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Zetec engine, How difficult is it and what sequence do I remove parts to replace an alternator?

Give me some direction what to do next. Thank you.

Steering would suddenly become difficult. Then return to normal. Replaced the pump 3 times. Was told the rack and pinion was next. Then I saw a consumer complaint about the struts. The Dodges all have trouble with them I understand b/c of the plastic bearings, and mine is clanking, but would the struts cause the steering the become stiff suddenly (especially in cold weather)

Installed a new pioneer stereo, but forgot to disconnect battery and there was a short circuit. How do you fix the short circuit?

I am trying to determine the exact size of wrench that will fit the oil pan plug on my car. One 14mm socket fits it, but a 14mm open/closed end straight wrench is too large. What is correct?


I installed a new pioneer stereo, but now the interior lights are not working or anything on the panels. What went wrong?

when i turn on the blower motor to get heat while driving the engine shuts off and when i try to restart there is no response from the ignition and radio.. however the headlights and emergency flashers still operate.. If i let the car set afew min it restarts ???????

After sitting overnight, etc., the car will not startup initially. it dies, restart and dies again. Usually takes 3 starts if you will before it starts up. other than that it runs great

When my 2003 Taurua is idling, you hear a squeaking noise(maybe metal rubbung against metal) on top of the engine. What can cause this?

The throttle sticks sometimes, just started doing this anybody know what the problem could be. The only thing i could think is the throttlr body, does anybody know how much that part cost

I have a rumble sort of noise coming from behind the glove box. Its especially loud when the car is in idle. Anyone know what this could be?

When outside temperature is under 35 degrees, it won't shift out of park until car has run for a while-car does not really get warm-but it has to be running for a bit before it shifts-button won't go in

My 1971 front brake caliper is froze up. What is the best way to free it up?

WHERE IS IT????? Ive checked all the fuses (though none of them marked as to what they go to) and the wiper motor and they are all fine. Someone told me that it is the wier relay, only I cant find it.