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getting a bad body shake when braking when weight seems shift to front gets real bad when coming down hill

Something is so very slowly taking my wifes battery down. Ive rechared the battery and 4 weeks later its down again and wont start. Ive checked the CD player thats not it. The mechanic fixed the fan motor etc thats not it.
What else could this problem be? What can I specifically check with a meter etc to see what is so SLOWLY taking this battery down and me on the couch.

I recently took my car in and they checked it with dye and recharged it Charged me 73.00 2 days later it started blowing hot air and I took it back and again it was checked and told me it was the evaporator. Had it repaired but at the same time told me that it was the compressor and after paying 700 for the evaporator they wanted to replace compressor for an additional 500 dollars. Somehow this just doesn't make sense to me. Isn't the dye supposed to tell what the problem is? Anyway, after telling me they could put stop leak in it and that may or maynot work It just confuses me why a specific problem could not have been spotted with the dye or however they tell what the problem is. Have I been taken?

where is speedo head located ?

I was wonder if my van was equiped with distributor coil?

spreader bars are both damaged and some springs fell out when i removed brake drums. i have new shoes and drums.

my speedometer jumps all over,sometimes it works fine or not at all, i replaced the speed sensor on trans did not help can you help

when my car is idling it kinda revs up and down all the time, back and forth nonstop. and when i step on the throttle in a normal fashion it hesitates, then runs rough till i get to about 25 mph after 25 mph it pretty much runs alot smother. i thought it might be a bad timing module. any one have any inquire to my problem? feel free to throw out anything u might know about the problem too, eveything is appreciated.

hi, the Camry has 67,000 mi ,never tuned . I wanted to know if timing belt should be changed and does valve adjustment need to be done with that . Also is this an engine where water pump needs to be removed / changed too ? Or could I just get away with a tuneup - new plugs and wire set

How can you take the altenator out without taking half of the front of the motor apart?

I just got the Jetta from a Ford Dealer that taken it on trade.It was sold to me as is. The prior owner had a problem with the tranny not shiftng out of lower speeds - The Local VW dealer said it needed a mechatron - they did reset it something. The car now shifts just fine and no warning lights - do you think this problem will return as the mechatron has not been replaced.

when i started it,overheat 20-30 min.
1.5 year, timing belt(radiator,water pupm,thermostat.)
The mech.change thermostat,no good.
Change the theperture countor sensor,no good.
Water pump, no leak.The mech. said is the water pump.Took the car away.
when started and give gas, the temperure drops.when inde it overheat.
The second mech. said is thermostat,new toyota make. Please advice.

Control, blower motor switch on dash comes on only on high (5)when ever it wants too! Removed switch and jumped hot wire....switch works fine! Schematics shows blower motor relay is the next victim to trouble shoot....where is that relay located!? Thanx

i will like to refill the ac but i dont know wuere is it

When I turn my car on whether its in reverse, park or even if I am driving it, there is a sound similar to someone shaking a tambourine. What would be causing that. I did notice as well when I had my air conditioner on that the cold air became like just air.