how do you replace the stabilizer on the front end, everytime I hit a bump it rattles?

Shut off the car, got back in started the car up and it would not start. Unknown driver appeared on the dash. What could be the problem?

Fuses are good and bulbs are good can't locate problem. HELP!

In winter I do warm up the car once in a day usually mornings. However it is restarted after couple of hours but in temp of 30-35 degrees, its pick up and running is so that slow I just drive at speed of 20-25 so as not to pump gas more to obtain pickup / speed. It has good running once speed reached 40
I have changed spark plugs myself before 4 months assuming that might help. My weekday commute is less may be 8-10 miles. total of weekends it could be 50-65 miles or more

I keep feeling that I need some kind of engine inspection & repairs. Can you please revert with your suggestion and also recommendation on good repair shops around my zip code

Thanks for time and consideration

Rishi Shah

is this chain driven

my engine idles around 1000 rpm and when I go from park to drive or drive to park the transmission makes a loud engaging noise. Is the rpm set to high and if it is how do you make adjustments

Why do my brakes chatter?

i hear a knocking sound coming from my left wheel what could it be?

When i'm accelerating on the road it sounds like my car is whining and just recently the car started leaking brown fluid. And now when I turn the wheel it sounds like its groaning. Is it the transmission or is it the power steering? What should I do?

what labor is involved in replacing the timing cover and/or gasket?

Is there a special tool for replacing the inner tie rods? If so, how much does one cost?

Anyone know how easy it is to replace the crank sensor on an 05 trailblazer ext six cyl? Do you have any pics or a description of the location and how t replace it? I have the new sensor and it is only held in with the one bolt and just pulls out. thanks..

Would going to a shop that has a auto diagnostics machine pin point whats wrong with my car. Thank-you

Is there a way to check a distributer to see if everything is in working order

about once every week or so. My 2002 F-150 just won't start back up after driving awhile. Give it 30 minutes and it starts fine. Also has a hard miss while accelerating especially around 45 mph. I am suspecting a coil pack this truck only has one