I need to replace the driver's side interior overhead light bulb; owner's manual has part number,but no procedure. Plastic cover does not look to be easily removed.

If th magnets & synchronizers need to be replaced what is the repair cost

I came to start my Sebring and the starter wouldn't engage. Not all dash lights came on and the blinkers didn't work. I found a 20A blown fuse in the fuse box under the hood. The fuse was tied to the fuel pump/relay. I change the fuse and the car started. A week later the same fuse blew again. Could this be a fuel pump going out?

all lights work on my 88 chevy silverado but low beam doesn't work. change one bulb and headlight switch inside cab, still do not work

my lexus started to overheat so i pulled over and ther was steam coming from the hood so i let it cool down for a while or until a tow truck came to bring me some water. as we were putting water into the ratiator, I had the car stated but it was running rough so when we were done I tried to drive away and it made it about 100 ft and then it dyed out after that it wouldnt start it would just crank but not turn over?

My fuse block is getting wet i need to rewire it. I need all the info i can get on this. Please someone help.

The scuttle (the plastic part that covers the front underside of the car) came loose and now part of it is missing.

i have a 325ci. zenon lights i changed the bulb but still not working i cheack the fuses and there all good. pleas if any one can help?

I can run for a short time then the engine shuts off and will not start.
Could it be the alarm system failure?

I recently lost all forward gears on my 01 tahoe (2wd). I hooked up an OBDII scanner to it but it would only read it was not connected to the vehicle. I then tried with another scanner and got the same results. I checked all fuses in the dash and under the hood. There are no pins bent or missing from the DLC. So I am stumped, not sure what to try. Please help!!

My mustang is a 5 speed and tonight the service engine light came on and it was chugging down the road, also it has 117,000 plus miles on it what can be wrong

After driving for a while, the right back side panel gets heated in the bottom of the speaker, is there a hose for the ac system? or have an idea of that situation?. The left side doesn´t show this problem.

Would you harm a 2004 325xi if one tire is 205/55/16 and the other tire is 225/40R/18? Tire circumfrence is only a difference of .66 inches? I am worried about the x drive and I need to drive the car in an emergency for 400 miles.

While driving, my heater began blowing cold air. After stopping and restarting the car, warm air began to blow again, but it didn't seem to get too hot. The temp gauge was at its normal operating level. Stuck thermostat??

I've noticed ever since I picked it up that the exhaust drone is QUITE loud at exactly 1700RPM. It practically doesn't do it at all when it's cold, but once it warms up the exhaust makes it a little uncomfortable in the cabin, especially since 1700RPM falls right in line with about 45-50mph which is where most driving time is spent.