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what mileage frequency under normal drive condiyions do you recommend when using Mobil 1 oil?
Thank you

The dealer said that the timing chain never needs to be replaced. I would like to have that confirmed, please. Thanks

I am confused as to which I need and how often.

i was quoted a price of $1500.00. i'd like to do the repair myself. the truck is in excellent condition with many more miles left.

what do you need to get checked on the 150,000 mile check up and how much should it cost

My Caddy has to idle for 15-20 minutes before the transmission engages. It seems to work fine once I get past the warm-up time. What might be the problem?

Why don't I get an exact price when I select all the details and a specific shop shown on your site?

I am thinking about buying a 1994 Firbird Formula from my buddy. I noticed it has got an oil leak arond the rear of the engine, but only leaves a small nickel size oil stain on the asphault. Could this be a rear main seal? Where would i need to look to spot where the leak is coming from underneath the car to tell what is bad?

I have a gurgling or popping noise in my dash with my Heating/AC that I have brought in to the Lincoln Dealer and had all the components replaced. Why is the sound continuing after all the replacements of the updated parts available? Are there any recalls regarding this?

My Civic has about 150,000 miles on it. I have had no problems with the car until my last move. The check engine light has decided to "grace" me with its presence.

I have taken it to a handful of different shops and they are either clueless or tell me "it's a complex problem" (they have to try this and that, if those don't work, then they need to do this...etc). I have spent so much money on these so called solutions and the darn light still appears! It seems like each time I have someone work on my car, more little issues come about.

The last person I took it to (I took it to this guy because he said he would look at it for free), checked the code and he said that my car's gas tank likely has a crack on the top of it?? He said it was very common for Honda Civic 1999's to have this problem.
He basically told me that it would cost a lot for me to replace my gas tank and to not worry about the issue unless I start to see gas leaking! In addition, he also said the price of work that would have to be done may outweigh the actual value of the car :(

Anyone else with a check engine light and a Honda Civic LX 1999 received this diagnosis?


Auto repair shop ran a test to find that the flex fuel lever sensor was the problem but would not fix it because the last job wasn't paid for by the warrenty company . That repair was 5 months back. So they reset it for me until I could find out what ws going on with the warrenty company. Seems that there are lots of complaints on line about that company and they still have not paid even after I called twice although it was approved to be paidback in January they said. So the shop reset it and it still comes on when I go below 1/16th of a tank. Goes off when I fill the tank and now I stay above 1/4 now and it stays off so far. The cost was very high to repair, I think over $500. and it cost $170 to run the test which I already paid for. What should I do? I live in the Buffalo, NY area. I have about 77,000 miles on the car..

With the Low fuel light on & the gauge on the Last line, when fuel is added, the total number of gallons received is 13.5gallons, the manual states that the tank holds approx 17.1gallons which suggests that there is 3.6gallons remaining in the tank. My question is can the dealer "adjust" the fuel sending meter to reflect a more accurate reading?
The fuel sending circuit has been replaced, the problem still exists & the dealer is of further help.

When I purchased my vehicle, I received two keys. One of the keys works in the ignition and all of the locks. The other key works in the ignition and most of the locks but not the rear door lock. What's the problem.

The windshield wiper motor has an intermittent problem. I can have the wipers on and they will stop working. I use to be able to tap the motor and get the wipers to start working again but that has stopped working. If I park the car overnight with the wipers not working, the next morning the wipers will work. I have checked the switch for the wipers and that does not seem to be the problem. At first I thougth it was the motor having a bad spot or brush in it, but now I am not to sure. Could it be a short some were in the line. Where is the Circuite Board for the wiper motor?

repair shop says i need to change all the fluids bbcause the brake , trans, power st fluids are all dark color!!!My question is :Just because the color of the fluids change,I lose protection???