

Hello, I'm a first time BMW owner. I have a used 2006 530 Xi. I was wondering the rough cost of an oil change from the dealership? Also in about 13,000 I will need from brakes services....what should that cost? Thanks fo the help.

I would like to replace my steering wheel with an OEM replacement. I purchased the vehicle used and the wood part has dents and chips in it. Is this difficult to do?

Art Kristufek

where do you replace the blower motor in these cars and is it very easy

I'm going to install a jetchip programmer

How do you change rear brake shoe?

speedomiter dont work just sometime when on a bumpy road how can i fix this?