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code 0141...replaced o2 sensors front and rear (left bank), cleared code, drove 60 miles to run cycle, code remains.

obd-II review I/M monitors
-Evap system

any suggestions?

i wondering if the pcm goes bad is the /vehicle still drivable.

how much is the control key volts

Car will back up on flat surface, but will not on an incline/up hill.

the oil light came on.. i drove the car to my house parked it.. bouth 4qts of all changed my oil waited for about 30min and got a nocking noise.. the car was moving slower than usual.. then wen i pushed the clutch the car cuts off..

i don't have the repair manual, where is the drain plug located, is it underneath the radiator, should i refill the radiator with 50/50 coolant only/ thank you

i want to check all fluid , but i can't find the dipstick for transmission,

front driver's side wheel makes a grinding sound, and when going into a curve the car seems to lose control for a second before regaining control in the curve

Can I assume that if I replace plugs and wires That this will do the trick ? Or should I swap-out O2 sensor too?

My car has been having this problem for quite some time now. Most of the time if my car wont start I just let it sit for about 15 minutes and then it starts. But I want to get it fixed it has gotten me stranded twice. When I turn my ignition switch to on, my radio comes on, my lights and my windows work, but my car doesnt make any sounds and it wont come on at all. I dont know what it is, and I really want to get it fixed. It's not my battery, and i got my starter checked and it's not my starter. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

What does it mean when this warning comes up Gear selector reduced function

front brakes dont lock up.. it feels like they wont grab all the time and feel like they are slipping..

As I'm driving, I hear a rattle or something banging against something in the trunk, rear wheel or at the rear of the car. What could be wrong here? Please any responses to this from knowledgeable auto mechanics is greatly appreciated.


Kevin Wilks

I want to know the types engines which could be used to replace the petrol engine in my D21 pick up. i want to use diesel engine instead of the petrol and what could be some of the problems associated with changing my engine to diesel. urgent repply needed

Car wont start or turn over (makes no noise at all), battery light is green/fully charged, cleaned battery connection, tried jumping it with no success, can hear a noise when car is in "on" thinking that might be the fuel pump from what Iv read, interior lights will come on and off when "on", headlights work sometimes, was able to pop the clutch a few times to get it started.
Not sure what the problem is, any ideas or help on this would be great! Thanks!