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I need a manifold gasket replaced. How much should that cost and how long should they have it> Also is it safe to drive if I keep an eye out for the antifreeze and gauges?

The clock, outside mirror, cigarette lighter and alternate accessory plug wont't work. We have checked all the fuses and replaced all the 15A ones. What else could be wrong?

What do I have to do to get remote keyless entry installed on my Nissan I have power door locks do i just have to buy the remotes and have them programed or do i have to purchase the kit and have it installed.What should the cost be if I had the kit and had someone else do the install

while driving the truck it acts like it running out of gas.

where are they on a 2.0 engine

check engine and reduce engine power light comes on particularly when it is cold.

power steering goes

can i change this myself or does the dealer have reprogram this part?

my rear passanger door has no power only the cig. ligher works i changed out the control mod. but cant use the window or power locks what can cause this

my abs light comes on when I start the jeep since my windows stopped working. If I shut it off and start it right back up the abs light is no longer on why?

I was advised to change the serpentine belt. It is dry looking with some cracks. What would it cost to change?

I was testing my AC system for the coming summer and my car is making a loud piercing noise when I turned the AC on. A co-worker told me that it could be a fan belt. Is this a fan belt issue and how much would it cost?

my electric window (all) just quit working. No noise just quit working. where can I find the fuses on this 93 jeep for the windows

Tried to change drive belt but won't come off looks like its around a bar or something can u help me

Can anyone tell me what the proble might be with my rendezvous? When I slow down to come to a stop, there is a creeking noise. I've had the car in several times for repair. Each time there has been a different problem, but the noise is still there!