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My previous question remains the same...2002 Chev Impala, 3400 V6 engine...I can not locate the coolant release valves anywhere in the manual. Please help!

I've checked the manual, but there isn't any diagram showing the release valves. I'm trying to add more coolant, because the light keeps beeping at me.

I need to replace my battery, the engine has always cranked over rather hard. Is there a battery that you can recomend?

Writing about a 1999 Honda Odyssey with about 165,000 miles on it.
Lately and sporadically, while warmed up, it will just stop running – in traffic, waiting at a light, while turning, it will shut down just like some one turned it off and then will restart fine and run again.
Adding and In Follow Up to rdude135:
In plugging it into a Code Scout 2500 I get the following codes:
PO301 Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected
PO302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected
PO304 Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected
PO305 Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected
PO306 Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected
PO300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
Previous codes have not been cleared and since all but one of the individual ignition coils have been replaced.
It was subject to ignition switch Safety Recall Bulletin #02-031 (issued on 9/24/02) and had the ignition switch was replaced under this recall.
The Van has died on daylight so I have not been able to see if the dash lights are on when the car dies.
Does this help narrow anything down?
Appreciate any suggestions – it is not acting up for the folks I take it to.

why does my gas pedal get stuck sometimes. i have to pat on the gas pedal about 3 or 4 times before it start to work properly.

My 94 camaro has no heat. Engine is getting up to temp.The radiator and heater coil has been backflushed. temp gage is new- still no heat. Anti-freeze level is good.
How does the car get the "signal" to open valve to let water into the heater? Could this be bad? how can I tell?

I have a 2003 ford Taurus . Automatic V6 flex fuel ses

Recently My heat has stopped comming out at full speed. It comes out only when I drive, then I half to be driving for a good while
for me to be able to sense with my hand. It barely comes out

I've checked fuses. Nothing is blown. Im trying to locate the blower or fan , or whatever part under the hood is responsible for this.

If you can help . It would be GREAT APPRECIATED Thanks for reading

How do i pull the engine out of my 1993 Forrd aerosta

My truck recently failed emissions testing. My truck has been knocking during acceleration and also the exhaust smell is really worse than ever. Can the EGR Valve be the culprit?

Automatic transmission shifts down from drive to third at 25mph makes like a hard noise (bump like)

I have not had any problems with this car. The service indicator light just came on. My mileage is 22,800. The owner's manual says check maintenance but does not say what maintenance. Please let me know what service may be required. Thanks!

Engine starts and run fine. While driving at normal speeds, the heater works putting out hot air. If I step on the clutch and engine goes to idle, the heat goes away rapidly. The temp gauge slowly starts to rise but the air stays cold. The longer I stay at idle, the higher the temp gauge goes. Normal driving, the temp gauge comes off the post and sits at the start of the "normal" bar. While creeping along in rush hour traffic, and the air cold, the gauge got as high as the "l" in normal. All the heater controls work just fine switching between defrost/floor/panel. Does this sound like a vacuum problem? Or maybe an poor performing water pump? I haven't been able to find a vacuum leak, so far.

My speedometer makes a rattleing noise, and the needle likes to wave at me when I go over forty mph, and usually shows me doing about 10-15 mph over what I really am. I tried pulling the gauges out, but something is holding them in place. I've taken all the screws out. So how do I get it out.

My spray won't work when I press the lever on my front or rear windshield. The fluid resevoir is full. I don't hear any motor/pump sound when I press the lever. Any ideas of what the problem could be?

shifts fine. Goes into rev, then skips 1st and goes to 2nd and so forth. Have no idea how to check or fill trans. fluid.