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sometimes when it rains my car steering wheel is hard to turn. I have to turn the wheel pretty hard but then everything works after that. I sometimes also hear a screeching sound when it is raining and this is usually a precurser to the problem with the steering wheel. This does not happen every time it rains but enough to cause me concern. What may be the cause?

How difficult is it to replace the dryer on this car?

I have several problems with my Buick Regal. (1) Sometimes the seat automatic goes all the way forward when I turn the key on. (2) Sometimes the head lights goes out completely. I have to flash the high & low beam on to get them to come back on. I have to travel with the fog lights on in case the headlights goes out. (3)At times I can't get the ignition key out and I have to keep turning car on and off and move the shifter from park to drive then back to park. (4) As the weather start warming up, I always have cold air blowing out of vent. Have you heard of any of these problems?

i am looking for the size of bolts from the fly wheel to the torque convertor

I see that these codes mean low voltage signals going to both banks of my O2 sensor. The car will sometimes not react when I try to give it gas and I will have to pull over and restart. Any ideas? Should I just replace the O2 sensor?

I recently changed out the fuel filter, but this error was occuring before I did that.

One finally comment, if I let the gas level go below a 1/4 tank and let it sit overnight it will not start the next morning unless I add alittle bit of gas to the tank. However, if you are driving you can drive all the way down to empty so I know it is not a faulty gauge, however, now I am wondering if these two issues are related.

Any ideas?


Basically, I was told I needed a front wheel Hub. The problem occurs when I am driving and a loud (Motorcycle type noise) roars for my front wheel on the passenger side. Is this the same as my intital selection I made once I registered? I would appreciate any informatio you can provide.

Thank you!

Where are my spark plugs located

after driving car when i turn it off sometimes it won't start for a while.theft light flashes all the time.will replacing computer fix this? also does anyone know the reset procedure to do when this happens.on my malibu you lock doors and sit a couple of minutes with key in on position and it resets. but it does'nt work on the sunfire.

I've gotten a tune up, changed the fuel filter, air filter, battery, spark plugs and distrubutor cap and when it gets cold and wet, my car won't start if I don't start it every 3 and half hours. If I get to 4 hours, it won't start until it dries out. Any help on what to fix on it?

"Low coolant" light comes on immediately and I refill coolant (1 gallon in two weeks) but engine not overheating? What is the cause.

what would cause severe vibrating of steering wheel and front tires even after ball joints replaced when my son drives his care on the turnpike... i estimate around 65... however, he told me it also is "difficult to drive" around town

can u please tell me the problem, the sound is driving me crazy. thanks

Sounds like to me that the front end is popping or ratcheting when turning a corner. This is a used car I am looking at. It is a clean truck and I am buying it from a friend and feel like $1000.00 for a four wheel drive is not a bad deal.

on saturday i got into my car and started it up and it went out before i had a chance to put it in gear so i restarted it until i got it going and i had to restart it about 3 times and then i started and it went out while i was driving and i restarted it again and it seemed to be o.k. i have not had this problem before can you give some input as towhat it might be. please e-mail back an answer. thanking you in advance netta 3/9/09

Every time I put gas in vehicle, the fuel shoots back out. In order to put fuel in the car, I have to basically tap it in; litte by little or it will come back out. Please advice. Thanks,