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I've run the devil out of my Aerostars over the years -- and I now still have my third one a 91 with a 3.0 which I have used as a commercial vehicle in the past with good success (including the clacking wrist pin for the last 7 years!).

This one wasn't real good on fuel economy (probably due to the aforementioned wrist pin issue) but always ran reliably -- until I parked it about a year ago. My intention was to scrap it out -- but since I was hit by an uninsured driver in my main truck back in December and haven't gotten any settlement yet from my own insurance company, and since my number two truck's tranny died last night, I've been trying to revive the Aerostar -- well -- been trying for a couple of weeks since the accident.

It was last run about 6 months ago -- but the gas in it was old then. Only had about a gallon in it anyway -- so I filled it up with 92 octane and doped it with some gas dryer -- which should have resolved any fuel quality issues.

On starting it was very hard to start cold. I'd have to repeatedly start it, die, start it, die, etc... until it finally got warmer than dead cold and would idle (like a loping stock car) and it would rev up and down.

When I accellerated it would feather up and down and then stall out again when I released the accelerator.

It would stumble if I tried to put it in gear. Until I finally was able to get it moving down the road -- but, had no power.

Things I have done so far, and in order...

Cleaned the contacts on the TPS, and the sensor above the throttle -- not a MAS -- but some kind of air/mix valve I beleive ( I might know if my book hadn't gone to recycling) -- used injector safe throttle cleaner on the butterfly valve, cleaned the contacts on the distributor pickup sensor and the coil ground, re-seated and put di-electric grease on the coil wires and plug wires, replaced the plugs, changed the oil, checked for vacuum leaks -- plugged one that was open ( which was a leftover from some idiot who tried to run the lines from the evaporator core into the intake manifold vaccuum system -- that would have been a different idiot than me -- and I cleaned the pcv valve, but, when I tried to pull it out the whole top hose (the little one) came with it including a white plastic barbed fitting that broke off from wherever it goes.

Putting in new plugs resolved the cold start issue but I'm still getting a choppy idle and feathering and sputtering when I try to throttle (and when I do get it to throttle up it revs up and down like a clogged fuel filter --and I can hear the fuel pump running just fine when I turn the key)-- the remaining problems could be from the gaping hole I left when I broke off that barb...?

so, two questions -- where does the other end of that top line go to? I've hunted for two hours with mirrors and a stethescope and can't seem to find it -- the line is currently plugged off at the end I'm hoping to reconnect.

and -- if that's not the problem -- what next?


Any recommendations on which type of exhaust manifold for replacing the cast iron one? (any to avoid?) Need an economical replacement. Considering JB weld. This is a son's jeep, just for going to/from school, in town driving (as far as we know). Plan on replacing it myself w/son.

I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. It is making a noise when I whenever the wheel is turned to the left. Even the slightest pressure to the left causes this. There is a slight vibration also. It sounds like it does when you are low on power steering fluid, but it is not low. It is perfect. It is also all wheel drive if that helps. Please let me know what you think. Thanks Aaron

I believe that my power steering "gearbox" is low on fluid. Can you please tell me where exactly the gearbox and what type of fluid can be used?

my transmission is leaking. I am having to put in a quart and half in the transmission to go this hard to fix and is it exspensive to fix?

Radio has no sound. It lights up and you can change the stations. Checked fuses on drivers side. The manual that comes with the car does not show how to enter the code. Also were is the amp loc. Thank you.

Will a 1995 harness work on my 1994 ? After replacing engine will not turn over ,am I missing something? HELP

I recently broke the mirror assembly on my 94 SHO and would like some help figuring out hoe to replace it. I have the new assembly, but have no idea how to replace it. Any suggestions?

Wrote a question earlier about my f-150 P/U with 6 cyl and man trans. It skips bably and makes truck buck when accelerating usually at higher rpms. I took EGR off and removed mounting tube from intake and sparyed throttle body cleaner heavily inside intake to try and clean any clogged orifices. Did not help. Do I need to remove intake to find problem or could it be the ECM?

key broke off in lock to gas cap which is same as ignition and trunk.please how may i obtain key code for vehicle without having to dismantle passenger side lock. dealership only goes back 10 years. locksmith way to expensive! thank you. sincerely lynda

The fuel guage is not working and I would like to find a wiring diagram or maybe someone can tell me where the problem most likely lies.

I purchased this truck from a man who used this like a 4 wheeler in the woods while deer hunting. It never left his cabin until he sold his lease on the hunting property and began a new sport of golfing. I had a toyota '84 four cylinder and had such great luck with it (the speedometer broke at 418,000 and I continued to drive it that way for another two years-at that time I was a college kid). I wanted that same durability and purchased that hunting truck. After a very large cleaning project, new CVA joints, tires, filters, fluid change, plugs, wires, muffler, and windshield washer motor. The truck is terrific. Except, after two sets of valve cover gaskets they still leak! I am a shade tree mech. at best, and with a wife and four daughters money/time is a big, big, big issue!! Does anyone know how to stop the leak? In other words, correctly fix the problem. And what's possible in-store for me on my next pre-maintence repair job. Can't afford/don't want to buy another truck.

what does the speed senser look like

when i turn the car on all of the lights come on as usual but the car doesnt turn over to start. i got the battery charged thinkin that was it but it wasnt. what could stop the car from starting?

I have a standard 98 Acura CL and it has a transmission leak. How can I check the transmission fluid to see if it's low? where is it located?