When I back up or I am driving for awhile a get a high pitched grinding steel noise that only lasts for about 10 seconds and then disappears.

Have removed the metal housing where the top radiator hose attaches to the engine housing. There is a temperature sensor (?) also going into this metal housing. There is coolant coming out when removed but no thermostat there. Where is it and how do I remove it? What other parts need to be removed to get to it? Any other hints?

The backup sensor seem to work as soon as I put it in reverse. EVEN WHEN I"M NOT CLOSE to anthing at all. I tried to blow air on them try to clean them and they still work when they shouldn't bee. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM AND HOW DO I FIX IT thank you

I replaced clock spring which solved the airbag issue but cruise control still does not work. Any ideas/possible solutions would be much appreciated.

Can you tell me where the fuel filter is on my car.Do I need any special tools. Thank you

I have a 2000 ford taurus and it won't start when I crank on it, but if I remove the number 4 spark plug she starts right up. When I put it back in it kills the engine. Please Help

I have a bracket or brace that came off when I was removing the water pump. If I could just get a picture of a assembled frontend of a engine I could see how the bracket fit.

where is the ect located on this motor

high and low work fine. intermittent speed does not work. The wipers go up about half way and have to be manupilated down. I have changed the modules under the hood with new form dealer, with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

My 1991 XJ-6 was running at idle in a parking lot...I went to drive on and turned on the headlights, (it was a rainy day) when all of the sudden the car totally dies...No electrical power what so ever. After I few minutes, the electrical power came on again, and I was able to drive away. As stated, all power dies completely...Almost as if we took the battery right out of the car. Help!

changed plug and plug wire, checked ignition coil pack,what is left to check

How is the ccenter console flip up lid removed?

How do I tell if there is a chip in the key?

I need torque specifications for braking system parts

I have always avoided stalling by giving the engine a little gas. This does not happen every time I'm stopped.60,000 miles